Friday, October 7, 2016

Time Flies by, but Fight Still Remains

Taylor is 8 years old! Taylor looks and acts like any other 8 year-old, but that seems to be a problem. Taylor has some significant issues but they are not all easy to diagnose, or to find answers or solutions for as we are still learning so much and trying to help her where we can. 

What I have found really bizarre about this journey is that you keep learning new things, you keep encountering barriers along the way, and you keep fighting for a child's one tells you, no maybe thats not true, its you can't truly be prepared or truly "get" whats coming once you manage to beat the cancer, the sick days, the surgeries.

We have been given a miracle, we have been given time with Taylor that did not seem possible- was not predicted. I am not going to lie to you, Taylor is so AMAZING, so sweet, so smart. We are truly blessed. 

What is coming next, or has been happening is Taylor in school. We are beginning to see all the predicted outcomes of Taylor's missing side of her brain, effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. It is really hard to watch Taylor struggle. It is really hard to watch Taylor feel "stupid", and to try to hurt herself when these feelings make her feel so low. Of course we are talking about this to everyone we can to get advice, supports in place and whatever we can to help her feel strong, powerful and smart. We are again blessed by the AMAZING people at the Stollery, Kids with Cancer Society, Dr. Witol, Toby Scott, all these super wonderful people who try to show us how to light a path for Taylor.