Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well our little Monkey Taylor did eventually decide to get dressed up for Halloween. She thought it was hysterical that Ruby the Beagle was dressed up and Mindy too! Gave Mindy the costume my Mom made me last year, a bumblebee (yup my Mom still makes my costumes.LOL). I am sure Taylor is on a complete sugar high munching down on all the little chocolate bars she got! LOL Should be a fun jumping on the bed night for Mindy!

Well hopefully we get some results tomorrow! Praying for good ones. I will post as soon as I know what they are. I know we are all on pins and needles waiting these out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spinal Tap results are not in!


We had hoped we could get the results today, but alas they are not in. Apparently its the slowest division (sorry can't think of the word) for stuff getting in, so we will wait until next week. Mindy and Landon are on pins and needles waiting for these so please give them some space. I am sure everyone understands. I promise I will let everyone know via blog when they are in to us.


Taylor's Auntie Leah

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taylor and I had a visit!

LOL Well Taylor came over tonight. She seemed to have the same cold as me, so don't worry I am not contaminating her! She bossed me around! All night..."Auntie down" (a.k.a Auntie sit down) "Auntie come"(a.k.a follow me because I want to boss you around some more) "Auntie up" (Auntie get up cause your going to get some more bossing) much fun. She has to have you always sit right by where she is, follow her around, if you even think of paying attention to anything other than you she gets right up in your face and keeps repeating your name ("Auntie" in this case.LOL). God love her perseverance! That girl never gives up.

My cousin Lisa dropped off some beautiful costumes that U-Haul had given to Taylor so we tried to get her in those, but no luck. But she did play with the silver star wand, we played "abracadabra" make a wish with a light whack on the head....unfortunately Taylor did not whack as light on my head.LOL Taylor demanded "nummies", searched and rifled through my pantry, fridge and freezer. Hoarded the grapes I gave her from Hayden(her cousin), but shared with the rest of us.LOLSo funny watching Taylor and Hayden together. Hayden is that typical boy cousin who is seven and could care less about a "baby", so it seems that inspires Taylor to annoy the living poop out of him. She sat here shouting his name "Hay-ee" like fifty times. He was like "WHAT?" but of course she just answered with "Hay-ee" LMFAO so funny to watch. Just a lovely evening seeing Miss Taylor.

So tomorrow is the day we will hopefully find out about the spinal tap or LP to know if there are, or are not cancer cells floating around. Funny but it seems like we have been dropped "miracle" signs in the last few days. I am sure hoping that is true. SO I will let you know when I do if we can breathe a little easier until the next MRI or we need to start praying more!

HOPE is a means to keep us all going,
HOPE means that there may be a chance!
HOPE, Wishes and prayers is what we all need to send,
Send us your HOPE and give Taylor a chance.

Love Taylor's Auntie Leah

Gobal Interview

Quick update! Global did the interview this morning and it will be on TV tonight at 6pm and possibly the 11 pm news in the "Health Watch" section. Should also be available on the Internet Website. Can't wait!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mindy is getting a night off!

So Grandpa Don...the most dotting Grandpa of all and Nana Roberta are keeping Taylor for a sleepover tonight. Mindy is free as a bird as Landon is working nights! So Mindy can have a nice little break and some "me" time! I am sure Taylor is going to have a blast. Grandpa Don is the one who inspired her chippie addiction. Every wednesday (or one day during the week) Taylor goes to her Grandpa Don and Roberta's house for a visit. Grandpa Don always sits down with Miss Taylor and they eat BBQ chippies together. Too Cute! If Grandpa Don would send me a pic of him and Taylor eating chippies I would love to post it!!!LOL Hint, hint Grandpa Don...

Spinal Tap is Done!

Well the spinal tap is completed. taylor did awesome and was happy when she was all done. Mindy being the amazing Mom that she is had chippies and a juice box ready for her. Then they were off for lunch at McDonald's: Chicken Nuggets, Fries and Coke! Taylor is going to Nana Roberta's and Grandpa Don's so Mindy can get the house tidied up for their interview tomorrow with Global.

Results on the Spinal Tap with hopefully be in for Friday, so I will let everyone know then how it all went.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow is the spinal tap or LP

Hello, so just a reminder that tomorrow Taylor will have an LP or Spinal least that's what I think its called...two years and I am still not a Doctor? LOL

Why the spinal tap you are asking. Well because due to the MRI that was so heatedly debated by the radiologist (maybe not heated, more like examined thoroughly) we were left with mixed reviews. Some said more tumours and the veiling of cancer around the entire brain, 1 said no, one said inconclusive...therefore the spinal tap should let them tell if there are cancer cells that have disseminated throughout her brain and spine. If the cells are there we will be praying harder and harder (not sure that is possible). If no cells we can breathe a little until the next MRI at the beginning of December. I am praying for a miracle! Let them not find cancer cells.

My cousin Lisa's daughter Jala who is 3, found a quarter today...she asked Lisa to give it to Taylor! Can you imagine that, what an amazing thing for a child to even consider and remember! God bless her generous little heart (BIG Heart!!!)
Going to give a prayer out tonight"

I know you are listening. Please I know you hear it a lot, but please leave Taylor here with us. You see I promised her I would help her fight, but cancer does not play fair. I need your help with this one.
Please God, just this one, just this one...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Quading

Well on Sunday Landon and Mindy took Taylor Quadding with their friends at Alberta Beach. Landon was given a side-by-side Quad to borrow from a man whom he had saved his son the other week. Landon recently has become one of Alberta Beach's volunteer fire derpartment. Landon felt he needed to give back to the community as they have been so rewarded by the generosity of others.

The story is that the other week, while out quading with friends they came across a friend of a friend that had gotten into a "sticky" situation. There was a man whose quad flipped. As they were all strapped in the father could not get his son out and they were in a mud pit 5 feet deep! The 2 year old son was in the mud part and the father was helpless to save him as he was trapped also in his seatbelt. Landon and fellow Fire Department friend Tobin, quickly jumped into action to save the little boy. The man after recently hearing what was going on with Landon, Mindy and Taylor generously offered the use of his side-by-side quad to Landon or Tobin who also saved the boy whenever they wanted, for all the times to come...just give him a quad and he would let him use it! Generous people yet again!

Taylor apparently was a bit scared at first, but that quickly changed and she was laughing and smiling for her quad ride....demanding "more bumpies"! LOL Apparently when the riding was over Taylor wanted to continue! So funny. So anaother great family day out with friends. Thanks so much for everyone's continued support. I will add some pictures later when I get home.

Fundraising has been so crazy. We still have a few left to do: Taylor's Dance Party on Saturday November 6th as well as the Silent Auction on the following day Sunday November 7th. The Silent Auction has had generous donations. We even had Sham, a family friend, get Taylor Hall to sign his jersey yesterday for the Silent Auction! Should be amazing so please come on out!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday's Day...have you ever seen a pink quad?

First I am just going to add some clips of Mindy's e-mail to me today so you can have a quick rundown of their day. I had my son's seventh birthday party today so I was a bit "out of commission" in regards to Taylor.

"Okay, so global was at the snowmobile show this morning to do a story, ...everyone at the show seemed to know about Taylor too, she was given some spiffy new shirts. Global did a short interview with Landon and then t&t power sports gave Taylor a helmet, riding gear(shirt, pants, gloves) and a 50cc pink quad to use for a year!

There was also a guy who donated 4 tickets at ice level to the oilers versus all-stars game in January to be auctioned off on the snow and mud site, with all the money going to have been sold out and I guess he paid over $600 for them!

Our friends also gave her a huge stuffed cow as well as a little hamster on wheels that makes noises and rolls around on the floor...

It was a great day, but we are exhausted. We stopped by the Alberta beach fire department on our way home and they have trailers full of bottles and lots of donations coming in! It is absolutely insane how much people are doing to help us. How will we ever repay everyones kindness and generosity? Thank you just doesn't feel like enough anymore!

I love you tonnes, can't wait to see everyone tonight. I ended up making clown cupcakes for Dianne and the bottle crew last night, as a small gesture of my appreciation!"-Mindy

This evening we all met up: Mindy, Landon, Taylor, Clayton (our brother from Kelowna)with his wife Dawn, Tyler and Kiandra, then my family at my Mom's and Danny's house. It was my son's seventh birthday as well as My Mom's...they are born on the same day as well as my Cousin Debbie (some of my most special people.LOL) Taylor was in full spirits with some pink cheeks she got while trying out the new pink quad!LOL

Taylor bossed us around, told us where we could sit, raided grandma's pantry continuously pulling out Fruit Loops,Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Corn Pops.LOL She dragged me up stairs so she could play on Grandma's computer than to grandma's bed where she allowed me the great honour of helping her to get on the bed over the rails so she could jump on the bed.LMAO I think she ate 3 bowls of ice cream for supper...not interested in the "real food"! She did however want the butter, but its because she thought it was cheese.LOL

Eventually Taylor managed as the night progressed to get Grandma Josie to take them all for a walk.LOL Taylor is SUPER DUPER pushy! But thats a good thing as she shows determination in whatever she does and doesn't give up!

We have heard so many things occurred today with Fundraisers. The bottle drives were a huge success! No idea how it completely went, but I am sure I will know soon enough. Everyone must be so exhausted, I know I am as well as Mindy and Landon. I think they are planning on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow but relax! Amen to that.

So I am going to end this with a wish:

I wish I could get a miracle...I wish I could have just one.
Make the cancer go away,
don't take another one!
Let me keep my star,
my nights are much to dark without her.
I think we are due for that miracle, so lets give us just this one!

Miracle created hope. With hope we can create miracles!

Taylor's Auntie Leah

Friday, October 22, 2010

I am back to talk about our girl!


So fundraisers are just going like mad. I will add them off to the left, but would like now to just focus on Taylor as that is what we really want to hear about right now!

So as you know we are working on passports so that they can all head off to Disneyland/world...still not clear which one, but I think Disneyland would be the best (LMAO like they are going to care about my opinion.LOL). So the trials of course begin with the crazy passport regulations on photo's. I find them absolutely ludicrous...(soon we will have to have 10 various poses and faces so that they can see us in every possible form?WTF) So Mindy said her photo took 10 tries as she kept blinking! LOL Next came Miss Taylor. Anyone who knows Taylor knows she is near impossible to keep still. So they had to keep hair out of her eyes, hair not covering her ears, looking forward, no smiles...yadda, yadda, yadda. So they tried to do hers for like an hour (may be exaggerating, probably half an hour, but no doubt felt like 2.LOL), needless to say they gave up and went to visit Nana Roberta and Grandpa Don. As great and amazing grandparents that Roberta and Don are, they told Mindy and Landon "Don't worry, we will get the photo!"LOL so off they went, well after 20 minutes of trying Grandpa and Nana were back without a picture.LOL So they promised to continue to try the following day! I am happy to say they did get the picture. Everything is now ready for submitting, which Mindy will try and do next week. I hope it goes nice and quick so we can send them off on their holiday.

So yesterday I had posted about the PIC line being infected. She was good, no fever. They took her in today and they removed the PIC line and she is on anti-biotics. Today the tried the "playing in the leaves" however, Taylor was not too interested, but enjoyed as they threw Ruby their Beagle into the leaves and she ran around the yard which made Taylor laugh hysterically! Taylor instead chose to jump on her jumperoo, played on the slide and went for a swing. They had a nice day playing outside and had a visit from their good friend Dianne the firefighter! For lunch they went for coffee and lunch at the day home Natasha's house which was lots of fun and they had some delicious carrot cake!

The antibiotics were the wrong form so they were waiting the last time I heard to get the prescription, but it is not a huge deal, it will sort itself out. Taylor got another slurpee and bag of chippies, which she thoroughly enjoys.LOL She also had her hearing test, but she was fidgety and they didn't get a great sense, however the fluid in her ears is gone, which is a great sign! She will go for another on November 18th, but may have to get sedated and have the sensors on so they can get a better read....I am pretty sure her hearing is great though so I am not concerned.LOL (Doctor Leah). Taylor refused to take a nap...having too much fun, our stubborn girl. So all in all it was a terrific day. They got a great family day and visited with friends.

Although we truly appreciate all the support, love and kindness I am going to try and keep the blog focused on Taylor. I will post any of the fundraiser stuff I can off to the side, but will try and just share "Taylor" on my posts as I am sure that is who you want to hear about. Any fundraiser information can also be viewed and discussed on Facebook at " A Wish for Taylor"

Please don't stop your prayers and HOPE! Keep spreading it and sharing our story. I will never, never give up my belief in miracles.

Taylor's Auntie Leah

PIC line is out! Hurray

Just a very brief update until later, Taylor had the PIC line removed. She was doing just fine even though it may have been fever, etc. But I think it is a huge relief that the PIC line is out! I am at work and its lunch, but I will give some updates a little later.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Meeting results?

I know everyone is waiting for this update. I am sorry to say that it came back "inconclusive" and the Doctor's want yet more tests. AHHHH! They are unwilling or unable is probably the better word to give us answers. They still are unsure with these MRI results so we are left to wait again for more research and second, third, fourth , etc opinions! They still are encouraging that Mindy and Landon take some time to enjoy Taylor, go on a vacation instead of waiting for them to figure out what is going on.

So it looks like we need more prayers, more HOPE, more energy heading Taylor's way! My shared quote today is from my Cousin Lisa "Miracles created hope, with hope we can create miracles". Next week, I believe Thursday or Friday they are going to remove the PIC line now that radiation is not going to be done.

I am still catching up. Have had tremendous support, so many calls, e-mails, etc. I feel like I am running in circles, but I will get organized and try to let you know more as I know. Tomorrow I know they plan to play in the leaves! There will also be the "Global" interview. I heard that Sonic was talking about Taylor and we may also have Rob Christie and Audi Lens talk about them! So I will try and update more soon.

Just got word that Taylor's PIC line may be infected! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! Anyhow they had to cancel the Global thing and will be at the hospital getting it looked at tomorrow (cleaned, flushed, etc)


Meeting Day!


I just wanted to put out a quick word. Mindy and Landon love everyone who has been working so hard for them these past few days, weeks, months, years. THEY NEED PEOPLE TO STOP SENDING E-MAILS, TEXTS and PHONE CALLS! So sorry I really don't want to be sounding rude so please don't take it that way. They are overwhelmed as throughout the entire day people have been calling, texting, e-mailing their sympathies, asking questions, etc. They are spending the days stressed and unable to deal with grief as they feel obligated to reply to people as they know everyone means to be kind and to help.

As there go-between (at least that what I try) please contact me! or phone my home (780)467-9988 or cell (780)695-5550. I will PROMISE they will get your messages, but when they want them and can respond. You are all awesome, but probably don't realize the amount that come of the suggestions I will put out again is to send a card or letter with your feelings. If you have questions all you need to do is contact me and I will let you know.

Again we are BLESSED to have ALL OF YOU! They just really, really need some space as this is so quick and overwhelming.

Lots of Love,


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Global is doing an interview

Hello all,

Exciting news! Taylor and Family will be interviewd Friday by Global! So exciting. I will let you know when I get the information.

Yesterday was the MRI. Taylor was scheduled for 12:30, but didn't get in until later at around 2:30, which was terrible as Taylor couldn't eat or drink ALL DAY! Mindy says she asked for food and drinks all day using ALL her words...nummies, chippies, watey, juice, get the picture. So she was cranky, but after the took her for chicken nuggets and fries at McDonald's (her favourite!). Mindy sais she snacked all night after that.LOL Poor thing! They did manage to get in their routine of playing jump on the bed, Mr.Pototoe Head, "Ringy"(a.k.a Ring-around-the-rosie), stickers, coloring, foam squares, etc!

Tomorrow the meeting is at 3:00, which I hope to attend so I can update. Mindy figures there really shouldn't be that different opinion on all of this, that they don't see options. Please send us some prayers, energy, hopes and wishes! Maybe, just maybe we will get a miracle!

Fundraising is still going on at lightning speed! There are bottle drives this weekend. If you can even just help by doing your own and depositing into the trust fund, then letting me know how you do, etc as eventually we would love to thank everyone!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wow I am already falling behind

You are all moving so bloody fast I can't keep up! Please be patient with us as we all work full-time and have small kids, so we are not ignoring, but trying to answer all the variety of questions, etc. I am going to update the account information for the trust fund as some are wanting to do e-mail donations...I have not a clue what that is, but Landon got it together today after being asked if people could donate that way.

I have had a friend of Natasha (Taylor's Lovely Day home lady) contact hotels and we seem to have been given an offer from them for hotel accommodations! Woot! Woot! Also the site owner of Snow and Mud's boss at DF Technical has offered to pay for 3 people to fly to california and back(I guess if they go to Disneyland...LOL I think we are confused or undecided if its Disneyland or Disneyworld)

We are getting tons of support, tons of love! Thanks

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes...

"A dream is a wish your heart makes
when your fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believeing
the dream that you wish for will come true"....good old Disney's Cinderella song!

I am extremely emotional, so blessed that so many people have jumped on board to help Taylor, Mindy and Landon. So many people who are helping, reaching out don't even know Taylor, Mindy or Landon that the kindness of strangers is a gift we get to witness yet again. I honestly know that every time we hit this low, I put out a "help" signal and am left baffled by the strength of response that we get! Every time it gets bigger, more passionate, more people!

I can never express the emotions we are all going through. Although things are horrible it is...has been, so important to have all this energy, love, kindness come bursting through so that we regain HOPE, refocus, get up off the ground and brush off our knees so we can begin again. For some crazy reason (well I know what you all are thinking, but I'm not saying anything! LOL) ALL OF YOU show up when we need you the most, for that I am thankful.

Today is Taylor's MRI (already occured) and we get the results Thursday...funny how the day before this awful day we were blessed by this huge outpouring of support! I really, really want to thank everyone and when I stop spinning I will, so if I miss you I will try and remember....

To my cousin Lisa who has been a whirlwind of activity in getting this all going...I am so stunned with ALL that you have done and do!

To Cousin Kristen for supporting us in comments, Lisa's tech support I am thinking.LOL trying to be creative in ways to contribute...

To Barb Scully, yup you cause you started this all in the beginning and are back again!

To my lovely friend Shaundell who is going to have to tell me what she is up to, but is certainly up to something.LOL

To Trinidy for trying to see if someone would air our story on the radio (keep your fingers crossed)

To Melanie Shockey for her Barrett fundraiser (remember please contact to purchase some barretts or if you can sell them at your business, work or school)

To Natasha (Taylor's Dayhome, AMAZING caregiver) for preparing a Dance Party(more to come on this as she would like it to be an additional fundraiser) for Taylor, loving Taylor, doing all those amazing little things that mean so much!

My friend Paula who is collecting donations at her Church as well as organizing or trying to promote fundraisers at the Snow Mobile shows!

To Snowand and all their followers who have offered suppot! The Snow Mobile shows in Edmonton (this weekend), Calgary and Saskatoon will all be collecting donations!

Again there are sooooo many more of you, but I will do this as much as I can so that everyone knows all our special helpers!

Monday, October 18, 2010


I am going to update first what is up and coming. Tomorrow Taylor will have another MRI so that they can see if they can erase any of the conflicting information regarding the last MRI results. On Thursday there will be the meeting to find out what the next steps will be.

Fundraising...WOW I have been so overwhelmed with the outpouring of support to Taylor, Mindy and Landon. Anyone wanting to follow some of it should head to Facebook under "A Wish for Taylor". My Cousin Lisa started her own fundraiser for Taylor: Bottle Drive, T-Shirts ("I Sent Taylor to Disneyland/World), raffle for Diamond earrings, Men's Diamond Solitaire. Raffle will take place at a Social Mixer (held at Flow Lounge who donated their space).

Melanie Shockey has also come up with her own fundraiser we would like help with. Melanie is making Barretts to sell for $5 with proceeds going to Taylor. If you can help sell them, have a business or could just spread the word you can contact her at I am posting pics with this post (see above).

Also I have had Tammy Jo Prevost has possibly another fundraiser idea, but I will let you know when I find out more.

I just want everyone to know how much this means to all of us. Things were so low with this latest news and with all this outpouring it has shown them the support they have, the love people have for them. I am running around like cray right now but will post again soon!

Love you all & Thanks for the continued support it has been quite the journey!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things have gone left....

Hello, there have been some pretty tough days we have been through and are coming. Mindy got a call on Thursday from Nurse Claire who beat around the bush until finally getting to the point that they needed Mindy and Landon Friday for another meeting as they found some new information on the MRI that changed everything...that "life wasn't fair"....Wow that was a punch in the gut!

So Friday came. Apparently the Radiation doctor, Dr.Patel, was not completely wanting to go with one opinion regarding Taylor's MRI. He contacted another doctor with a lot of experience to give a second opinion. He saw cancer ALL over the entire brain! WTF so again that was so radically different that Dr.Patel then got a third opinion. Third Radiologist saw the same. He had them go through why they saw what they saw, he said it made sense. He was still seeking a fourth opinion on Friday after we had the meeting. Basically at the meeting they told us that this changed everything as they now felt the hope was gone for prolonging her life a year or two with the radiation. We have always known that this was severe but we kept the hope that maybe, just maybe....So basically they told us that a decision regarding how we proceed had to be made there was no guarantee that it would do anything for her other than cause a loss of quality of life. Basically the time spent going to the cross for radiation every day for 6 weeks, the side effects during treatment and then after may lose time they have with Taylor for nothing. Then they said they could try Chemotherapy, wouldn't save, but may prolong, but we needed to wait to talk to Dr.Wilson regarding that as well as an experimental drug. Because the cancer is so rare, there are no answers, no other case studies to make judgements on. We are aiming in the dark here. The fourth radiologist said it was "inconclusive" so they will be doing another MRI on Tuesday.

So leaving this meeting was crap, just crap feelings. Its not over yet as more Doctor's will be consulted, options still need to be discussed and learned. But at this point Mindy and Landon feel like they are "cheating death" and there is no escape here. Needless to say it has been very, very hard. Not sure what will come next. Nurse Claire said to put in the "Make a Wish", go to Disney World, everything, soon. This could be quick as the cancer comes back faster and faster every time. We got 6 months the last time so it could be 3 months.

So I know that everyone wants to let Mindy and Landon know their sympathies. I recommend sending a card or something. They get overwhelmed with calls, texts, e-mails. Prayer pillows I have seen are pretty neat. You write your prayer down and then make a small pillow, decorating it and send to the family. I am going to think of some fundraisers to help them with the cash they are going to need. One idea is a "bottle Drive". If someone could head that up I would greatly appreciate it. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed as I work full-time as a teacher (I am a volleyball coach and always have work at night and weekends), have 2 young kids and am with Mindy and Landon a lot so I may not be the best "go-to person". Please if you have ANY ideas let me know.

If you want to donate Money to Taylor's trust fund I will post the information below again. or better I will see if I can add in the sidebar. It is in the sidebar just scroll down the page.

Again I will keep you posted. I delayed to give them some time to let this digest a bit. The road ahead is unknown. Send them your strength...I am praying, wishing, hoping that this is a nightmare we will soon wake up from...that they are wrong.

Sorry Their address is:
P.O Box 642
Alberta Beach, AB
T0E 0A0

street address:5220-49ave

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sleeping in!

Well the day was slightly rough yesterday for Mindy and Taylor. Mindy was exhausted by the end of it and praying for some extra sleep in time...she got it! They slept until 9:00am so you crazy folks must have been praying for that! Awesome.LOL So Mindy and Taylor enjoyed a lovely breakfast of "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" than they were off for a visit to Nana Roberta's and Grandpa Don's house before Taylor got her dressing change. Mindy reports that Taylor is doing great so that is certainly a positive in all of this.

On saturday Mindy and I are headed to "The Women's Show"...never been so I have no idea what to expect. My husband was quizzing me on what goes on there so I told him we may sing and dance and hold hands.LMAO So Taylor will get to have a sleepover at Grandma's house as she has been dying to get her hands on Taylor. My daughter Aaryanna will also get to go so it will be a "girl's night at grannies".LOL Mindy and I may take on the town as well, but I am not giving out the juicy details in case you come and catch us being naughty! Kidding

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PIC Line is in

Well Taylor and Mindy were up at the crack of Dawn so they could get Taylor's surgery to put in the Pic line for the upcoming radiation. Everything went well other than the anesthesiologist being 2 hours late! It sucks as she can't eat or drink, which she does not understand, so Mindy had to listen to her asking for "watey", juice, etc. Poor thing. Surgery went well and they were out by early afternoon. Taylor got to visit with all her friends at the day home, which made her happy.

Apparently she managed to get a slurpee and chips out of Mindy for her tough day. LOL So tomorrow she will go in for a dressing change. Many more events are upcoming, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. I am sitting here doing my kids homework and trying to update...ahh the joy of multi tasking!

Found out who the Child life people are. They are the ones who do the beads of the journey with cancer, help kids adjust to upcoming treatments, explaining what they are. Helping to train for care and different methods of coping, etc....obviously some very super people!

We all had a terrific Thanksgiving. Yesterday Mindy came over and we hit the mall quickly, went for a walk to play at the park followed by lunch at McDonald's (with a play park of course) and lovely pumpkin pie blizzards at DQ. So much fun

Friday, October 8, 2010



So some people have asked me if I am doing another fundraiser for Mindy and Landon. Such a sticky point as I know they feel bad always asking for stuff. This has been expensive for them as there are always costs incurred that are not covered or come in a natural parenting situation.

So I guess I am going to put out that if you have any interest in doing a fundraiser or something you can contact me. I so don't want to make anyone feel obligated to do anything! I know we get so many people constantly asking to support a variety of great causes but there are only so many pots of money out there, however, some may feel strongly about doing a fundraiser and I certainly do not want to stand in their way.LOL

My Mom is trying to see if she can get Taylor a "Make a Wish" vacation. So if you want send me an e-mail at: or just post in the comment section of this post.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Upcoming events!

So tomorrow seems to be when the free-for-all begins! Taylor goes in tomorrow at 8am to get her mold and CAT scan done, followed by Speech pathology at 10:30am...than they meet with the Social worker and Child Life People (not sure who these "child life people" are...must look into! LOL)

Next week Taylor will go in for the Pic surgery on Tuesday October 12th at 7:30am and will need to return on the 13th (a.k.a. the next day) for her first dressing change and CBC. There will be tons of things to come I am sure, but I will keep you posted.

Taylor is up to her old tricks...eating up a storm, dancing and jumping on her bed. She is so hilarious as she has soooo much energy that its, go, go, go! Sometimes she says "car", which means she wants to go out.LMAO so funny. She had her first official slurpee and her own bag of BBQ chips in the car ride home Monday after the Neuro-psychiatrist visit. It is so crazy how big she has gotten in these last two years that she can already have these delicious "bad" things.LOL

Mindy has been extremely busy trying to get her life organized and deal with stress, but she is doing quite AMAZING if you ask me. She was treated to a spa day tonight by her wonderful friend Eva...Eva is another most amazing person! Landon returned to work as well as "fireman" duty, Yeah Landon...yet another mostest amazing person...

Monday, October 4, 2010


Well the news is in regarding side effects of radiation from the neuro-psychologist. Looks like there should be no real big trouble. Taylor may have some mild-moderate learning issues, but certainly nothing serious. Taylor's support network again works in her favour as they know how much Mindy and Landon invest in Taylor and feel that makes it in her favour that she will be extremely successful in her development! Yeah! Support from a family is the most important predictor of how well a child will do, funny it supersedes somewhat intelligence. Taylor will also have my Mom's husband Danny, my friend Wendy and myself as teachers that can help come up with adaptations, etc for her learning (I knew there had to be a reason I became a teacher...Kidding! LOL)

This week on the 7th of October Taylor will be at the Cross Cancer institute to prep for her upcoming radiation. She gets all her fittings for when she gets the radiation. She also will then head to the Stollery for her Speech and Language tests. The following week she may get her "pic" line in (it is kind of like the i-vad, but in her arm for putting her to sleep during all the radiation treatments) as well as her hearing test.

So I asked Mindy about the side effects of the Radiation this time. I was concerned as this will be more extensive than what they radiated last time. Mindy says basically it is the same as last time...organ failure (less than a 5% chance), burns and/or skin sensitivity near the radiated sight, cranky/moody, tired, other things that may occur is burning at her esophagus as well as breathing issues as her lungs could get some light burns....Mindy says its like a "sunburn" and will go away after radiation. This means she may be a tired, cranky bear who does not want to eat much as it may hurt.

Someone asked Mindy about chemo therapy, but I never did actually say anything about it since last year. Basically Chemotherapy does not work for Taylor's form of cancer. The first Chemo she got for the year was to try and buy time until they could do radiation. Radiation generally as a rule should not been done in kids younger than 2 years. Taylor had radiation so young as it was her only choice. Mindy and Landon will only ever do anything for Taylor that does not impact her quality of life. Anything that hurts or causes more pain to her will not be done just to keep her with us longer.It is very sad thing to have to decide as a parent, but this must be done.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Neuro-Psychologist Tomorrow

So they spoke briefly with the Neuro-psychologist, but will speak in depth tomorrow. When I know I will post. Basically at this point they figure from what the psychologist said was Taylor would be in say the lower stream of school, so if you have kids in the 10-1 stream that is the "academic" stream, whereas your 10-2 stream is more the technical school nothing to worry about! I teach both streams, which is what I am praying may be a reason Taylor came to our family.

We went for a bargain shopping hunt today. Taylor was fun, learning from Cousin Hayden how to run around stores climbing through racks, I was such a proud mother.LOL Awesome to see the kids in all their "kid" glory of irritating other shoppers.LMAO So tomorrow I will hopefully know more to tell you!
Picture is unrelated, but I just love pics of Taylor so I will try and add them in here so you all get to see our goosey girl!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Have not received any updates

Well I am waiting to find out more about the consequences of the radiation. I am sure that it is a "go". Mindy and Landon got the pictures that the "Kids with Cancer Society" had done for 20 families. They are gorgeous and I posted them on there for you all to enjoy. I also have Mindy's new tattoo on here. My cousins Felicia and Melissa both have been struggling with all the stuff that has been goig on in our family, so many dying of cancer, etc they came up with a design "Faith" with the dot of the "i" being the cancer ribbon. Very inspiring! So Mindy and Landon decided to do "Hope" with the "o" being the gold cancer ribbon for childhood cancer. I am going with my best friend Karla when she comes to town to get my "tatty"...I am feeling like a naughty child as I never saw myself getting a tattoo.

Taylor has been suffering allergies and a sinus infection. She has been a cranky bear and only seems happy if she is bossing everyone around.LOL Got to love her personality! She is pure joy, dancing wherever she finds music, and even if there is none...doing frog hops x3, the cutest thing to see...talking up a storm. Taylor and I like to play the "mine" game, I tell her its mine and she responds back with mine. We continue this for awhile until she starts getting mad and then I offer her "you want to share" to which she responds "share" and she gives me a tiny amount of whatever we share so she gets the Lions share.LOL

I got a new quote for you:
"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!"-Dr.Suess

Lets all grab our big bats and beat cancer! Sending you all my warmest thanks for all your support. Send Taylor Wishes, Hopes and Dreams. Pray for her cancer to take a hike! The Doctor's have told Mindy and Landon that Taylor is medically not supposed to be where she is, that it is something else that keeps her so strong...I'll let you guess what that is....