Sunday, October 26, 2008

DAte night not so hot!

Well, I guess Landon has the Flu, so no date night. Soon again I am sure they will go for one, but not yet.

My Mom says Taylor is smiling and cooing now or "talking" as per grandma.LOL Mom says she seems to back to normal now after the chemo, but we start again Wednesday for round 2. Glad that she gets some good days. She is eating like a horse (grandma may be over feeding her as she feeds her every hour Yikes!) and of course these feedings are followed by tremendous poops. Just so people are not wondering why I am so enthralled by the eating and pooping I should explain. When Taylor first gets chemo she feels sick. So Taylor does not want to eat. Not good. She usually is given anti-nausea medication. Next when she finally does eat, the morphine she gets for pain causes her to get constipated, which again causes pain and discomfort. So to help with the constipation she gets some stool softeners, which then cause gas, which again causes pain and discomfort. So you see it is a vicious circle for Taylor after chemo that causes her to not be a happy camper. She gets lots, and lots of meds.

So today is Taylors shower, so I will let yo know the details as they come in (well probably later)


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