Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taylor had chemo today

Well Mindy and Taylor went in for chemo yesterday, but did not get the chemo until today. Taylor looks great. Apparently she was a bit of a handful today as she wanted to be held or with Mindy ALL DAY so Mindy would have to put her in the stroller and take her to the bathroom with her.LOL

Taylor has found a new fun toy. There is a little push car she can sit on and you take her for a stroll. She bounces around in her seat, puts her leg up and yells out or grunts when you stop and she wants to keep moving.LOL She has kept up to being a "smile slut" as she just blinks her big blue eyes and gives her 2 tooth smile to anyone walking by that glances at her. Of course everyone comments on how lovely she is, so I guess she is only living up to what everyone else thinks.LOL

Mindy is good. A bit tired, but they will be out probably tomorrow morning. So have a great weekend and enjoy the lovely sun that we have!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Woot, Woot another clear MRI!!!!

Yeah so the news is in, the MRI was clear. There were some spots Mindy said, but the Doctors feel they are blood left from the original surgery. So celebrate good times!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Taylor had her MRI today


Sorry I guess I should have posted before this, but Taylor had her MRI. Everything went well. I will let you know when the results come in. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So far so good!

Well, Taylor and I left the hospital on Thursday and Taylor wasn't feeling great, but we really wanted to get out of there. She is doing much better now, eating up a storm and not tossing her cookies anymore. Her hearing test came back normal, so that's good. Regarding her Kidney test, it came back at 76, but that doesn't mean that her kidneys are only working 76% - it just means that the stuff they injected into her for the test didn't all clear in the 3 hour window - but there are alot of contributing they are still discussing how reliable these kidney tests are for her - as they didn't do a base line before chemo started...that could just be her norm...nothing to be worried about. All her bloodwork shows that her kidneys are just fine.

We had a great extra long weekend. Landon, his dad and his uncle Jim came over on Saturday and started to put our house back together - they got about half of the cedar up on the ceiling, which looks awesome! Taylor and I stayed at my moms, helped my sister host a baby shower on Saturday for my cousin Kristen and her sweet little baby Damien, and Leah and I went out on Saturday night for some girl time. I had 3 drinks and was feeling quite tipsy, so Leah took me home :)

Taylor has started scooting on her bum around the house, and likes pushing herself around backwards on the's amazing how fast they can travel. I posted some new pictures on Facebook and on the website for everyone.

We have Taylor's MRI on Friday May 22nd and if her blood counts are good, we will be going in for chemo again next Wednesday.

I hope everyone had a nice break over May Long, and hopefully all your gardens will bounce back after this lovely snowy weather.

Take care,

Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Thursday, May 14, 2009

They are out of the hospital

So Taylor had her chemo this week. Apparently they suffered the roommates from hell! Mindy is very happy to be out of there. Taylor is doing well. She had her kidney test, which shows her kidneys are working at 72% (I am not sure if it is 72 or 74), but MIndy feels that may because of a small formula glitch she had where she was not drinking very much before she came in, so please don't worry at this point. 

I will be sending out an e-mail regarding the "Walk for Kids with Cancer" as Grandpa Don reminded me that not everyone keeps up with the blog. So sorry I am not trying to harass you, well maybe a little, but I want to make sure everyone gets the information.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Okay so I am gonna start my harassment kidding, but kind of.LOL

Hello, So I have officially signed my family up for the "Walk for Kids with Cancer". It is on June 14th, 2009. It is a great cause as money will be donated to kids with cancer foundation...duh! My family is "Wishes for Taylor" and Mindy & Landon are just called the boring "Thiessen Team" wow you think they could be more creative.LOL I recommend coming out or doing a pledge to help raise money and awareness. There is a BBQ and you get a cool well you get to hang out with me & Mindy...."the cool kids" LMAO 

Anyhow, I was lucky to get out there to see them on Mother's Day. Taylor will probably go in this week if they have room. She did not go in last week as her counts were down. She was a bit crabby Mindy said (she seemed pretty good to me though) because she is "backed up". Hopefully she gets her pipes cleaned out so she feels better. 

Taylor has pretty much lost any hair she was born with, but no is springing up some fuzz on her noggin. Too cute. She looks so funny watching her "shows" (Baby Einstein & Treehouse) as she is so involved she smiles, talks and laughs with what is going on in the program. Too cute. I never realized kids could be that involved.LOL She hangs out in her excosaucer and jolly jumper or her little "mat/pillow play area".