Sunday, November 23, 2008

It has been a good couple of days

Well Mindy and Grandma Josie have both reported Taylor has been good the last few days. Yesterday Taylor came over for my daughter Aaryanna's 7th birthday. Taylor looked sooo cute. She was wearing a knitted bonnet my friend Joyce Baker picked up for will have to check Mindy's pictures when they go up to see as she looked to cute. She was also wearing a dress and tights. The tights Taylor really, really did not like too much so they were removed upon entrance to the house.LOL I still remember what tights felt like as a child....picture sand paper against your skin. It must be how delicate/sensitive we are as children.LOL

Tomorrow is another blood work day to find out if Taylor is ready for chemo. If she does not have a higher count they will give her the immune booster I will keep all posted. I am going with MIndy and Taylor as I had a day-in-lieu for parent teacher interviews. Woot!Woot! to the hospital I get to go...LOL pretty exciting day ahead! But I get to spend it with 2 amazing females....maybe Dr.Piew will be around.LOL Dr.McDreamy...a girl can dream!

Mindy looks good and I think has had some good relaxation time. Landon sounds like he is really missing being home, but that is to be expected. I can't wait for this to end for Landon. Totally sucks! Maybe you could start barking at dogs and talking to your hand like its a real person at work and then they might send you home with full pay.LOL Just an idea.

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