Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Second Chemo Finished

Well Taylor did get her second chemo treatment. All went well and she had a good sleep last night after treatment. She has only been mildly irritable, which is awesome. Mindy has a better idea of what she can do to make Taylor more comfortable during these times. Taylor has a hearing test tomorrow in preparation for the next chemo treatment that has the potential to affect hearing loss. Then tomorrow Mindy should be back home. Mom will be out tomorrow night to help Mindy and I will head over after work Friday for the weekend.

Grandma wanted me to tell everyone that Taylor loves her fishies...LOL She has a fish mobile above her change table at home that she likes to stare at (Taylor not Grandma.LMAO). So Grandma has been taking a little stroller bug thingy that Mindy brought to the hospital to keep Taylor entertained. Grandma moves it and Taylor to make sure she is getting the best view. It is really funny. Grandma also has been having patches of hair fall out. It looks fried, which I think is stress, but she claims is from her Las Vegas trip. It looks like Mom is going through chemo with Taylor. Mom is pretty funny, but the absolute most amazing Mom around. She really embodies unconditional love and sacrifice. I am glad Mindy and I have such an amazing role model. Mom never complains of tiredness and will bend over backwards to try and relieve any of her children's pain...God Bless Mothers!

So I hope everybody takes the time to call, write or hug their mom. They are the most amazing creation.

Keep your fingers crossed that this will be a better chemo reaction than last time.

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