Friday, October 3, 2008

Well we have another loop to the drama


Mindy went to the Neurosurgeon appointment on thursday (yesterday Oct 2, 2008).  Now they ae unsure as to whether it is the cancer they thought it was...seems it may be even more rare as they do not seem to know what it is only that it is extremely aggressive (meaning it will continue to grow and spread). So again a bit of a standstill as to what they will do next. This upcoming Tuesday they have a MRI scheduled as well as a spinal tap to check to see if there is cancer cells, are they growing, etc.

So at this point they will still install the tubes via surgery, but are unsure whether they will proceed with chemo(tubes will make it easier to draw blood as babies have such small veins)...they do not want to do radiation at a year either. So the neurosurgeon at this point seems to be saying he would rather monitor growth and then surgically remove it, than to proceed with chemo (he does not like the idea of giving her chemo basically). If they find some cells, etc on Tuesday he will then decide whether to proceed with surgery to see if he can get the rest or wait and watch grow, etc....we just will not know till tuesday what will come next. Mindy is taking this very, very well so do not worry. As she see's it we need to wait to find out before jumping all over getting upset. Remember this is Dr.McDreamy so she may have been lost in his eyes.Kidding! Must stay happy and I am not going crazy, not yet at least!

Apparently Taylor may be a "poster child" due to the rarity of the cancer and her age. So on the bright side she is a celebrity; therefore she should get the best care. Mindy says she really enjoys getting out and seeing people as well as calls so don't be scared to bug her...I will let you know when she is off limits.LOL Kidding, but I will let you know if she needs space. Depending on Tuesdays results they could be in the hospital anywhere from Tuesday-wednesday evening or Tuesday-Saturday morning. So I will keep you posted. 


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