Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Date Night

Hi it is time for another update. 

Mindy went to the doctor today and all is well. Mindy looks healthy. Landon and Mindy will try again tomorrow for a date night so grandma Josie will be going out to look after Taylor.

Landon will be leaving this upcoming Wednesday for working in Ponoka, which is the same day Taylor has her second round of chemo. So hopefully all will be smooth. Taylor and Mindy will probably be in the hospital for a few days, depending on how Taylor does. I would like if everyone had a chance to go on Facebook and read my brothers write up on Mindy and LAndon. It is beautiful. You need to go on the Facebook's group "Pennies for Taylor, look at the discussions.

 I will try and get on soon with more info. but I am exhausted and need sleep. Have a great Halloween

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chemo cancelled for this week

Well as I have already mentioned, Mindy is sick. So I guess that caused Taylor's chemo to be rescheduled till next week. Yeah! I am glad as she has been having such a good week. The Pennies for Taylor is going awesome. I know we rolled $54 today...we ran out of papers. I also have a big jar of silver to count and roll. SO everything looks awesome.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Monday, Monday...

Well, as promised the shower results are in...I am amazingly sick and was a pretty crappy hostess, but in my favor everyone else was great. We had tons of food, tons of presents and tons of love. 

Taylor was a bit cranky after a wile, but it was probably over stimulation due to all the noise. Taylor has been having awesome sleeps. Yeah! and seems to be eating and pooping great. The nurse also let Mindy know that as long as Taylor has something that makes her happy in a day that is a good sign. Taylor loves these colorful fishes above her change table. So next time she is sick it is good that Mindy has a gage. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

DAte night not so hot!

Well, I guess Landon has the Flu, so no date night. Soon again I am sure they will go for one, but not yet.

My Mom says Taylor is smiling and cooing now or "talking" as per grandma.LOL Mom says she seems to back to normal now after the chemo, but we start again Wednesday for round 2. Glad that she gets some good days. She is eating like a horse (grandma may be over feeding her as she feeds her every hour Yikes!) and of course these feedings are followed by tremendous poops. Just so people are not wondering why I am so enthralled by the eating and pooping I should explain. When Taylor first gets chemo she feels sick. So Taylor does not want to eat. Not good. She usually is given anti-nausea medication. Next when she finally does eat, the morphine she gets for pain causes her to get constipated, which again causes pain and discomfort. So to help with the constipation she gets some stool softeners, which then cause gas, which again causes pain and discomfort. So you see it is a vicious circle for Taylor after chemo that causes her to not be a happy camper. She gets lots, and lots of meds.

So today is Taylors shower, so I will let yo know the details as they come in (well probably later)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

So tonight is date night...

I doubt I will get any steamy details to share with y'all about Mindy & Landon's date night.LOL Guess we better leave that one alone....

Anyhow, Mindy has taken Taylor to the stollery to check her blood, etc. Everything looks really good and she has a high  platelet count, above average so I think that means awesome!LOL I am so not good at keeping this stuff straight. Maybe over the next couple months I can become more "doctorly" or just plain better at relaying this information. Unfortunately it is a sieve as I could not talk with Mindy yesterday as I was teaching then had awards night, so I got this information from my Mom.LOL Mindy was tired so when I called she did not answer (it was late so to be expected for any sane person to not be up!). 

Also those who check this, but maybe not Facebook, there is a group created by the amazing Superwoman Barb Scully called Pennies for Taylor. It is an awesome way to keep connected for the penny drive as well as post happy comments to Mindy and Landon. I know many have no friggin' clue how to use this blog, so often most don't comment (pretty much everyone other than Edwina.LOL). I have my jar collection at school started that students all monitor. I bought my rolling papers today and promise to get my tally up ASAP. I also have my "Bras across the bridge" (Breast Cancer Fundraiser) ending at school and will let you know how we did. Remember its not to late to donate bras. There are lots of places you can drop them off. I had a parent approach me at Awards Night and thank me as her sister has been fighting Breast Cancer. We need to kill the Cancer Monster!

Okay enough of crazy me. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I will try and get Baby Shower Photo's up after.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Acts of Human Kindness

Hello everyone,

I just want to let everyone know how much support, love and caring we are all receiving. I hope everyone who reads this gives themselves a great big hug and everyone around them. We are all amazing!

I received a cheque for the trust fund today from Donna Moser. Donna is the aunt of a friend of Mindy's who heard about this. What amazing generosity. There are sooo many others doing this also, but I don't know everyones names, but you know who you are.

My students are gearing up for this penny drive. Everyday they keep bringing in their pennies. They are truly an amazing bunch of kids. I told them I would buy a pizza lunch or something for them for the class that raised the most (not that I want a contest, but can't pay for all of them.LOL). They were like "Mrs. Sacha, you don't have to reward us. You tell us what you need and will do it because we want to help!" Frigging they make me so happy. I told them that although they should do things because they want to, there was nothing wrong with rewarding them every now and then. They always work so hard.

So a big hug from me to all of you. I am a better person because of all of you.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sounds like Grannie Thiessen will be there the week after chemo

Hi,  I guess Grannie Thiessen will be staying at their house the week I was looking for help. Still may need some help but I will let you know.

Mindy has been a bit under the weather


Mindy got sick Monday and was in a lot of pain (NO PANICKING!!!). My mom went out and has been there for a couple of days. Mindy went to the hospital and was checked out. So that is good. I am not totally sure what it is yet. She had an ultrasound today and was there all day. Yuck! Anyways I am sure it is nothing super serious, but just needs to be looked at to get better.

Taylor has been much, much better. I was there last night watching my mom do some funky belly massage to try and help her get her bowels a moving.LOL She really seemed to be enjoying the massage. Then they gave her a bath...they had the fireplace going to try and make it warm for Taylor, as per grandma Josie.LOL Poor Mindy! She has a crazy mom and sister. Mom has tried to make sure Mindy & Landon are getting rest and Grannie Thiessen is also going to stay with Mindy for a few days for the same purpose. So yeah Super Grannies! Mindy and Landon are having a "date night" this coming Saturday which is awesome. 

Taylor's next chemo is on the 29th, which is a Wednesday. I need to get people to help Mindy out on the following week as it usually is draining. So if you have the energy, health and can handle doing a "baby take-over" (she is really unhappy so you need to be able to handle this), or can clean, do laundry, cook, whatever please let me know. It would be the first week of November. I will go out Sunday Nov. 2 (if they are out of the hospital) and possibly take the Monday off work (I will pretend I am sick so don't tell my work.LOL kidding). I will let you know who may also be going as I am unsure what days my mom might be there or Roberta or whoever else. I will try to get it up by Sunday, but I am thinking depending on how this goes we may need 24 hours to support the stress Mindy & Landon may have....kick them out of the house for a couple hours...take the doggies for a walk. Oh and talking dogs, that might be a good help too. Someone might like to just go out and take the dogs for a walk or give them some loving... I am rather enjoying how much they love me right now...sad I know, but awesome feeling to have soo much attention. LOL

Take care of yourselves,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Fundraiser to get things going


I received a most awesome idea from Barb Scully for a fundraiser that anyone could help with. Here is what Barb Scully said was a fundraiser her son did at school. You just have jars going and ask everyone you know to donate their pennies. "Nobody wants the damn things anyway."LOL I had stents last week talking about how they were considering minting $20 into coins.LOL

If anyone is interested just grab a jar (pickle jar, etc) and let everyone you know put a little blurb about Taylor on there. It can be at your desk at work, at home, etc...just start telling people. You can either roll them up yourself and deposit to Taylor's trust fund or (submit me to penny rolling torture LOL) drop them off to me, Mindy & Landon or whoever can get them to us. I have Barb already having 5 people who are committed to having a pickle jar. So lets commit via the comments or call me. I will post updates letting everyone know how much we are raising. Barb recommends ending this at the end of november.

Yeah! So lets get started!!!!

I am going to try and hope you can as well. 

Taylor is feeling better today

good news. Taylor has been reported to be doing much better today. She had a good sleep last night. She ate and pooped lots today. Hurray! Seems funny that is a good thing.LOL

Just so everyone knows the next chemo is on the 29th.

Trust Fund Now has Mindy & Landon on it


Just thought I should let everyone know that Mindy & Landon have been added to the trust fund account. So any cheques can be made out to any of the three of us. There have been generous donations from Landon's grannie & Linda, as well as Mindy's co-workers at work, Amanda & Lisa Merinsky (Mindy's cousins). Thanks to everyone.

Okay so Mindy got mad at me.LOL

Hi all, 

Apparently Mindy is concerned about me starting a panic. Sorry. I still do no take back that this is not good. They do need help and do take it, I feel it is not enough, but Mindy feels too much might be crazy. I still need weekly cleanings and laundry as well as some babysitting here and there. The months ahead will show if we need that increased. Please no more calling Mindy panicked as that is stressful.

Exhaustion is occurring

Hello All,

I really need to start getting arrangements down for who can go to Mindy's and do some cleaning, laundry or holding Taylor (even if Mindy must be forced to sleep & Landon). I was there yesterday and I am seeing the breaking down. I don't expect everyone to do it all, but if we all pitch in I believe life can be easier. I wish I could do it all, but I work full-time as a teacher (which means lots of OT) as well as have a 5 & 7 Year old, so I know the pressures we all have as most of you also share these pressures.

If I could get people who can give me concrete dates such as Tuesday night they can go do 3 loads of laundry etc, every week, second week, month, etc. that would be awesome. I will then make a calendar and send it out to those interested. So you would need to e-mail me you info. We can't plan the chemo as there is so many factors that can change dates, etc.

It is BAD. Do not listen to Mindy & Landon as they are trying to do more than is humanly possible. Taylor was very unhappy yesterday. All she did was cry and sleep maybe an hour, but only when held. This means that Mindy & Landon basically function on probably 3-4 hours sleep as Taylor is always in need of someone for comfort, etc. Now if your a parent or not, picture when you had your first baby and it slept sporadically and you were exhausted Now amplify that to never sleeps and screaming in pain 24/ were not getting the breaks you needed to continue. NOT A GOOD PICTURE!! 

Please send me your information how you can help and when. I will get the calendar out to you and keep you updated.

Friday, October 17, 2008

She has been sick


Well Taylor was sick the last two days. Apparently on Wednesday she was good all day, but by the evening things turned bad. She was throwing up a lot, not sleeping, etc. Yesterday was the same. My mom went to stay with Mindy as Landon is working nights. Mom said Taylor was really sick again, throwing up, and crying. Taylor did not want to be touched. Mindy was exhausted, but was able to get some sleep; however, she feels she may be getting sick! So what I need to know is if anyone could help by going during the days for a couple hours (not necessarily every day, but maybe twice or depending on how many people can go.) as Landon will be working nights again next week. Mindy is wearing down, which was my fear. If she gets sick this could be dangerous for Taylor.

I am also having Mindy's shower next week at my house. Most likely on Sunday. I will send out e-mails, but anyone who does not get one, it is only because I was unsure, but you are welcome to come.

Please let me know if you can help or are coming to the shower by either calling or e-mailing me:

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day after Chemo

Well things seem positive today as Mindy reports Taylor has only had minor irritation. She is super hungry and eating a lot...Mindy is tired.LOL She also has had her intravenous tubes, etc taken off so she is not hooked up to the machines. Yeah!

Mindy spent the day learning care after chemo, etc and will continue this evening. She will probably be able to go home tomorrow morning. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Chemo is done

Well today Taylor had her first chemo treatment. She seems "fine" however very hard to tell with a baby. Must say that it is very, very sad seeing her screaming and crying...again, not sure if it is chemo or normal baby? We are told that the "sickness" usually starts 24-48 hours after chemo. My Mom is going to stay with Mindy tomorrow night if she gets to take Taylor home. All I can say is when I walked in to the Oncology ward and heard her crying then saw her crying my heart just about died...I feel like we are torturing her even though I know all the magnificent doctors are trying desperately to save her life. Very difficult to be on the ward as the children look like they are so sad, so sick...I will try and figure out how I can help, do fundraisers, whatever may give the most good back.

I will touch base tomorrow if I learn anything new. As of today Landon was able to be there with Mindy, which was awesome. Both of them were amazing and strong! 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Update of the cycle of treatment

Well first I do not have very many details at this point. When I do get details I will post. 

It is a bit hard to get all this as Mindy and Landon really need time to wrap their minds around this so I am not pushing about details (please if you want information do not call and pester them. This blog is to let people know information so that Mindy and Landon do not have to tell everyone or call me!). All we need to know is as follows:

-chemo treatment begins this Tuesday October 14th. Mindy has to be at the hospital on Monday though. 
-they (MIndy & Taylor) should be only there for a day and then get 2 weeks at home until the next one.
-there will be a need to obviously watch her for immune system, etc. So when you are sick stay away or on the opposite side of the room and not touch her (I though am going to error on the side of caution and say "STAY AWAY"LOL only in the nicest of ways, I do not want to take any chances with Taylor)
-Mindy has learned how to do the broviak (horribly misspelled but again I will fix later)LOL. This is the tube that is in Taylor's body that can be used o take blood or to insert chemo into the blood system for treatments. Mindy will be required to keep it clean, but says she needs help doing it as it is quite the procedure of hand-washing, etc so someone needs to watch Taylor during this. At this point Landon will of course be there to help do this. It needs to be done 3 times a week and then if it is dirty, etc.

I think that is it for now. Again please leave Mindy and Landon alone right now. I will post and let everyone know when they are up to calls and visits. I think this first time will be difficult for the first few days, but it will get better. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I have set the trust account up now


The trust account for Taylor has finally been approved. I need to let anyone depositing money into this account know that there is NO TAX DEDUCTION. I also want people to know that if a cheque is written it needs to be made out to me: Leah Sacha, as I control the trust account until I can get Mindy and Landon down to the bank to add them onto the account.

So the account is at TD Canada trust. 
The transit Number is: 541
Account No. : 6317923

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What type of Cancer

SO they have said the cancer is called Araplastic Ependymoma that was located in the front left lobe. As of right now I have not heard of the doctors talking to Mindy about when they will start Chemo...chemo will follow as they do not want to chance a growth. I will update when I know more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taylor had her tubes inserted for Chemo and MRI & Spinal Tap done

Well today Taylor had the surgery to put her tubing in for chemo as well as take blood. The MRI seems somewhat positive as they really had to search for remaining cells...but there may be a little bit left. She may receive chemo tomorrow so I will update that when I know. The Spinal tap was to see if there were any cells in her spine. We will not get results for a couple of days. Mindy and Taylor were troopers today and all seems well at this point.

I have gone in to see about a trust fund, but it is not fully set up. I may need to prove Taylor is in fact "sick" but this is a formality.

Keep the prayers going.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Well we have another loop to the drama


Mindy went to the Neurosurgeon appointment on thursday (yesterday Oct 2, 2008).  Now they ae unsure as to whether it is the cancer they thought it was...seems it may be even more rare as they do not seem to know what it is only that it is extremely aggressive (meaning it will continue to grow and spread). So again a bit of a standstill as to what they will do next. This upcoming Tuesday they have a MRI scheduled as well as a spinal tap to check to see if there is cancer cells, are they growing, etc.

So at this point they will still install the tubes via surgery, but are unsure whether they will proceed with chemo(tubes will make it easier to draw blood as babies have such small veins)...they do not want to do radiation at a year either. So the neurosurgeon at this point seems to be saying he would rather monitor growth and then surgically remove it, than to proceed with chemo (he does not like the idea of giving her chemo basically). If they find some cells, etc on Tuesday he will then decide whether to proceed with surgery to see if he can get the rest or wait and watch grow, etc....we just will not know till tuesday what will come next. Mindy is taking this very, very well so do not worry. As she see's it we need to wait to find out before jumping all over getting upset. Remember this is Dr.McDreamy so she may have been lost in his eyes.Kidding! Must stay happy and I am not going crazy, not yet at least!

Apparently Taylor may be a "poster child" due to the rarity of the cancer and her age. So on the bright side she is a celebrity; therefore she should get the best care. Mindy says she really enjoys getting out and seeing people as well as calls so don't be scared to bug her...I will let you know when she is off limits.LOL Kidding, but I will let you know if she needs space. Depending on Tuesdays results they could be in the hospital anywhere from Tuesday-wednesday evening or Tuesday-Saturday morning. So I will keep you posted.