Wednesday, December 31, 2008


hello all,

Well Mindy and Landon had a nice "PG" date in that they went during the day.LOL saw a movie and had a late lunch.LOL Guess that is what old married folks do! LMAO

Anyhow so the bestest part was I got Tylor all to myself....and my kids of course. 

So a precursor to this is that Taylor has been a bit "funny" to others...if you not Mindy or Landon than you just ain't the right person. She FREAKS!!!LOL so this was what happened a little while ago when Mindy stayed at my Mom's and went out with the girls....remember when I wrote about Mindy meeting up with Eva, Lindsey, Lorna, et.all?  Well that was the night Grandma got to babysit. Anyhow, apparently Taylor FREAKED! She screamed the whole time, etc. Mom thought she was like the baby from "The Incredibles" because as soon as Mindy came home she was all angelic.LOL

Okay so keep this in mind when thinking about my potential "visit". So Mindy and Landon came (My mom called about a half hour before this knowing I was to be looking after her, so she was "checking" on me.LOL). Okay so they are here I take Taylor from holding her....everything is fine (Apparently she saw grandma Roberta and even with Mindy there she was being a bit of a Tyrant...poor Roberta cause when she is a tyrant, she is a TYRANT!!) 

Okay so she is good. They walk out the door. WE ARE ALONE! Well as soon as they pulled out of my drive way I am sure she started screaming at the top of her lungs....tears....stiff body! 

Now I am a mother so I know this ain't good, but I am strong, not nervous (...well maybe a little after watching Taylor do the "I will turn my head so I don't have to see that Mommy and Daddy are not the ones holding me" look. She does this even if Landon and Mindy are in the vicinity.LOL she is soooo smart).

Okay so I do her special walk ( you have to hold her just sooo and then bounce just soooo as you also keep the soother in with your other third arm.LOL)....nothing is working. 

I check that I am "calm" not going to let her think I am scared...I am not! Okay so what to try next....DRUGS!!! Okay so I wimped out a bit. I gave her a tad of codeine (Now remember Mindy said I could, and told me about in case she was inconsolable...which she seemed as I did not seem to be a person she felt particularly close with). 

HMMM, so she was still crying (obviously). So parenting 101 says "leave child in a safe place so that you don't get freaky and so something stupid" .  I certainly did not feel that way, but sometimes a child needs space. Taylor seemed freaked as I was a stranger to her, so I figured that she could use some time to calm by herself....she did and very, very quickly. I was just a hop away (actually standing and watching her, but she could not see me cause she is a friggin baby.LOL)

So guess what I found? She did not want to be held! Chemo must have given her back pain because as soon as she calmed and I went in front of her she was fine. Smiling, etc. then after awhile I picked her up, same thing! In the end she was happy with us entertaining her, but NOT HOLDING her. She then got sleepy so I did feed her (holding her) and then rocked her to sleep. She slept 2 hours woke up, fed her (No crying) . 

So she was really good. My mom continued to check, but all was well so YEAH I am the most amazing babysitter in the world!!! 

We did have an awesome time.LOL...Bet you didn't think it would end like that.LOL


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

More Awesome news


Taylor received chemo yesterday December 23rd as scheduled. But the great news came today when she was released! Yeah she does get to be home for her first Christmas!

We will have to wait and see how this goes to see how well she is feeling, but at least she does not have to be in the hospital! Hurray. So tonight I think she is at LAndon's Dad and Roberta's. If all goes well she may be at my house tomorrow....if so I will try and get some pics and post some new pictures on the site.

I hope all you are having a great Christmas. I know I have had all my wishes granted and dreams do come true. I am awaiting Santa...cookies and milk are on the table with a note from my kids....


Friday, December 19, 2008

Sorry I have been busy, busy, but I have Great News!!!


Christmas is upon us all. I have been away every evening at Christmas concerts as well as union meetings...ugh!

Anyhow Landon got home yesterday! The plant had a huge breakdown which was awesome as he got to come home early!!! Yeah. Mindy is super happy, LAndon is super happy and Taylor learned a new sound...the squeal.LOL

Anyhow today was Taylor's 3 month MRI.( It hit me like a ton of bricks as I drove to work. I never felt such fear as I did this morning...I had a little cry and then another during the day, but I am so happy to report the news. ) Taylor's MRI came back CLEAR!!! Both her head and spine...I have received my christmas wish. I am so elated I am beyond words, comprehension. It may not be over but at least we can all enjoy this moment of happiness.

God Bless us ALL!!
Keep up your prayers, wishes, and dreams coming...they are working!!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Busy, busy

Taylor went in for Chemo this week. She is okay, but is very nauseous. 

Thanks Lindsey for looking after the dogs! 

I was at Mindy's yesterday as I needed to help her get the doggies home. I figured i might as well stay. Mom is out there tonight as she took Monday off. So Mindy should be okay. I know she is hoping this week she might take Taylor to Grandpa Don and Grandma Roberta for some TLC so Mindy can shop. Landon will be back soon...Friday and gets to stay home for 2 weeks, which will be awesome.

Taylor may be in for Chemo for Christmas as I guess they are getting super busy in the Oncology ward. SO if Taylor's blood counts are good she will be back in for chemo on the 23rd.YUCK!!!! 

My wish for Taylor is that she has a clear MRI with no cancer growth and because of that they will postpone chemo till the New Year so that she can have a friggin' break for Christmas!

All of you who have not sent me your Christmas wish for Taylor NEED TO GET THAT TO ME!!!!I will try and publish it in January, so you still have a bit of time, but don't let that be your procrastination card.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taylor did get chemo today


Taylor did get the very last bed. Apparently it is super busy. They sent all other patients away. Mindy got the luxury suite...all by herself with their own bathroom.LOL Funny how simple things can be so exciting.

Taylors blood counts are awesome, just about up to her normal levels. This chemo has the side effect of extreme nausea...this should be fun. Anyhow she looks great, Mindy looks great and had a good birthday!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mindy's Birthday tomorrow and Taylor's Chemo


Well Mindy has her birthday tomorrow (Dec.10) as well Taylor goes in for chemo. Mindy came into town today to have dinner with some friends (Eva, Lindsey, Lorna..sorry if I forgot someone, I forgot duh!LOL). Taylor is amazingly different to me. I think it has been a good week and a half since I saw her last. She seems even cuter as well as gaining way more control over her motor skills...holding her head stronger as well as body and better hand coordination. Mindy fears she may be teething or beginning as she tends to like to chomp down with her little gums. LOL Breast Feeding may end early...LOL

Taylor's counts have been awesome, which is great so that means that the last cycle of chemo shouldn't effect her counts in the future. Yeah! As well she has a diaper rash that does not seem to be going away. So they may postpone the chemo for a week if they think it is bad. She has been using Pampers so Mindy may need to switch to Huggies as maybe it is the chemicals. I laughed and told Mindy she better watch out or maybe Taylor and her sensitive skin may have to have old fashioned cloth diapers...I shouldn't be so cruel.LOL 

SO I will keep you updated on tomorrows events at some point. I will be at the hospital later if they go in as we are gonna have some favourite! 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Experiencing withdrawls

I am missing my Taylor. I have not seen her for a long, long, long time...just about 2 weeks I believe. Anyhow, Mindy says Taylor is doing great! Eating lots, smiling at her Daddy, counts are coming up. So she may be going in for her next chemo on Wednesday...Monday she will get blood work and then we will know.

Mindy is going to a "gala" not sure exactly for, but I think the Stollery. So very exciting she gets to talk to adults all night.LOL

Danielle and Benjamin went to stay with Mindy and Taylor for a night. Mindy says Taylor was very intrigued with Benjamin.LOL Maybe her future boyfriend.LMAO Anyhow, I hope she gets their pictures up so we can all enjoy.

Mindy and Landon are doing christmas decorations this evening....seeing as they have caught the christmas bug. So remember (me demanding ever so nicely) that if you have not given me Taylor's Christmas wish from you, I am still waiting....very impatiently.LOL

Thanks all, Have an awesome Christmas Season or just a great season.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beginning Christmas Wishes...

Thanks to Barb who is first to submit a Christmas wish for Taylor...
 Check out Mindy and Landon's pictures on their website as they have new Taylor pictures...she looks fatter.LOL She is too friggin cute.LOL

Last Couple of Days

Hello All,

Mindy and Landon have had a great couple of days together. Yeah! Everyone had a bath yesterday...dogs, Taylor, Mindy & Landon.LOL I asked if they went in that order and shared the water like the good old days, but apparently not.LOL

I am still waiting for Christmas Wishes for taylor. They don't have to be long. I really am hoping for pictures as well. Please take the time to do this as I know Mindy was wanting to do one, so I am beating her to the punch.

Also I have not completed my count for "Pennies for Taylor" but will post when I get it done.

Landon leaves again today for work and will be back next weekend. Danielle may go stay with Mindy this week for a few days with Benjamin (Danielle's little guy who is a few weeks older than Taylor...maybe a future beau? LOL).

23 more days till Christmas!