Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taylor's 6th Birthday!

Taylor is 6!

What a year we have had!  Below are some pictures over the past year of Taylor.  She is still a ray of sunshine each and every day, and is really becoming her own little person.  Her most favourite things to do right now are play on the monkey bars at the park, ride her bike without training wheels, take selfies on phones and iPads when nobody is looking. (Its pretty cute when we flip through pictures and find a bunch of silly face pictures she has taken of herself). She is really liking to sing to music on the radio, going to the library to pick out books and DVDs to borrow, and to spend time with her cousins.  

Our family has had some big changes this year; my brother and his family have moved back to Edmonton from Kelowna, so my brother lived with us for a few months and she absolutely loved having another person to spend time with and it was nice for them to get to know each other.  Another big change for us was the decision to pick up and move from Edmonton to Sherwood Park.  We were having some challenges with Taylor's school, the Edmonton Public Inclusive learning supports (or lack thereof), and due to a highly populated area with boundary closures in place and lack of childcare available, we made the decision to sell our house and move to Sherwood Park where we know the school system is better funded and front loads their programs.  So we moved into a rental house in July and are waiting for our new home to be built, which should be ready for October/November.

Taylor started at her new school, and seems to be liking her new teachers and getting to ride the yellow bus from daycare to school (so funny that this is the highlight of her day right now).  She is repeating Kindergarten as we didn't feel that she had mastered her basics that would be required for advancing in Grade one, so we decided to hold her back and make sure that she is really confident with everything so she has a stronger foundation going into grade one.  Hopefully she will rock Kindergarten this time around and build her confidence going into grade one.

Taylor's first day of Kindergarten 2014

Taylor's Dinosaur Halloween Costume 2013
Taylor's Halloween Costume for School 2013
Taylor's Dance picture 2014
Taylor's first dance recital 2013
Rosy cheeks from playing outside in the snow!
Taylor got skis for Christmas, so this was her first ski lesson
Work Christmas party for the kids at Galaxyland with Daddy!
Santa at the kids Christmas party
Snowman family!
Family ski night at Snow Valley - she loved the chair lift!
Taylor's school Christmas Concert

Christmas! Enjoying snuggles with Grandpa!

This is what I found at the airport when I returned from my trip to India!
Cruising in the back yard with her Ruby in tow
Travelling zoo birthday party!
Travelling Zoo Birthday party...ewww!
Travelling Zoo birthday party!
Broken arm!  Fell off the monkey bars on her last day of daycare before moving to Sherwood Park
First time having a bubble tea slushy, yum!
Family Fun Day at Galaxyland!
First day of golf lessons with Nana and Grandpa!
Feeding strange animals at the Kangaroo Zoo in Kelowna

Holding a baby Kangaroo!

Feeding a kangaroo!

Go Karts in Kelowna! She loved it!

Holding animals at Kangaroo Zoo in Kelowna

Beach day in Kelowna!

MooLix Ice cream in Kelowna! Always so yummy!

Enjoying our boat day in Kelowna!

Tube rides with her cousins in Kelowna!

Helping Daddy drive the boat in Kelowna

Sitting on the Ogopogo Monster in Kelowna
Always loving her puppy Ruby!
Taylor's 6th Birthday cake!
Splatter Party at 4 Cats Art Studio for her birthday party! Messy and Fun!