Thursday, July 15, 2010

MRI is all clear!

Well it is official another clear MRI for Taylor! Yahoo

Taylor continues to astound all as she is thriving and developing normally. She is such a happy camper full of joy. She is talking and generally in her "outdoor" voice all the time.LOL She tornado's through a room, eats non stop. Just a perfect little angel!

Friday, July 2, 2010

It has been a really long time!

Well I am sorry I have completely forgotten to come on here and do an update. So sorry!

Taylor had her 6month MRI post radiation. Everything went as good as can be expected other han she was cranky due to hunger and being thirsty. Results will be thankfully given via phone next week as Mindy, Landon and Taylor's miracle nurse Claire is back at the hospital. We are heading to Kelowna tomorrow for our annual sister, kids vacation and so the wait probably would have been frustrating for Landon and Mindy!

Well I am super excited as I will have Taylor all week on our holiday and when her day home lady goes on vacation in 2 weeks! Yeah. So I will let you know how the MRI results are as soon as I know. Keep Taylor in your prayers and thoughts! We need hopes and wishes for our girl...

So how is Taylor lately some may wonder, well she is basically a walking tornado! LOL No she is cute as can be, her hair is coming in blonde. She is not talking a lot but you sure know what she wants. She is silly and full of energy, always on the go! She loves to help and is a great listener...well she knows what you want and generally listens! LOL

Okay so prayers, wishes, karma!