Sunday, November 30, 2008

Everything sounds good so far

Taylor is at home with Mommy and Daddy. Sounds like Landon is basking in the time he is home and spending some quality time with all his girls. Apparently there is some discomfort when Taylor pee's, but that could be her rash or from having the catheter in. Also she may still be nauseous according to Landon, but this is normal after chemo, generally lasting at least a week. But everything seems fine thus far and I believe they are all having a good weekend.

Grandma Josie has bronchitis and will be out of commission. I think she has been over exerting herself as Grandma Josie never, never gets sick.LOL

So Pennies for taylor is just about at an end. I will count the rest of the money and give an update. I really appreciate all the time people have put into this. Now remember I still need christmas wishes for is really important I get these...please, please, please. I put up my tree and looked at an ornament my son Hayden made when he was about 3...broke my heart how fast time flies, therefore why I want to capture this for Taylor.

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