Sunday, November 9, 2008

So they seem to play with us being a bit hypochondriac like

Howdy All, Greetings from Mindy and Taylor

So after yesterday's panic about Taylor being dehydrated I settled in this morning with Taylor so Mindy could sleep. We had an awesome morning and she had some extra snoozes. Then We hung out through the early afternoon till we had to change her dressing from the new Broviac tube surgery. Well Mindy was a bit panicked as she had these sores all we got prepared to race off to the hospital again, but Mindy called the doctor first. The Doctor says she probably is just reacting to the iodine in the liquid adhesive swab removers. Apparently this is common. SO we head to the hospital tomorrow for a double check. LOL We were a bit nervous thinking if luck continued the way it has been she could have flesh eating disease now.SOrry not really funny but we were distressed at the time.

Taylor though was amazing for most of the day. She had a bit of a tantrum tonight screaming but we feel it was overstimulation due to her behavior. She eventually calmed down or passed out from no more energy, who cares as long as she finally passed out.LOL We did dope her up with codeine so that was interesting other than Mindy figures she slobbered it over her.LOL

We did some penny rolling tonight using my kids as sweatshop labour...there may not be a full 50 in every roll...LOL that is the banks job. We rolled $52 tonight and have $107.50 in all thus far without counting the silver...that job is for tomorrow. So I am signing off waiting for Mindy to make me some Nacho's...hope she is not a stingy cheese user.LOL

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