Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I am so sorry, I completely forgot to post on here that Taylor's MRI Results came back clear! The appointment on June 2nd went as smooth as we had hoped. The endocrinologist (hormone/growth doctor) that has been following Taylor said she is keeping up and is totally normal on that side of things. The only thing he suspects may be a side effect from the Radiation Therapy is that she won't be overly tall...which we already knew based on our family stature, that she didn't have a chance as a basket ball player to begin with! They said she won't be noticeably small, just a little shorter than she could have been.

The Radiation Oncologists are very happy that things are still clear, and that she is growing and living a normal life, the Neurosurgeon's (Dr. Pugh & team) were overjoyed to see how happy and full of life she is - and how perfect she really is considering all of the odds against her. She is such a miracle!

The Pediatric Oncologist (Dr. Wilson) almost cried when she seen how big she is getting and how much she is talking and just being completely unaffected by everything she has been through so far. Our nurse Clare and Dr. Wilson have been involved with Taylor since she was a newborn...so I could imagine only seeing her every three months now, how much things change.

There was no need to see the speech and language pathologist as she is talking up a storm and communicating very clearly. The neuropsychologist wasn't around, but once Taylor is 3 and we are considering playschool or those types of things, we will likely look at ensuring she has some assistance to make sure she doesn't start falling too far behind the pack. I can't imagine this girl that we have right now ever falling behind the pack since she is so intuitive and quick at figuring things out...but they are preparing us for what the statistics say will happen, so we won't worry about it for now...just keep it as a distant possibility :)

We are going to continue the MRIs every 3 months until we cross the two years post treatment - which will be in two or three more scans. So for now, we are just going to enjoy our summer and our fabulous little girl!

Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers as they are WORKING!!!!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor


P.S. I will try to remember to post some new pictures soon!