Wednesday, December 31, 2008


hello all,

Well Mindy and Landon had a nice "PG" date in that they went during the day.LOL saw a movie and had a late lunch.LOL Guess that is what old married folks do! LMAO

Anyhow so the bestest part was I got Tylor all to myself....and my kids of course. 

So a precursor to this is that Taylor has been a bit "funny" to others...if you not Mindy or Landon than you just ain't the right person. She FREAKS!!!LOL so this was what happened a little while ago when Mindy stayed at my Mom's and went out with the girls....remember when I wrote about Mindy meeting up with Eva, Lindsey, Lorna, et.all?  Well that was the night Grandma got to babysit. Anyhow, apparently Taylor FREAKED! She screamed the whole time, etc. Mom thought she was like the baby from "The Incredibles" because as soon as Mindy came home she was all angelic.LOL

Okay so keep this in mind when thinking about my potential "visit". So Mindy and Landon came (My mom called about a half hour before this knowing I was to be looking after her, so she was "checking" on me.LOL). Okay so they are here I take Taylor from holding her....everything is fine (Apparently she saw grandma Roberta and even with Mindy there she was being a bit of a Tyrant...poor Roberta cause when she is a tyrant, she is a TYRANT!!) 

Okay so she is good. They walk out the door. WE ARE ALONE! Well as soon as they pulled out of my drive way I am sure she started screaming at the top of her lungs....tears....stiff body! 

Now I am a mother so I know this ain't good, but I am strong, not nervous (...well maybe a little after watching Taylor do the "I will turn my head so I don't have to see that Mommy and Daddy are not the ones holding me" look. She does this even if Landon and Mindy are in the vicinity.LOL she is soooo smart).

Okay so I do her special walk ( you have to hold her just sooo and then bounce just soooo as you also keep the soother in with your other third arm.LOL)....nothing is working. 

I check that I am "calm" not going to let her think I am scared...I am not! Okay so what to try next....DRUGS!!! Okay so I wimped out a bit. I gave her a tad of codeine (Now remember Mindy said I could, and told me about in case she was inconsolable...which she seemed as I did not seem to be a person she felt particularly close with). 

HMMM, so she was still crying (obviously). So parenting 101 says "leave child in a safe place so that you don't get freaky and so something stupid" .  I certainly did not feel that way, but sometimes a child needs space. Taylor seemed freaked as I was a stranger to her, so I figured that she could use some time to calm by herself....she did and very, very quickly. I was just a hop away (actually standing and watching her, but she could not see me cause she is a friggin baby.LOL)

So guess what I found? She did not want to be held! Chemo must have given her back pain because as soon as she calmed and I went in front of her she was fine. Smiling, etc. then after awhile I picked her up, same thing! In the end she was happy with us entertaining her, but NOT HOLDING her. She then got sleepy so I did feed her (holding her) and then rocked her to sleep. She slept 2 hours woke up, fed her (No crying) . 

So she was really good. My mom continued to check, but all was well so YEAH I am the most amazing babysitter in the world!!! 

We did have an awesome time.LOL...Bet you didn't think it would end like that.LOL


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Awesome news


Taylor received chemo yesterday December 23rd as scheduled. But the great news came today when she was released! Yeah she does get to be home for her first Christmas!

We will have to wait and see how this goes to see how well she is feeling, but at least she does not have to be in the hospital! Hurray. So tonight I think she is at LAndon's Dad and Roberta's. If all goes well she may be at my house tomorrow....if so I will try and get some pics and post some new pictures on the site.

I hope all you are having a great Christmas. I know I have had all my wishes granted and dreams do come true. I am awaiting Santa...cookies and milk are on the table with a note from my kids....


Friday, December 19, 2008

Sorry I have been busy, busy, but I have Great News!!!


Christmas is upon us all. I have been away every evening at Christmas concerts as well as union meetings...ugh!

Anyhow Landon got home yesterday! The plant had a huge breakdown which was awesome as he got to come home early!!! Yeah. Mindy is super happy, LAndon is super happy and Taylor learned a new sound...the squeal.LOL

Anyhow today was Taylor's 3 month MRI.( It hit me like a ton of bricks as I drove to work. I never felt such fear as I did this morning...I had a little cry and then another during the day, but I am so happy to report the news. ) Taylor's MRI came back CLEAR!!! Both her head and spine...I have received my christmas wish. I am so elated I am beyond words, comprehension. It may not be over but at least we can all enjoy this moment of happiness.

God Bless us ALL!!
Keep up your prayers, wishes, and dreams coming...they are working!!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy, busy

Taylor went in for Chemo this week. She is okay, but is very nauseous. 

Thanks Lindsey for looking after the dogs! 

I was at Mindy's yesterday as I needed to help her get the doggies home. I figured i might as well stay. Mom is out there tonight as she took Monday off. So Mindy should be okay. I know she is hoping this week she might take Taylor to Grandpa Don and Grandma Roberta for some TLC so Mindy can shop. Landon will be back soon...Friday and gets to stay home for 2 weeks, which will be awesome.

Taylor may be in for Chemo for Christmas as I guess they are getting super busy in the Oncology ward. SO if Taylor's blood counts are good she will be back in for chemo on the 23rd.YUCK!!!! 

My wish for Taylor is that she has a clear MRI with no cancer growth and because of that they will postpone chemo till the New Year so that she can have a friggin' break for Christmas!

All of you who have not sent me your Christmas wish for Taylor NEED TO GET THAT TO ME!!!!I will try and publish it in January, so you still have a bit of time, but don't let that be your procrastination card.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taylor did get chemo today


Taylor did get the very last bed. Apparently it is super busy. They sent all other patients away. Mindy got the luxury suite...all by herself with their own bathroom.LOL Funny how simple things can be so exciting.

Taylors blood counts are awesome, just about up to her normal levels. This chemo has the side effect of extreme nausea...this should be fun. Anyhow she looks great, Mindy looks great and had a good birthday!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mindy's Birthday tomorrow and Taylor's Chemo


Well Mindy has her birthday tomorrow (Dec.10) as well Taylor goes in for chemo. Mindy came into town today to have dinner with some friends (Eva, Lindsey, Lorna..sorry if I forgot someone, I forgot duh!LOL). Taylor is amazingly different to me. I think it has been a good week and a half since I saw her last. She seems even cuter as well as gaining way more control over her motor skills...holding her head stronger as well as body and better hand coordination. Mindy fears she may be teething or beginning as she tends to like to chomp down with her little gums. LOL Breast Feeding may end early...LOL

Taylor's counts have been awesome, which is great so that means that the last cycle of chemo shouldn't effect her counts in the future. Yeah! As well she has a diaper rash that does not seem to be going away. So they may postpone the chemo for a week if they think it is bad. She has been using Pampers so Mindy may need to switch to Huggies as maybe it is the chemicals. I laughed and told Mindy she better watch out or maybe Taylor and her sensitive skin may have to have old fashioned cloth diapers...I shouldn't be so cruel.LOL 

SO I will keep you updated on tomorrows events at some point. I will be at the hospital later if they go in as we are gonna have some favourite! 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Experiencing withdrawls

I am missing my Taylor. I have not seen her for a long, long, long time...just about 2 weeks I believe. Anyhow, Mindy says Taylor is doing great! Eating lots, smiling at her Daddy, counts are coming up. So she may be going in for her next chemo on Wednesday...Monday she will get blood work and then we will know.

Mindy is going to a "gala" not sure exactly for, but I think the Stollery. So very exciting she gets to talk to adults all night.LOL

Danielle and Benjamin went to stay with Mindy and Taylor for a night. Mindy says Taylor was very intrigued with Benjamin.LOL Maybe her future boyfriend.LMAO Anyhow, I hope she gets their pictures up so we can all enjoy.

Mindy and Landon are doing christmas decorations this evening....seeing as they have caught the christmas bug. So remember (me demanding ever so nicely) that if you have not given me Taylor's Christmas wish from you, I am still waiting....very impatiently.LOL

Thanks all, Have an awesome Christmas Season or just a great season.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beginning Christmas Wishes...

Thanks to Barb who is first to submit a Christmas wish for Taylor...
 Check out Mindy and Landon's pictures on their website as they have new Taylor pictures...she looks fatter.LOL She is too friggin cute.LOL

Last Couple of Days

Hello All,

Mindy and Landon have had a great couple of days together. Yeah! Everyone had a bath yesterday...dogs, Taylor, Mindy & Landon.LOL I asked if they went in that order and shared the water like the good old days, but apparently not.LOL

I am still waiting for Christmas Wishes for taylor. They don't have to be long. I really am hoping for pictures as well. Please take the time to do this as I know Mindy was wanting to do one, so I am beating her to the punch.

Also I have not completed my count for "Pennies for Taylor" but will post when I get it done.

Landon leaves again today for work and will be back next weekend. Danielle may go stay with Mindy this week for a few days with Benjamin (Danielle's little guy who is a few weeks older than Taylor...maybe a future beau? LOL).

23 more days till Christmas!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Everything sounds good so far

Taylor is at home with Mommy and Daddy. Sounds like Landon is basking in the time he is home and spending some quality time with all his girls. Apparently there is some discomfort when Taylor pee's, but that could be her rash or from having the catheter in. Also she may still be nauseous according to Landon, but this is normal after chemo, generally lasting at least a week. But everything seems fine thus far and I believe they are all having a good weekend.

Grandma Josie has bronchitis and will be out of commission. I think she has been over exerting herself as Grandma Josie never, never gets sick.LOL

So Pennies for taylor is just about at an end. I will count the rest of the money and give an update. I really appreciate all the time people have put into this. Now remember I still need christmas wishes for is really important I get these...please, please, please. I put up my tree and looked at an ornament my son Hayden made when he was about 3...broke my heart how fast time flies, therefore why I want to capture this for Taylor.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Good Day


Mindy says Taylor has had a much better day now that she is being drugged with codeine. They are watching for sores as well. If Taylor gets sores they will put in a feeding tube as a preventative measure as she will not want to eat if she gets the sores. Better safe than sorry I guess. That is about the extent of my knowledge at this point so I will keep you posted with anything new.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well the chemo has been started.

Taylor is receiving chemo today. It is one that takes 24 hours so she has had a catheter inserted to minimize the bum rash she was getting. With all the fluid going in they thought it might be better to avoid to much urine on her bottom. 

Mindy and Taylor had a long night last night. I guess Taylor kept waking up...probably all the noise at the hospital. Today she had a mini "meltdown", but has been given codeine and was sleeping the last time I spoke with Mindy (around 4pm). Mindy says she will probably be on codeine longer as the sores that she may get from this chemo (highly likely) and will take up to 4 weeks to heal. She obviously may not want to eat much during this time. SO we will see. Mindy figures this may be the worse one yet, but maybe we will get lucky.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chemo is a go...

Well we went in this morning with Taylor and her blood counts are up...not as high as usual, but not low enough to not do chemo. Good in the sense that she does not need the immune booster at this point. So we got to leave until tonight when Mindy has to return. So that is okay. She needs to be hydrated tonight and then chemo tomorrow. So I will let you know when I know what is going on. Landon should be home this Thursday night which will be really nice for Mindy and Taylor as I know they miss him.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas book for Taylor

Hi all,

I was thinking it would be super, super special if I could get something from you and your family, etc. Please do not feel if you don't know us directly that your excluded...everyone is on the hook here.LOL

Here is what I would like to do. I would like to make Taylor a Christmas book this year. I need you to write "What I would like for Taylor this Christmas, etc" along those lines. Talk with your kids, grandkids, etc and add theirs. It does not have to be perfect. If you are willing send me a picture of you and your family or just are amazing! Feel like a model! Anyhow I would like to compile this as a keepsake for Taylor's first christmas.

You can send by e-mail:
or by Mail:

707 Wellington Lane 
Sherwood Park, AB
T8A 4H7

THANK YOU it really means a lot.

Leah the slightly crazy Aunt!

It has been a good couple of days

Well Mindy and Grandma Josie have both reported Taylor has been good the last few days. Yesterday Taylor came over for my daughter Aaryanna's 7th birthday. Taylor looked sooo cute. She was wearing a knitted bonnet my friend Joyce Baker picked up for will have to check Mindy's pictures when they go up to see as she looked to cute. She was also wearing a dress and tights. The tights Taylor really, really did not like too much so they were removed upon entrance to the house.LOL I still remember what tights felt like as a child....picture sand paper against your skin. It must be how delicate/sensitive we are as children.LOL

Tomorrow is another blood work day to find out if Taylor is ready for chemo. If she does not have a higher count they will give her the immune booster I will keep all posted. I am going with MIndy and Taylor as I had a day-in-lieu for parent teacher interviews. Woot!Woot! to the hospital I get to go...LOL pretty exciting day ahead! But I get to spend it with 2 amazing females....maybe Dr.Piew will be around.LOL Dr.McDreamy...a girl can dream!

Mindy looks good and I think has had some good relaxation time. Landon sounds like he is really missing being home, but that is to be expected. I can't wait for this to end for Landon. Totally sucks! Maybe you could start barking at dogs and talking to your hand like its a real person at work and then they might send you home with full pay.LOL Just an idea.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spending time at Grandma Josies

Well, Taylor and I have been staying at Grandma Josies for the past few days, and will stay here until Monday.  We have to go in for bloodwork, so hopefully Taylor's counts are high enough for chemo #3, otherwise they will need to give her some immune booster shots to kickstart her immune system.  

We went for a visit to Redwater to see Danielle and Benjamin today which was great - these kids grow so fast, it is truly amazing.  

The beagles are driving Brenda and Faye crazy, I think Brenda may have met her match with Abby - she is our wild child, but truly a sweet puppy once you get to know her quirks. Thanks again Ladies for looking after them for me...I will be sure to let you know when we are getting out of the hospital so you can drop them off.  

I hope everyone has a great weekend - it is my neice's 7th Birthday tomorrow, so we are going to dress Taylor up in a party dress and take some pictures.  I will be sure to post them on the website when I get home.

Take care,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taylor had a blood transfusion yesterday

Landon and I spent the day at the hospital yesterday.  Taylor ended up needing a blood transfusion as her red blood cell counts were too low and weren't recovering - the doctors were worried that her organs might not be getting enough oxygen.  So Landon got to spend his last day with us snuggling Taylor while she slept. I think we all had a snooze while we were waiting for the transfusion to finish - it required us waiting an hour for her blood work to come back, then an hour for the blood bank to find a cross match for her blood type, then the blood bank had to deliver the blood, and they had to hook her up...then it was a three hour process to get the blood pumped into her.

We have to head back to the hospital tomorrow for her checkup and counts again to see if chemo #3 will be a go this week or not.  Landon headed back to Ponoka this morning at 3:30 a.m. for his 6:00 a.m. shift to start and we are heading into the city tonight to stay at my moms.

Brenda and Faye are going to take care of the doggies for us until we are done with this next chemo treatment - Thanks Ladies!

Well, Taylor is feeling pretty good these days and is quite the happy camper in her bouncy/vibrating chair - I will post some more pictures on our website of her.  

Thanks again for all your support!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

It has been an uneventful couple of days

Well I am reporting that no pending doom or gloom has occurred just in case people were panicking I had not written for a day or so...LOL I do have a rather warped sense of humour.

Landon is home so  don't want to bug them. I am sure they need the space together. I believe this evening is to be a date night. I am assuming that Landon's Dad and Roberta are looking after Taylor as I know my Mom is not...LOL only so many options.

So Pennies for Taylor is going well. I have rolled a tally of $595.50, but I have a bunch of toonies and loonies not rolled as they do not make a complete roll. So I am over $600 really. So I hope everyone is participating that can in the "Pennies for Taylor". I hear there have been a few "mystery" deposits. Please make sure if you don't mind to let one of us know because Mindy and Landon would like to thank everyone who has gone out of their way to help.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The last few days

Okay, so I have been busy. Mindy has Grannie Thiessen there at the house helping her out.  Taylor has been good mostly, but has some times where she is inconsolable. Mindy and Grannie went yesterday to emergency, but after waiting 4 hours they left as she had a Doctor's appointment today anyway and Taylor seemed to get better. Apparently they feel it is back pain from one of the chemo drugs and they advised to give her codeine. Before she had the pain in the beginning of post chemo and now it looks like it is kicking in later. At least we are learning the process and how to make this a bit better for Taylor. The doctor were a bit miffed at the time wait as there agreement with emergency is cancer patients and especially pediatric cancer patients should not wait longer than an hour. This will be resolved next time if this happens through Mindy calling her doctor who will pull strings where needed.

Taylor still has low blood counts so she may not get chemo next week unless she improves. She has gained weight and weighs in at 12 pounds 3 ounces, which I feel is awesome. So on Monday Taylor will get her blood work again, so I will have to let you know then how things are.

Landon returns to his girls tomorrow, yeah! I know how much he must miss them as I miss them like crazy and he is obviously closer to them.LOL 

All in all I would say things are good. I think we might need to get Mindy to take more breaks, but I am sure that will come with time. Please make sure if you can that you lure her out of the house for coffee, etc. I think she could use some get out times, 


Monday, November 10, 2008

Another great day

Well we had a good day. Quick trip to the hospital for them to double check Taylor's sores from the dressing as well as blood work. All in all Taylor is doing good, but needs to be closely monitored as white blood cells and red are down. Not to worry. She is getting her appetite back as well as sleep. Minor meltdown tonight, but we figure she was probably overstimulated or fighting sleep...gave her some codeine just in case.

We did some rolling tonight until we either ran out of rolls or could not fill another roll. We have rolled $445.50 so far. So I need to send a huge thanks to my students at Innisfree Delnorte School who have been so generous giving me all their piggy banks.LOL Love all of you! We are a small school with great big heart.

I will be leaving Mindy's tomorrow and Landon's Grannie will be coming to help next. We are quite the cycle of help.LOL Landon should be back Friday morning. Yeah! I know Mindy and Taylor miss him tons and tons. Check out Mindy and Landon's website for new pictures and video!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So they seem to play with us being a bit hypochondriac like

Howdy All, Greetings from Mindy and Taylor

So after yesterday's panic about Taylor being dehydrated I settled in this morning with Taylor so Mindy could sleep. We had an awesome morning and she had some extra snoozes. Then We hung out through the early afternoon till we had to change her dressing from the new Broviac tube surgery. Well Mindy was a bit panicked as she had these sores all we got prepared to race off to the hospital again, but Mindy called the doctor first. The Doctor says she probably is just reacting to the iodine in the liquid adhesive swab removers. Apparently this is common. SO we head to the hospital tomorrow for a double check. LOL We were a bit nervous thinking if luck continued the way it has been she could have flesh eating disease now.SOrry not really funny but we were distressed at the time.

Taylor though was amazing for most of the day. She had a bit of a tantrum tonight screaming but we feel it was overstimulation due to her behavior. She eventually calmed down or passed out from no more energy, who cares as long as she finally passed out.LOL We did dope her up with codeine so that was interesting other than Mindy figures she slobbered it over her.LOL

We did some penny rolling tonight using my kids as sweatshop labour...there may not be a full 50 in every roll...LOL that is the banks job. We rolled $52 tonight and have $107.50 in all thus far without counting the silver...that job is for tomorrow. So I am signing off waiting for Mindy to make me some Nacho's...hope she is not a stingy cheese user.LOL

Saturday, November 8, 2008

At Mindy's

Well I am at Mindy's...Taylor has been awesome this round of chemo. We did take her into the hospital to check whether she was getting dehydrated, but she was fine.  So we are just sitting around after eating pizza and wings, getting Taylor back to sleep. She has had some really awesome sleeps today. Still have no rollers but will try and get tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

They are home

SO Mindy and Taylor are home today. Mom is staying tonight as well as during the day and I go tomorrow. Mindy says Taylor is better this time so far. She is sleeping more.

We plan to do some penny rolling this weekend so let me know if I can pick up any

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second Chemo Finished

Well Taylor did get her second chemo treatment. All went well and she had a good sleep last night after treatment. She has only been mildly irritable, which is awesome. Mindy has a better idea of what she can do to make Taylor more comfortable during these times. Taylor has a hearing test tomorrow in preparation for the next chemo treatment that has the potential to affect hearing loss. Then tomorrow Mindy should be back home. Mom will be out tomorrow night to help Mindy and I will head over after work Friday for the weekend.

Grandma wanted me to tell everyone that Taylor loves her fishies...LOL She has a fish mobile above her change table at home that she likes to stare at (Taylor not Grandma.LMAO). So Grandma has been taking a little stroller bug thingy that Mindy brought to the hospital to keep Taylor entertained. Grandma moves it and Taylor to make sure she is getting the best view. It is really funny. Grandma also has been having patches of hair fall out. It looks fried, which I think is stress, but she claims is from her Las Vegas trip. It looks like Mom is going through chemo with Taylor. Mom is pretty funny, but the absolute most amazing Mom around. She really embodies unconditional love and sacrifice. I am glad Mindy and I have such an amazing role model. Mom never complains of tiredness and will bend over backwards to try and relieve any of her children's pain...God Bless Mothers!

So I hope everybody takes the time to call, write or hug their mom. They are the most amazing creation.

Keep your fingers crossed that this will be a better chemo reaction than last time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Broviac done

Hi, So the Broviac was taken out as it twisted and she had a new one put in. She is sore, but getting "doped" up.LOL Hopefully she won't need too much of the morphine. She was a bit cranky as she could not eat before surgery, which happened late (four o'clock) and did not eat since 2:30am. She was very, very happy when she did get to eat.

Chemo may start tonight, but we will see. They need to make sure she is hydrated as it would hurt her kidneys and liver. The doctors are changing some of her drug dosages for constipation, etc so hopefully we can figure out how to best make her comfortable during this time. Not sure when Mindy will be out, maybe tomorrow, but Mindy doubts their promises.LOL

As a side note, I need to know if anyone has or knows of a business that could be used as a drop off place for "Pennies for Taylor"? Barb has 2 Benjamin Moore locations(west end and spruce grove...I think), but probably good to have more. So please let me know if you know of anyone willing. I have been getting many raided piggy banks, which is awesome.

Okay so say your prayers tonight for Taylor. She is doing AMAZING thus far. She is a nice plump baby (just about 12 pounds) and pink. Just amazingly perfect!

Sending my wishes you all have a goodnight.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Update on the Broviac

Well the Broviac has twisted and needs to be replaced. This is not a big deal as they say it has happened before. Mindy and Taylor need to go to the hospital tomorrow to get this done and chemo will continue as scheduled. Hopefully Mindy may be out by Saturday, but we will see.

Uncle Jim will still stay wed-fri and I will go out Friday after work and stay with Mindy till Tuesday. I am looking forward to spending some time with Mindy and Taylor.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dog sitters have been found!

Thank you uncle Jim for agreeing to watch the beagles for a few nights, and Auntie Leah will be staying the weekend with them as well.  Phew - what a relief.

We aren't sure when Taylor and I will be getting out of the hospital - especially now that her broviac line might have a small leak in it under her skin (may require surgery to repair/replace the line). If we didn't have bad luck, we would have no luck at all.  Her line is going to be assessed tomorrow when we take her in to have it looked at.

Leah is going to say on Monday and Tuesday (Nov. 10 & 11) as well, so Granny Thiessen won't have to suffer through an entire week with me, the basket case, and the wild hooligans we call our dogs.  

Thanks everyone,


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Need a dog sitter


Landon is leaving on Wednesday the day Taylor is going in for chemo wednesday, which means Mindy will not be home till probably Sunday. So we had some people willing to do dog sitting, but one is on vacation, one is going on vacation and one has a baby with pneumonia...lets hope Benjamin gets over the pneumonia quick he is a little guy as well.

So if anyone could dog sit some beagles for a bit please let me or Mindy know.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Date Night

Hi it is time for another update. 

Mindy went to the doctor today and all is well. Mindy looks healthy. Landon and Mindy will try again tomorrow for a date night so grandma Josie will be going out to look after Taylor.

Landon will be leaving this upcoming Wednesday for working in Ponoka, which is the same day Taylor has her second round of chemo. So hopefully all will be smooth. Taylor and Mindy will probably be in the hospital for a few days, depending on how Taylor does. I would like if everyone had a chance to go on Facebook and read my brothers write up on Mindy and LAndon. It is beautiful. You need to go on the Facebook's group "Pennies for Taylor, look at the discussions.

 I will try and get on soon with more info. but I am exhausted and need sleep. Have a great Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chemo cancelled for this week

Well as I have already mentioned, Mindy is sick. So I guess that caused Taylor's chemo to be rescheduled till next week. Yeah! I am glad as she has been having such a good week. The Pennies for Taylor is going awesome. I know we rolled $54 today...we ran out of papers. I also have a big jar of silver to count and roll. SO everything looks awesome.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Monday, Monday...

Well, as promised the shower results are in...I am amazingly sick and was a pretty crappy hostess, but in my favor everyone else was great. We had tons of food, tons of presents and tons of love. 

Taylor was a bit cranky after a wile, but it was probably over stimulation due to all the noise. Taylor has been having awesome sleeps. Yeah! and seems to be eating and pooping great. The nurse also let Mindy know that as long as Taylor has something that makes her happy in a day that is a good sign. Taylor loves these colorful fishes above her change table. So next time she is sick it is good that Mindy has a gage. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

DAte night not so hot!

Well, I guess Landon has the Flu, so no date night. Soon again I am sure they will go for one, but not yet.

My Mom says Taylor is smiling and cooing now or "talking" as per grandma.LOL Mom says she seems to back to normal now after the chemo, but we start again Wednesday for round 2. Glad that she gets some good days. She is eating like a horse (grandma may be over feeding her as she feeds her every hour Yikes!) and of course these feedings are followed by tremendous poops. Just so people are not wondering why I am so enthralled by the eating and pooping I should explain. When Taylor first gets chemo she feels sick. So Taylor does not want to eat. Not good. She usually is given anti-nausea medication. Next when she finally does eat, the morphine she gets for pain causes her to get constipated, which again causes pain and discomfort. So to help with the constipation she gets some stool softeners, which then cause gas, which again causes pain and discomfort. So you see it is a vicious circle for Taylor after chemo that causes her to not be a happy camper. She gets lots, and lots of meds.

So today is Taylors shower, so I will let yo know the details as they come in (well probably later)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

So tonight is date night...

I doubt I will get any steamy details to share with y'all about Mindy & Landon's date night.LOL Guess we better leave that one alone....

Anyhow, Mindy has taken Taylor to the stollery to check her blood, etc. Everything looks really good and she has a high  platelet count, above average so I think that means awesome!LOL I am so not good at keeping this stuff straight. Maybe over the next couple months I can become more "doctorly" or just plain better at relaying this information. Unfortunately it is a sieve as I could not talk with Mindy yesterday as I was teaching then had awards night, so I got this information from my Mom.LOL Mindy was tired so when I called she did not answer (it was late so to be expected for any sane person to not be up!). 

Also those who check this, but maybe not Facebook, there is a group created by the amazing Superwoman Barb Scully called Pennies for Taylor. It is an awesome way to keep connected for the penny drive as well as post happy comments to Mindy and Landon. I know many have no friggin' clue how to use this blog, so often most don't comment (pretty much everyone other than Edwina.LOL). I have my jar collection at school started that students all monitor. I bought my rolling papers today and promise to get my tally up ASAP. I also have my "Bras across the bridge" (Breast Cancer Fundraiser) ending at school and will let you know how we did. Remember its not to late to donate bras. There are lots of places you can drop them off. I had a parent approach me at Awards Night and thank me as her sister has been fighting Breast Cancer. We need to kill the Cancer Monster!

Okay enough of crazy me. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I will try and get Baby Shower Photo's up after.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Acts of Human Kindness

Hello everyone,

I just want to let everyone know how much support, love and caring we are all receiving. I hope everyone who reads this gives themselves a great big hug and everyone around them. We are all amazing!

I received a cheque for the trust fund today from Donna Moser. Donna is the aunt of a friend of Mindy's who heard about this. What amazing generosity. There are sooo many others doing this also, but I don't know everyones names, but you know who you are.

My students are gearing up for this penny drive. Everyday they keep bringing in their pennies. They are truly an amazing bunch of kids. I told them I would buy a pizza lunch or something for them for the class that raised the most (not that I want a contest, but can't pay for all of them.LOL). They were like "Mrs. Sacha, you don't have to reward us. You tell us what you need and will do it because we want to help!" Frigging they make me so happy. I told them that although they should do things because they want to, there was nothing wrong with rewarding them every now and then. They always work so hard.

So a big hug from me to all of you. I am a better person because of all of you.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sounds like Grannie Thiessen will be there the week after chemo

Hi,  I guess Grannie Thiessen will be staying at their house the week I was looking for help. Still may need some help but I will let you know.

Mindy has been a bit under the weather


Mindy got sick Monday and was in a lot of pain (NO PANICKING!!!). My mom went out and has been there for a couple of days. Mindy went to the hospital and was checked out. So that is good. I am not totally sure what it is yet. She had an ultrasound today and was there all day. Yuck! Anyways I am sure it is nothing super serious, but just needs to be looked at to get better.

Taylor has been much, much better. I was there last night watching my mom do some funky belly massage to try and help her get her bowels a moving.LOL She really seemed to be enjoying the massage. Then they gave her a bath...they had the fireplace going to try and make it warm for Taylor, as per grandma Josie.LOL Poor Mindy! She has a crazy mom and sister. Mom has tried to make sure Mindy & Landon are getting rest and Grannie Thiessen is also going to stay with Mindy for a few days for the same purpose. So yeah Super Grannies! Mindy and Landon are having a "date night" this coming Saturday which is awesome. 

Taylor's next chemo is on the 29th, which is a Wednesday. I need to get people to help Mindy out on the following week as it usually is draining. So if you have the energy, health and can handle doing a "baby take-over" (she is really unhappy so you need to be able to handle this), or can clean, do laundry, cook, whatever please let me know. It would be the first week of November. I will go out Sunday Nov. 2 (if they are out of the hospital) and possibly take the Monday off work (I will pretend I am sick so don't tell my work.LOL kidding). I will let you know who may also be going as I am unsure what days my mom might be there or Roberta or whoever else. I will try to get it up by Sunday, but I am thinking depending on how this goes we may need 24 hours to support the stress Mindy & Landon may have....kick them out of the house for a couple hours...take the doggies for a walk. Oh and talking dogs, that might be a good help too. Someone might like to just go out and take the dogs for a walk or give them some loving... I am rather enjoying how much they love me right now...sad I know, but awesome feeling to have soo much attention. LOL

Take care of yourselves,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Fundraiser to get things going


I received a most awesome idea from Barb Scully for a fundraiser that anyone could help with. Here is what Barb Scully said was a fundraiser her son did at school. You just have jars going and ask everyone you know to donate their pennies. "Nobody wants the damn things anyway."LOL I had stents last week talking about how they were considering minting $20 into coins.LOL

If anyone is interested just grab a jar (pickle jar, etc) and let everyone you know put a little blurb about Taylor on there. It can be at your desk at work, at home, etc...just start telling people. You can either roll them up yourself and deposit to Taylor's trust fund or (submit me to penny rolling torture LOL) drop them off to me, Mindy & Landon or whoever can get them to us. I have Barb already having 5 people who are committed to having a pickle jar. So lets commit via the comments or call me. I will post updates letting everyone know how much we are raising. Barb recommends ending this at the end of november.

Yeah! So lets get started!!!!

I am going to try and hope you can as well. 

Taylor is feeling better today

good news. Taylor has been reported to be doing much better today. She had a good sleep last night. She ate and pooped lots today. Hurray! Seems funny that is a good thing.LOL

Just so everyone knows the next chemo is on the 29th.

Trust Fund Now has Mindy & Landon on it


Just thought I should let everyone know that Mindy & Landon have been added to the trust fund account. So any cheques can be made out to any of the three of us. There have been generous donations from Landon's grannie & Linda, as well as Mindy's co-workers at work, Amanda & Lisa Merinsky (Mindy's cousins). Thanks to everyone.

Okay so Mindy got mad at me.LOL

Hi all, 

Apparently Mindy is concerned about me starting a panic. Sorry. I still do no take back that this is not good. They do need help and do take it, I feel it is not enough, but Mindy feels too much might be crazy. I still need weekly cleanings and laundry as well as some babysitting here and there. The months ahead will show if we need that increased. Please no more calling Mindy panicked as that is stressful.

Exhaustion is occurring

Hello All,

I really need to start getting arrangements down for who can go to Mindy's and do some cleaning, laundry or holding Taylor (even if Mindy must be forced to sleep & Landon). I was there yesterday and I am seeing the breaking down. I don't expect everyone to do it all, but if we all pitch in I believe life can be easier. I wish I could do it all, but I work full-time as a teacher (which means lots of OT) as well as have a 5 & 7 Year old, so I know the pressures we all have as most of you also share these pressures.

If I could get people who can give me concrete dates such as Tuesday night they can go do 3 loads of laundry etc, every week, second week, month, etc. that would be awesome. I will then make a calendar and send it out to those interested. So you would need to e-mail me you info. We can't plan the chemo as there is so many factors that can change dates, etc.

It is BAD. Do not listen to Mindy & Landon as they are trying to do more than is humanly possible. Taylor was very unhappy yesterday. All she did was cry and sleep maybe an hour, but only when held. This means that Mindy & Landon basically function on probably 3-4 hours sleep as Taylor is always in need of someone for comfort, etc. Now if your a parent or not, picture when you had your first baby and it slept sporadically and you were exhausted Now amplify that to never sleeps and screaming in pain 24/ were not getting the breaks you needed to continue. NOT A GOOD PICTURE!! 

Please send me your information how you can help and when. I will get the calendar out to you and keep you updated.

Friday, October 17, 2008

She has been sick


Well Taylor was sick the last two days. Apparently on Wednesday she was good all day, but by the evening things turned bad. She was throwing up a lot, not sleeping, etc. Yesterday was the same. My mom went to stay with Mindy as Landon is working nights. Mom said Taylor was really sick again, throwing up, and crying. Taylor did not want to be touched. Mindy was exhausted, but was able to get some sleep; however, she feels she may be getting sick! So what I need to know is if anyone could help by going during the days for a couple hours (not necessarily every day, but maybe twice or depending on how many people can go.) as Landon will be working nights again next week. Mindy is wearing down, which was my fear. If she gets sick this could be dangerous for Taylor.

I am also having Mindy's shower next week at my house. Most likely on Sunday. I will send out e-mails, but anyone who does not get one, it is only because I was unsure, but you are welcome to come.

Please let me know if you can help or are coming to the shower by either calling or e-mailing me:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day after Chemo

Well things seem positive today as Mindy reports Taylor has only had minor irritation. She is super hungry and eating a lot...Mindy is tired.LOL She also has had her intravenous tubes, etc taken off so she is not hooked up to the machines. Yeah!

Mindy spent the day learning care after chemo, etc and will continue this evening. She will probably be able to go home tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Chemo is done

Well today Taylor had her first chemo treatment. She seems "fine" however very hard to tell with a baby. Must say that it is very, very sad seeing her screaming and crying...again, not sure if it is chemo or normal baby? We are told that the "sickness" usually starts 24-48 hours after chemo. My Mom is going to stay with Mindy tomorrow night if she gets to take Taylor home. All I can say is when I walked in to the Oncology ward and heard her crying then saw her crying my heart just about died...I feel like we are torturing her even though I know all the magnificent doctors are trying desperately to save her life. Very difficult to be on the ward as the children look like they are so sad, so sick...I will try and figure out how I can help, do fundraisers, whatever may give the most good back.

I will touch base tomorrow if I learn anything new. As of today Landon was able to be there with Mindy, which was awesome. Both of them were amazing and strong! 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Update of the cycle of treatment

Well first I do not have very many details at this point. When I do get details I will post. 

It is a bit hard to get all this as Mindy and Landon really need time to wrap their minds around this so I am not pushing about details (please if you want information do not call and pester them. This blog is to let people know information so that Mindy and Landon do not have to tell everyone or call me!). All we need to know is as follows:

-chemo treatment begins this Tuesday October 14th. Mindy has to be at the hospital on Monday though. 
-they (MIndy & Taylor) should be only there for a day and then get 2 weeks at home until the next one.
-there will be a need to obviously watch her for immune system, etc. So when you are sick stay away or on the opposite side of the room and not touch her (I though am going to error on the side of caution and say "STAY AWAY"LOL only in the nicest of ways, I do not want to take any chances with Taylor)
-Mindy has learned how to do the broviak (horribly misspelled but again I will fix later)LOL. This is the tube that is in Taylor's body that can be used o take blood or to insert chemo into the blood system for treatments. Mindy will be required to keep it clean, but says she needs help doing it as it is quite the procedure of hand-washing, etc so someone needs to watch Taylor during this. At this point Landon will of course be there to help do this. It needs to be done 3 times a week and then if it is dirty, etc.

I think that is it for now. Again please leave Mindy and Landon alone right now. I will post and let everyone know when they are up to calls and visits. I think this first time will be difficult for the first few days, but it will get better. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have set the trust account up now


The trust account for Taylor has finally been approved. I need to let anyone depositing money into this account know that there is NO TAX DEDUCTION. I also want people to know that if a cheque is written it needs to be made out to me: Leah Sacha, as I control the trust account until I can get Mindy and Landon down to the bank to add them onto the account.

So the account is at TD Canada trust. 
The transit Number is: 541
Account No. : 6317923

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What type of Cancer

SO they have said the cancer is called Araplastic Ependymoma that was located in the front left lobe. As of right now I have not heard of the doctors talking to Mindy about when they will start Chemo...chemo will follow as they do not want to chance a growth. I will update when I know more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taylor had her tubes inserted for Chemo and MRI & Spinal Tap done

Well today Taylor had the surgery to put her tubing in for chemo as well as take blood. The MRI seems somewhat positive as they really had to search for remaining cells...but there may be a little bit left. She may receive chemo tomorrow so I will update that when I know. The Spinal tap was to see if there were any cells in her spine. We will not get results for a couple of days. Mindy and Taylor were troopers today and all seems well at this point.

I have gone in to see about a trust fund, but it is not fully set up. I may need to prove Taylor is in fact "sick" but this is a formality.

Keep the prayers going.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well we have another loop to the drama


Mindy went to the Neurosurgeon appointment on thursday (yesterday Oct 2, 2008).  Now they ae unsure as to whether it is the cancer they thought it was...seems it may be even more rare as they do not seem to know what it is only that it is extremely aggressive (meaning it will continue to grow and spread). So again a bit of a standstill as to what they will do next. This upcoming Tuesday they have a MRI scheduled as well as a spinal tap to check to see if there is cancer cells, are they growing, etc.

So at this point they will still install the tubes via surgery, but are unsure whether they will proceed with chemo(tubes will make it easier to draw blood as babies have such small veins)...they do not want to do radiation at a year either. So the neurosurgeon at this point seems to be saying he would rather monitor growth and then surgically remove it, than to proceed with chemo (he does not like the idea of giving her chemo basically). If they find some cells, etc on Tuesday he will then decide whether to proceed with surgery to see if he can get the rest or wait and watch grow, etc....we just will not know till tuesday what will come next. Mindy is taking this very, very well so do not worry. As she see's it we need to wait to find out before jumping all over getting upset. Remember this is Dr.McDreamy so she may have been lost in his eyes.Kidding! Must stay happy and I am not going crazy, not yet at least!

Apparently Taylor may be a "poster child" due to the rarity of the cancer and her age. So on the bright side she is a celebrity; therefore she should get the best care. Mindy says she really enjoys getting out and seeing people as well as calls so don't be scared to bug her...I will let you know when she is off limits.LOL Kidding, but I will let you know if she needs space. Depending on Tuesdays results they could be in the hospital anywhere from Tuesday-wednesday evening or Tuesday-Saturday morning. So I will keep you posted. 


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taylor's next steps coming up

Taylor will have a visit to the Neurosurgeon this Thursday. This is a routine visit to continue checking how her head is healing from the surgery(removing of tumor)...important note is that if you ever need nerosurgery Dr. Peu(not sure on spelling) is a definite pick I would recommend. The Doctor should be named McDreamy as he is rather cute! Hope Mindy and Landon grab a photo of the good Doctor for Taylor (or auntie.LOL).

Next Tuesday Oct. 7, 2008 Taylor has her MRI and possibly surgery for the tubes. The hope is that if they get it all done Tuesday that Wednesday they can start chemo. So rememeber, keep sending out all your loving "vibes" and prayers to Taylor.

Mindy reports she is quite the "hungry hippo" and it all seems to be coming back out rather effectively (if you know what I mean).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hmmm maybe I should say who the heck I am


I totally forgot that a lot of people may be wondering who I am. I am Mindy's sister Leah. Or some may say "Miranda" (sorry Mindy I know you don't like everyone knowing your covert ID LOL).

I have already received calls to help out. *(**old friends)are willing to help with any shopping, Constance Thiessen (sorry Constance if you are married and go by your married name) is bringing stew, and Landon's grannie Marie and Aunt Linda are signed up for TV dinners, bedding they are lovingly making and donation. Grannie Marie is a bit under the weather, but when she is back up and running would like to spend a week helping Mindy out at home. Also Danielle has volunteered to help with dog sitting and preparing some meals. Awesome! Thanks everyone.

So Linda Thiessen mentioned a great thing I will look in to, but I know some that check this may have the information so I will ask here. How does tax deducting for gas/mileage for having to drive to the hospital, etc due to illness work? Also I would like to set donations up possibly as a "charity" so that we could offer tax deduction if possible. Does anyone know anything about this? Why am I worried about money, etc? Because Landon may have to work in Ponoka for 6 months and that would mean when chemo occurs it is "days off" etc...costs will rise. Mindy will also then be left largely alone to deal with all of this; therefore why I suggest helping clean, laundry, shopping, etc.

Okay I sign off now and will be back later with updates.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

the website to see pictures of Taylor

What Can You Do To Help:

Hello Everyone,

I know Taylor Thiessen has received so much love and prayers throughout these first 17 days of her life. Taylor has been diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that also effects the spinal area. I am not "fully" educated on all the details as of yet, but when I find out I will post. So Taylor will begin by receiving this first year chemo treatment every 2 weeks, followed by MRI's every 6-8 weeks. It will be tough and we need to share all our strength and positive energy with Mindy, Landon & Taylor in what comes this year and possibly longer.

My idea of helping is to try and take some of the workload and stresses everyday life will have on Mindy and Landon so that they may put all energy in to Taylor.

I know how many of you want to help, so I am going to try and co-ordinate this for Mindy and Landon. Anyone, who wants to be responsible for anything I might put below is welcome to contact me via the blog, e-mail or phone. I will let my profile come up in information.

Okay I do need to figure out how to get a calendar or something on here to organize better but bear with me. Here are some idea's to help, please add anything you come up with:

1. Food-it is difficult to make food and deal with baby, etc. I hope I can get some volunteers to continue to supply cooked meals for them that can be frozen or eaten right away. It is important that they are eating healthy as Mindy is breast-feeding and they MUST NOT GET SICK as Taylor cannot be exposed to illness during treatment especially when her platelets are down.

2. Shopping-they will more than likely not have a lot of time to do
shopping so if people could pick stuff up for them and take it to them this would be awesome.

3. Laundry- we all know laundry is a must, especially with a baby. Not sure if she will have vomiting etc due to treatment and therefore will need to be changed regularly as well as bedding

4. Cleaning House-I would like to try to minimum get her house cleaned top to bottom every week. A few people can make this happen fast so we do not inconvenience them as well as keep the area clean for Taylor who will need a clean environment

5. Dog Sitting-at times they may need care for the dogs. We will try and make sure this does not happen, but good to know if we have a "plan b" 

6. Extra: clothing, bedding, diapers, wipes, etc for Taylor as she may get sick a lot and then laundry becomes a huge issue. More of this stuff means they can just leave laundry if they have a lot of extra supplies. 

7. Money-we may need to try and donate to a "slush" fund so that if Landon needs to take time, or if Mindy cannot return to work immediately they have some extra cash. My idea is that if we start now when it is probably not as big an issue that we can slowly develop a sizable amount in case of dire circumstances. If it is not used by them they can convert it to her education fund. People do not need to donate a lot, but more people donating small amounts adds up quickly. I don't want this to be "money grubbing", but being prepared I feel it necessary to consider economics.

8. Donate Blood or money to Stollery- This is more an aside, but Taylor will probably get transfusions and the only way these beautiful children, babies, and adults survive is by people who donate...

Okay so please let me know

Leah Sacha
Hm: (780)467-9988
cell: (780)695-5550
Address: 707 Wellington Lane Sherwood Park (in case you need to drop something off for me to take to Mindy)