Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Broviac done

Hi, So the Broviac was taken out as it twisted and she had a new one put in. She is sore, but getting "doped" up.LOL Hopefully she won't need too much of the morphine. She was a bit cranky as she could not eat before surgery, which happened late (four o'clock) and did not eat since 2:30am. She was very, very happy when she did get to eat.

Chemo may start tonight, but we will see. They need to make sure she is hydrated as it would hurt her kidneys and liver. The doctors are changing some of her drug dosages for constipation, etc so hopefully we can figure out how to best make her comfortable during this time. Not sure when Mindy will be out, maybe tomorrow, but Mindy doubts their promises.LOL

As a side note, I need to know if anyone has or knows of a business that could be used as a drop off place for "Pennies for Taylor"? Barb has 2 Benjamin Moore locations(west end and spruce grove...I think), but probably good to have more. So please let me know if you know of anyone willing. I have been getting many raided piggy banks, which is awesome.

Okay so say your prayers tonight for Taylor. She is doing AMAZING thus far. She is a nice plump baby (just about 12 pounds) and pink. Just amazingly perfect!

Sending my wishes you all have a goodnight.

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