Monday, August 22, 2011

MRI is done

Well Taylor had another MRI under her belt. Luckily Dr. Pugh her neurosurgeon was there and checked her scans. He says they look good to him, which is a HUGE relief. Of course other Doctor's will still be reviewing her scans, but I know Mindy and Landon are relieved not to have had to wait. Mindy said she could not sleep last night and Landon was a that probably would have continued if they had no feedback on the one thing I just can't help but put down here and maybe I'm moralizing, but forgive me, as I don't mean to offend. I hear so much in the news and people talking in general about the healthcare system and how bad the Doctor's are....I have personally had some most AMAZING doctors as well as all Taylor's doctor's. Dr. Pugh has always gone that extra mile for Taylor, so please if you hear anyone saying nasty stuff about these doctor's, nurses and other healthcare providers, remember there are sooo many more amazing ones than bad!

Wow sorry its been sooooo long!

Well hello everyone,

I am really sorry I have been so remiss about keeping up here. I am sure people would like to know what the heck is going on. It has been a hectic year for us...duh! But at the end of August last year we found out our father had Colon Cancer that had gone undiagnosed for a long time, which was now spread throughout his body. He was told he had a short time to live, but he battled through and passed away on June 21st of this year. It was a horrible thing to watch, but we are still trying to wrap our minds around this.

Mindy and Landon decided they had enough of beach living and put their house for sale and the have sold it, bought a new house in Edmonton. Taylor will have a nice new pink room. So they have been crazy busy as they had to do repairs to the house they were selling and now are trying to move all their belongings into storage containers as the possession date for their new home is 2 weeks plus after they have to be out of their house....ugh, its been pretty exhausting for them. So as Mindy jokes "we will be homeless for Taylor's birthday" LOL (September 10th).

Taylor has continued to be our miracle. I sit and ponder how crazy this has all been. It is so surreal to think
 of our lives and all that has happened over the last 3 years....OMG Taylor will be THREE!!! As many know or any who want to know you can go to the original blog posts to see our journey, just too hard for me to do that in this post, but after our last years horrible doomed MRI and diagnosis things have been "weird".

Why "weird"? Well prognosis for Taylor was dire to say the least, we faced such horror with the prospect of Taylor leaving us...quickly. Mindy and Landon had to face what that might look like...its too horrible to even continue, just want to try and put that past me as we always seem to reface the new upcoming MRI's (3 months is just so short, and comes too many times). Than we sent out our hearts to everyone, we pleaded for help, we shared our story, Taylor's story, and AMAZING things happened. My Mom says we must continue to believe it was a miracle, that we cannot deny what we have been given. Taylor after more tests were done, another MRI that followed that initial one came back clear.

Taylor was able to fulfill her wish list due to zoo many amazing people who lent Taylor, Mindy and Landon their support, love, prayers, wishes and hope. We have seen Taylor have continued clear MRI's but its these ones that near the beginning of the school year, the ones when she was first born that to me are the scariest, they seem to always wreak some havoc, show some sort of new growth in tumour. Taylor has her MRI tomorrow, August 22nd. We all are feeling dread as we always do, but for me its "the bad one", but I am going to accept the miracle and say its gotta be clear!

We have heard of some horrible losses  and complications from other cancer kids that have the same cancer as Taylor, we reach out our thoughts, prayers and hopes to them. If you are reading this please know we think of you all the time, you are never far from our thoughts.

So what is Taylor up to? Better questions is what does she not get up to...LOL Taylor is a tornado like none other. She seems so perfectly norma, so happy and strong you would never know by looking at her. Her scars generally do not show through her hair and the ones on her chest only show in bathing suits or sleeveless tops. Taylor seems to have no fear as she will jump at you at full speed, boundless energy, and a motor mouth! Taylor has become quite the little parrot, copying Landon apparently saying "HOLY CRAP"....the Thiessen's must watch for their potty mouths.LOL

Taylor has also been working on peeing on the potty, apparently she is probably fully potty trained! taylor is extremely proud of her peeing on the potty, she gets so happy when she talks about what a big girls she is, with "no accidents".LOL Yahoo. Taylor still enjoys bossing us all around, but I'm getting clever to this and trying to put my foot down! LOL The pictures I have added were from our trip to Kelowna this year. Weather was terrible and Taylor was on hyper-speed.LOL She tuckered us all out, my kids even were making suggestions that maybe we should consider taping her mouth shut so she would be quiet for awhile (horrible I know, but they weren't trying to be mean, they are just kids and Taylor is "normal" to them, and us). Taylor still busts a move whenever music plays, also she likes to sing along to the tunes.

Taylor is still smart as a whip, so you have to be careful what you say or do around her as she picks stuff up very quickly! She is so funny with her expressions of "hold on tight" "goodbye, see you later", etc. She can talk on the phone and tell you what she is up to and really can follow any of the questions you ask her and give you the right reply to the question. She recaps her day to you and all the people she has seen or what she may be about to do. Mindy says she has an uncanny knack of telling her who is calling when the phone rings, as well as knowing when its the day she goes to see Nana Roberta and Grandpa Don. Taylor still LOVES the water and taking baths....okay so I am blathering and will stop. I will try really hard to be better at updates, but we have been blessed with Taylor having a clear MRI now and seemingly good health, so I tend to forget to keep my updates (well and I have been crazy busy, but whatever, "excuses, excuses" as my husband always says to me.LOL)

Please don't forget to keep Taylor in your thoughts with prayers, wishes and hopes for another clear MRI! Love you all,
Leah (Taylor's Auntie)