Saturday, December 6, 2008

Experiencing withdrawls

I am missing my Taylor. I have not seen her for a long, long, long time...just about 2 weeks I believe. Anyhow, Mindy says Taylor is doing great! Eating lots, smiling at her Daddy, counts are coming up. So she may be going in for her next chemo on Wednesday...Monday she will get blood work and then we will know.

Mindy is going to a "gala" not sure exactly for, but I think the Stollery. So very exciting she gets to talk to adults all night.LOL

Danielle and Benjamin went to stay with Mindy and Taylor for a night. Mindy says Taylor was very intrigued with Benjamin.LOL Maybe her future boyfriend.LMAO Anyhow, I hope she gets their pictures up so we can all enjoy.

Mindy and Landon are doing christmas decorations this evening....seeing as they have caught the christmas bug. So remember (me demanding ever so nicely) that if you have not given me Taylor's Christmas wish from you, I am still waiting....very impatiently.LOL

Thanks all, Have an awesome Christmas Season or just a great season.

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