Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are hanging in there

As many of you know, we have been fighting various cold and flu bugs for the past 4-6 weeks...and now Taylor has a bug again!

We are happy that Nana Roberta and Grandpa Don are back from their holidays to Florida, as Taylor sure missed them, and I sure missed having a backup for childcare.

Things have been busy, my brother Clayton and his wife and kids came to Edmonton to visit our dad who is also dealing with cancer, but he is at the end of his fight, so they came up for one last visit. It was great to see them, as we haven't seen them since last summer, and plan to spend two weeks holidaying in Kelowna with them again this summer. Too bad we were all sick - they ended up getting sick when they got back home!

Taylor has been chatting up a storm - she copies almost everything we say, and says many full sentences, and has no problem communicating what she wants, needs, likes, and clearly dislikes! She has been LOVING shopping (I think she gets this from her mommy and aunty) and loves playing with other kids. She is still going to the same day home, which has become our extended family, and she loves everyone there. She talks about her days when I pick her up, and she is always so excited to go home and see daddy and Ruby. It is quite a delight for her to be able to communicate with us, and have conversations. She is such a smart and clever girl, it is amazing that she hasn't suffered any difficulties in the learning department so far...lets hope it continues to go so well.

Taylor's next MRI is May 27, with the results meeting June 2. I am going on a girls trip to Vegas at the end of April, and Landon has been able to head to the mountains for two sled trips this year, so we have been very lucky to have things just be normal for the time being.

We have lots of work to do around the house this year, so it will be a busy spring/summer as it always is...lets hope we get to have some fun too.

Love you all, and we continue to receive many messages of hope and prayers for our little girl, so thank you for always keeping us in your thoughts!
Taylor snuggling on Ruby while playing on her leapfrog gameboy toy

Just hanging out watching some tv in her pajamas

Modeling her hat from our friend Crystal (Dixie Clips) that has a special gold cancer symbol on it in the bow - so cute!

Mindy, Landon & Taylor