Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mindy has been a bit under the weather


Mindy got sick Monday and was in a lot of pain (NO PANICKING!!!). My mom went out and has been there for a couple of days. Mindy went to the hospital and was checked out. So that is good. I am not totally sure what it is yet. She had an ultrasound today and was there all day. Yuck! Anyways I am sure it is nothing super serious, but just needs to be looked at to get better.

Taylor has been much, much better. I was there last night watching my mom do some funky belly massage to try and help her get her bowels a moving.LOL She really seemed to be enjoying the massage. Then they gave her a bath...they had the fireplace going to try and make it warm for Taylor, as per grandma Josie.LOL Poor Mindy! She has a crazy mom and sister. Mom has tried to make sure Mindy & Landon are getting rest and Grannie Thiessen is also going to stay with Mindy for a few days for the same purpose. So yeah Super Grannies! Mindy and Landon are having a "date night" this coming Saturday which is awesome. 

Taylor's next chemo is on the 29th, which is a Wednesday. I need to get people to help Mindy out on the following week as it usually is draining. So if you have the energy, health and can handle doing a "baby take-over" (she is really unhappy so you need to be able to handle this), or can clean, do laundry, cook, whatever please let me know. It would be the first week of November. I will go out Sunday Nov. 2 (if they are out of the hospital) and possibly take the Monday off work (I will pretend I am sick so don't tell my work.LOL kidding). I will let you know who may also be going as I am unsure what days my mom might be there or Roberta or whoever else. I will try to get it up by Sunday, but I am thinking depending on how this goes we may need 24 hours to support the stress Mindy & Landon may have....kick them out of the house for a couple hours...take the doggies for a walk. Oh and talking dogs, that might be a good help too. Someone might like to just go out and take the dogs for a walk or give them some loving... I am rather enjoying how much they love me right now...sad I know, but awesome feeling to have soo much attention. LOL

Take care of yourselves,


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