Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Can You Do To Help:

Hello Everyone,

I know Taylor Thiessen has received so much love and prayers throughout these first 17 days of her life. Taylor has been diagnosed with a rare brain cancer that also effects the spinal area. I am not "fully" educated on all the details as of yet, but when I find out I will post. So Taylor will begin by receiving this first year chemo treatment every 2 weeks, followed by MRI's every 6-8 weeks. It will be tough and we need to share all our strength and positive energy with Mindy, Landon & Taylor in what comes this year and possibly longer.

My idea of helping is to try and take some of the workload and stresses everyday life will have on Mindy and Landon so that they may put all energy in to Taylor.

I know how many of you want to help, so I am going to try and co-ordinate this for Mindy and Landon. Anyone, who wants to be responsible for anything I might put below is welcome to contact me via the blog, e-mail or phone. I will let my profile come up in information.

Okay I do need to figure out how to get a calendar or something on here to organize better but bear with me. Here are some idea's to help, please add anything you come up with:

1. Food-it is difficult to make food and deal with baby, etc. I hope I can get some volunteers to continue to supply cooked meals for them that can be frozen or eaten right away. It is important that they are eating healthy as Mindy is breast-feeding and they MUST NOT GET SICK as Taylor cannot be exposed to illness during treatment especially when her platelets are down.

2. Shopping-they will more than likely not have a lot of time to do
shopping so if people could pick stuff up for them and take it to them this would be awesome.

3. Laundry- we all know laundry is a must, especially with a baby. Not sure if she will have vomiting etc due to treatment and therefore will need to be changed regularly as well as bedding

4. Cleaning House-I would like to try to minimum get her house cleaned top to bottom every week. A few people can make this happen fast so we do not inconvenience them as well as keep the area clean for Taylor who will need a clean environment

5. Dog Sitting-at times they may need care for the dogs. We will try and make sure this does not happen, but good to know if we have a "plan b" 

6. Extra: clothing, bedding, diapers, wipes, etc for Taylor as she may get sick a lot and then laundry becomes a huge issue. More of this stuff means they can just leave laundry if they have a lot of extra supplies. 

7. Money-we may need to try and donate to a "slush" fund so that if Landon needs to take time, or if Mindy cannot return to work immediately they have some extra cash. My idea is that if we start now when it is probably not as big an issue that we can slowly develop a sizable amount in case of dire circumstances. If it is not used by them they can convert it to her education fund. People do not need to donate a lot, but more people donating small amounts adds up quickly. I don't want this to be "money grubbing", but being prepared I feel it necessary to consider economics.

8. Donate Blood or money to Stollery- This is more an aside, but Taylor will probably get transfusions and the only way these beautiful children, babies, and adults survive is by people who donate...

Okay so please let me know

Leah Sacha
Hm: (780)467-9988
cell: (780)695-5550
Address: 707 Wellington Lane Sherwood Park (in case you need to drop something off for me to take to Mindy)


constance Thiessen said...

hey its constance! My hugs, kisses thoughts and prayers are with you. Mom and i made a stew which i will be bringing over tomorrow. And i am going to get some extras things you may need for tomorrow. xoxox

Unknown said...

Hi Mindy, Landon & Taylor
I am your long lost Aunti Ruth.
I have been following this blog via Lindsey. I have also put Taylor on my Ride to Conquer Cancer site. She is the main reson I decided to quit smoking and do this ride, for taylor and all the other children like her. I also want to be around to see all of my grandchildren when they get here.
Well hope all is well today. Ileave for Calgary on Friday its suppose to be nice weather.
Taylor will be in my heart and she will give me the strength to complete this epic jouney.
Your anuti Ruth