Monday, November 10, 2008

Another great day

Well we had a good day. Quick trip to the hospital for them to double check Taylor's sores from the dressing as well as blood work. All in all Taylor is doing good, but needs to be closely monitored as white blood cells and red are down. Not to worry. She is getting her appetite back as well as sleep. Minor meltdown tonight, but we figure she was probably overstimulated or fighting sleep...gave her some codeine just in case.

We did some rolling tonight until we either ran out of rolls or could not fill another roll. We have rolled $445.50 so far. So I need to send a huge thanks to my students at Innisfree Delnorte School who have been so generous giving me all their piggy banks.LOL Love all of you! We are a small school with great big heart.

I will be leaving Mindy's tomorrow and Landon's Grannie will be coming to help next. We are quite the cycle of help.LOL Landon should be back Friday morning. Yeah! I know Mindy and Taylor miss him tons and tons. Check out Mindy and Landon's website for new pictures and video!

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