Thursday, December 16, 2010

MRI Results...official!

Well although everyone may know from my prior posts that Taylor's last MRI was clear, however their official meeting was today. Basically what they told them (Mindy and Landon) was that they see NOTHING in this flags, etc. Everything was perfect, not even a smudge on the MRI! Hurray. Speech Pathologist thinks she is doing great and the Neuro-Psychologist was amazed at how "grown-up" she is. Of course everyone was in love with her and sung her praises....but she is pretty darn awesome.

So I have not had a chance to ask Mindy fifty thousand questions...I will though and hopefully update you. I still want to find out about their action plan on MRI's...will they be extended to 6 months, or do they still have to be done every 3 months? I also wanted to know what they thought about taking her to either St.Jude's in the USA or to Toronto where there are some "expert" on her form of cancer (it is still not big where knowledge is concerned, but maybe they would have some insight?) I also worry about any signs that may signal growth, etc. Taylor now getting a tad older, at her whopping 2 years of age, is a bit easier to read some signals in behaviour in relation to "normal". I think there are always questions.

I am just so thankful. Taylor has gotten to go on her wish vacation, she has pretty much completed her wish list, thanks to all her supporters, angels here on earth. I get to babysit this Saturday...apparently she can be a tyrant, so I may relive my babysitting her when she was 6 months old playing strange...LMAO.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

They are home!

Well yesterday Mindy, Landon and Taylor all returned from their journey. It was a long trip home, layovers, etc. Mindy was back at work today. Hopefully I will get some news or more stories to share when I see her this weekend.

Thanks to the tremendous support of everyone who made Taylor's wish come true! It is so phenomenal that everyone has reached out and helped touch Taylor's life!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Day in SanDiego

Well, we had a pretty uneventful day yesterday, we have been so tired and Taylor has been a bit of a tyrant as we have been kind of looking forward to coming home.

We found a new suitcase to bring home all of our goodies, checked out a marshall's and a Target and ended up finding a little shop that sells bags and purses and luggage for SUPER cheap! Went shopping at fashion valley mall...a bit out of our price range...all designer stores with a few others like gap, banana republic, etc thrown in the mix. Landon wouldn't let me go to Macy's or blooming dales for fear of what I might find! There were lots of shops I could have shopped in if I was rich...but alas...that isn't in my cards!

So we decided to just watch toy story 2 and ordered a was a very lazy day!

So today we made sure to get up a bit earlier, had our breakfast and headed down to the beach to put our toes in the ocean and play in the sand, it was a great start to the day! Taylor was scared of the water every time it would come up she would cry or run away if she was too funny! The water was absolutely freezing!!!

So after the beach we took some showers and headed out on an adventure to the safari park! We kept getting lost as the signage was terrible and there were too many paths, but we eventually found our way to the safari tour of Africa! It was totally worth the trip...a 30 minute tour through the open park was pretty cool!

So we headed home and Taylor had a great nap, we decided to lay low for the night...massages are tonight and then maybe a soak in the pool and packing up for our journey home tomorrow!

Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! Landon will pick up our dog Ruby from our friends Brenda and Faye on Thursday, and my birthday is on Friday!

See you all soon!!! This will be our last post for a while!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 7 SanDiego

So this morning we did our continental breakfast at the hotel and then headed out for the day's adventure...Sea world!

It was a quiet day there thank goodness, and we got around fairly quickly, although the show times were quite spread out over the day...if we missed an early show, the others weren't until the end of the day...we thought we could make it...but Taylor was grumpy and we were exhausted by about 3:30.

We watched the shamu show which was fantastic...brought back all my memories as a child and sitting in the splash zone and getting soaked! We decided to play it safe and sit up in the higher stands...a very good choice considering the cooler weather.

We also got to play with some dolphins, pet some star fish and sea urchins, fed and pet some manta reys which was super cool! We fed some sea lions, and Landon got swindled by a pelican...those guys are aggressive around the sea lions feeding area...they kept swooping around us trying to steal our fishes for the sea lions!!!!

We did a few more tours and had lunch, but packed it in and came back to the hotel for a nap. Our room was being cleaned, so we decided to take a walk out on the sea wall, and we booked ourselves some massages for Tuesday evening! Landon has never had a massage before...and his back is killing him from carrying taylor on his shoulders all the time and carrying all our stuff!

So we had a nap and set out on an adventure to find supper...the place we wanted to go to turned out to be more of a pub, so we tried to find another place...found was okay, nothing fabulous...but whatever!

So we moseyed back to the hotel and decided to go swimming. It was nice and sheltered, and Taylor had so much fun jumping off the edge of the pool into our arms, we finished things off with the hot tub and showers for the family and bed time.

Taylor is flopping around in her bed talking to herself as we watch a movie on the tv...planning on going to the safari park tomorrow and maybe hitting the beach for a bit!

Love you all, see you in a few days!
Mindy,Landon & Taylor

San Diego Day 6

Well, today was pretty casual...we crawled out of bed and went for breakfast...conveniently located right next-door to our room! Then we decided to go for a dip in the pool and sent Taylor for a nap.

Landon sent me to the front desk to find out how much it would be for a rental cab, or how much it would be to get to the various sites we want to visit...and I ended up signing us up For a rental car for 4 days! Lmao

So Landon went with the agent from enterprise to fill out the paperwork and I figured out where we were going to spend the rest of the day!

So...Landon came back, we decide to head to Las America's outlet centre at the Mexico border...literally we could have thrown rocks over the 30 foot High barb wire fences and huge metal gates! LMFAO Landon was wondering what I had gotten us into!!! We were clearly not from around there...population of Latin/Mexican/Spanish type folks was considerably higher than any other nationalities...the people at mcdonalds barely spoke English :). It was fun though and everyone was friendly! There was actually staff in the stores and they were working and friendly and helpful...weird! Like the good old days!

So we headed home after what seemed like the longest day of shopping ever! We didn't even hit half of the stores I am sure...but we spent enough money and were tired!

Stopped at the cvs pharmacy again...Landon needed some icy hot back cream and we needed to grab some Taylor snacks...Landon had a good chat with a homeless man while waiting in the car with Taylor as she napped in the back...he was telling landon how nice canadians are, and that the women are amazing and nice...not like the glorified prostitutes down here lmfao...and that the cops are CRAZY...he he...anyway, landon told me to jump in the car and locked the doors x

So anyway, Landon told me to hurry and get in the car and he locked the doors and we drove two seconds to the gas It was very dramatic lol

So...there are some very strange people around here...lots of people that look nuts!

We ended up just ordering pizza in our room instead of going out for supper...too tired! I totally forgot to ask for plates or napkins...and we have NOTHING but Kleenex in our room that was interesting...

Anyway, can you put some feelers out to see if anyone knows how we should send stuff home...we clearly don't have enough room in our suitcases...

Love you lots, tomorrow I think will be sea world or the zoo...not sure yet!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

San Diego Day 5

Well today was alright...felt rushed and a bit off for whatever reason...

We started off with a quick breakfast at the hotel and then jumped in a cab to the train station.

Okay, so the train station was icky to say the least...somewhat greyhound downtown station comparable. We had to move stuff around in our suitcases as there was a 50 lb limit per bag and we had so much crap from all the shopping, so that was fun!!! Opening out bags on the floor to pack stuff in lighter bags and the stroller bag...we were those people! LMAO

So we set off on the train...kind of like an airplane style seating with more leg room, but smelled funky and had no air circulation. Taylor was due for a nap, but wouldn't sit still and turned into tantrum Taylor...not listening, running around, crying and having hissy say the least, it was the longest 2 plus hours of our lives! There was also a group of moms with toddlers going to a petting zoo and they were extremely annoying to listen to...omg thought we would strangle them if they didn't get off the train when they did!

So we got to San Diego around 12:30 pm and grabbed a cab to our hotel. The hotel is amazing!!! Very classy! Our hotel room is on the main floor with our patio doors leading out to the pool and the gates to the sea wall paths. We can see the ocean from our room and just a few steps away there is a lookout point and stairs down to the water and beach...Landon is sending pictures!

So we decided it was time for Taylor to have a nap...she was sooooo overtired and cranky...and didn't go down for a nap without a fight! We were all exhausted and grumpy, so the nap was much needed!

Once we woke up and got ourselves together, we got some restaurant advice from the front desk, and headed out for the night! We had a lovely meal at "world famous" a restaurant with an ocean view...although it was pretty chilly out, so we stayed inside.

Hit a Starbucks and a cvs pharmacy/liquor store for some snacks on the way home...had to laugh, as we walked in the door to cvs and among the snacks and cleaning products...think shoppers drug Mart...there are displays of liquor throughout the weird! finally made sense to us why there were so many rowdy people out and about some sketchy was Friday night in a "white ave" type area of San Diego...

So we came back to our room to get settled for the night and to plan the rest of our stay here - looks like some places are too far to cab to, so we may have to skip legoland and the wild animal park...need a car to go to those places!

So, we are enjoying the coziness of our room and watching our big screen tv while eating snacks and relaxing...something we haven't really done in a few days, so it is much needed!

We have the zoo and seaworld and maybe some shopping if I can find a cheap suitcase to take stuff back in...and I am thinking the hotel spa services might be

Have a great weekend everyone, will update you all tomorrow on our next adventure!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4 Disneyland

Alas, our last day has come and gone...

We started today by sleeping in and ordering room service for breakfast! It was Landon's first time! LOL

Once we were ready, we hit the streets and got some of our final shopping completed (or at least we thought we did until this evening as we were running through a list...darn it) might have to hit the hotel gift shop in the morning!

So today was dedicated to rides! We hit the finding nemo submarine ride much fun! Then we wandered over to the tea cups, the carousel...Taylor's official favorite ride...and then the dumbo ride! Unfortunately right before our turn on the dumbo ride, that section of the park lost their sound/ we had to leave...

We wandered around without a map...thinking we could remember where things were...but nope! Decided to get lunch...I tried a corn dog...gross! And we had a fennel was okay, but a total tummy ache waiting to happen with brownies, whipped cream, sprinkles and syrup...on a deep fried fennel cake...

We happened to pass by the dumbo ride just as the power came back...and we got on the ride without having to wait! Yahoo! Taylor actually had tears or crying a we had expected...but she was asking to go on it, so we figured what the heck! We did the carousel a few more times and continued on our way.

We returned to the hotel for a late nap as Taylor was beginning to get crazy...and we had a special dinner reservation at goofy's kitchen at 6:00

Nap was a success...although by the time we had her convinced to have a nap, it was too short and she woke up grumpy anyway! We headed to dinner and enjoyed our dinner with the characters - Alice from wonderland, the rabbit as well, captain hook, goofy, Minnie mouse, princess jasmine, and Pluto! Taylor enjoyed the dance sessions with goofy, and entertained as usual!

We headed downtown for some more dancing as there are numerous merchants that play live music and sell their cd's and such...she loves to dance as we walk by usually, so we thought we would just wander around and dance! We watched the fire works from there too...never seemed to get there on time for fireworks at the castle...but it would have been quite loud for her anyway.

We are now packing up our bags and getting things ready for our next part of our journey...SANDIEGO!!!

Super excited to take the surfliner train to our beachside hotel with an ocean view! A day for seaworld with shamu, a day at the famous SanDiego zoo, and a few days to tour around and maybe go swimming!

Love you all, hope you are enjoying the sampling of photos we can send...there are so many more that we can share when we get back!

Lots of love!

Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Day 3 Disneyland

So today was an early start...wake up call for 6:40 and breakfast at 7:40...I think I was still half asleep at breakfast!

We went to our hotel's Mickey and friends breakfast buffet again since Taylor had so much fun the first time...and she danced the morning away with all of the characters and we remembered the autograph book!

We had a quick outfit change in our room so we could head over to the bippity boppity boutique for Taylor's princess makeover...she really didn't want to wear her dress...but with a little distraction and persuasion, we manages to keep it on her!

So the princess makeover was spectacular to say the least...a special stylist that does her hair, nails, makeup, including a sash and a pretty ring and crown...she didn't like the cape or the sitting and waiting in the chair, but we managed to keep her distracted for long enough to get her beautiful hair extensions put in with a crown while I painted her toes and fingernails...she was all for the makeup part!

So we left the princess makeover and realized that we had forgotten her special princess shoes in the hotel room "bad mommy" so we had to head back for a pit stop! Taylor rode on Landon's shoulders there, so we didn't notice!

Once we had the shoes, we headed over to California adventure park to attend Taylor's special princess lunch at ariel's grotto on the was a truly fabulous experience to meet all the beautiful princesses, I felt the little girl inside of me shivering with excitement every time they came to our table! Taylor stuffed so many grapes in her mouth during lunch that she started to choke and almost threw up at our was a super classy

After lunch we decided to head back to the hotel for a much needed nap...we slept for over 3 hours!!! Then we headed back to the park to hit the rides and see the world of color water show!

The rides were a little disappointing on this side, as Taylor is too small, or much too scared to ride them, and the roller coaster zooming around by the water stopped her in her tracks each time it passed! She barely lasted on the ferris wheel...but we managed without any tears! Yahoo!

We couldn't get great spots to watch the water show as we didn't know there was a process to get in...oh well...we watch it every night from our room...just not the same as being right there with the music and the show, but we watched a few minutes of it before Taylor had enough...

Did a little shopping and had some ice cream then headed back to our hotel...Taylor asked to go night night as soon as we got in the door...she was crawling into bed with her shoes and clothes and jacket as you can imagine, she was out cold in less than 5 minutes!

It was a great day...a little slower paced than the last two, but the princess activities more than made up for the lack of rides and adventure of the day.

We are going to sleep in tomorrow, eat breakfast on the run, and spend the day in disneyland enjoying the rides and taking our time to see all the little things we may have missed the first two days!

Thank you all once again for getting us here!!! We are having the trip of a lifetime and making so many memories!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Disneyland Day 2

Okay, so today was action packed!

We started our day at our hotel's restaurant...character dining with Mickey and friends, Taylor was a little unsure at first, but was soon high fiving the characters, dancing with them, and having a blast! We forgot her autograph book in the room, so we figured we would come back again since we had so much fun! It totally made our morning, and set the tone for our day!

After breakfast we came back for a room visit to change out of our syrup splattered clothing and get ready for our day at the park!

We seen many exciting characters today, and got some autographs in Taylor's book! We seen a song and dance routine by Mary poppins and her crew, and smiled so hard our cheeks hurt!

Took Taylor on her first ride - pirates of the carribean...lmao...big mistake! She screamed and cried hysterically for most of the 20 minute ride - it was pitch black on the water in boats with lots of explosions and gun shots and scary pirates and skeletons and such...we so should have known better...

So the next ride was about an hour later...Winnie the pooh...more her pace, again with the exception of the ephalumps and woozles part that she was scared of...but much better than the last one!

Next, we hit mickeys toon town...she had lots of fun in here even though we didn't do any rides or wait in the 30 minute plus line ups to get pictures with the Mickey, Minnie, and goofy...we figured we would catch them again at breakfast!

So we had some lunch and then found the tea cups!!! She loved them thank goodness...weren't sure if we had scarred her for life with the pirate ride experience...but yay, she had fun on a ride!

We wandered around the park for a while getting our bearings and trying to see if Taylor would such luck!

We did some shopping and decided to get front row seats for the parade, so we hung out curbside for an hour and twenty minutes again trying to get Taylor to least she sat in her stroller and rested for a bit. the parade. Let me tell you how awesome the parade was all Christmas themed, the whole place is decorated with Christmas everything as well, so it was truly magical! Taylor was vibrating in anticipation as she seen the floats coming around the corner where we were sitting near the beginning of the parade route. She danced and laughed and oohed and Ahhed at everything...she was jumping up and down and going bananas...completely over tired and goofy she entertained the folks around us and made my heart is truly amazing to see how happy a child can get! We shopped a little and heard a commotion on main street and happened to get out there just before another special treat...they made it snow after playing a scene from a Christmas movie...can't remember which one...something about if your really believe...anything can was truly magical!

So we went for supper at a new Orleans style yummy! It's so funny that they have those outdoor propane heaters everywhere...I find it way too warm with them but people complain that they are freezing...crazy americans! They would die in an albertan winter I am sure!

We watched the fireworks, missed the first part as they started an hour earlier than everyone told us they started...oh well, we have two more nights!

We hit a few more shops on the way back to the hotel, and wrapped up day two of our adventure! Taylor hit the pillow and fell asleep pretty well instantly!

Tomorrow we are having breakfast in the hotel again with Mickey and friends...and then off to bippity boppity boutique for Taylor's princess makeover and to ariel's grotto for lunch...should be an exciting day...we plan on spending the day in California adventure park since we haven't been to that side yet, and they have an amazing water show that we have watched each night from our room...but would love to see it from close up :)

Off to dream some magical dreams...check in with you all tomorrow!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disneyland Day 1

I am just posting the message Mindy sent me yesterday. SOunds like they are having fun!

Greetings from the happiest place on earth!

So our day has been great! Taylor has captivated everyone she meets...the flight attendants were falling over themselves to give her high fives and dance to Landon's iPod with he before boarding...they played Disney trivia and gave out prizes, and randomly chose a seat of the many children on board to give two DVDs of toy story 1&2 away and Taylor was the lucky winner!

She did great on the flight, enjoyed sitting on my lap to Look out the window, she wasn't scared at all thank goodness...didn't like the seatbelt...and kept taking it off as they are definitely not child proof! She cried for the last 15 minutes...more whined loudly then she had to keep her seatbelt on for landing and hadn't napped and was certainly done with sitting still for 2 hours 45 minutes on the flight!

Next we had to collect our luggage which wasn't too bad, but then we had to wait on a sidewalk between two busy 3 lane roads of traffic zooming by with all of our luggage and the most genius plan I'd say! Thank goodness it was only about a 20 minute wait but then a 45 minute bus ride to Disneyland...thank goodness she decided to crash on Landon's lap while looking out the window.

So we arrived at the hotel about 2:30 to check in, and we were given a surprise package as they were told that this was a very special trip and Taylor's first time in Disneyland. They had a micro fleece blanket, a mrs.potato head, autographed picture of Mickey and minnie, and three pins that say, it's my first time in disneyland so we get extra special attention from the staff and characters.

We decided to unpack and get situated with everything for our stay, and then hit the park to check out what we were going to do for our time here...we didn't take any jackets as it was +16 or so...but it got pretty chilly with the wind and as the sun went down...people are wearing winter jackets and toques, scarves, mitts, the works...they must have thought we were nuts in our T shirts, we didn't even bring anything for Taylor!

We built Taylor a special customized Mickey ears hat and picked up a few Christmas ornaments, there is so much disney branded everything here it is like Disneyland threw up shops and trinkets and Mickey and Minnie everything...if you can think of it, they probably have cool!

So we shopped around to figure out what we will pick up from here, everything is super expensive so not sure how many of you will end up with Disney stuff LOL we will do shopping in San Diego if we can find the outlet malls...

We came back to the hotel thinking maybe we would go for a swim on the rooftop pool...but it was too damn cold for that, so we decided to give Taylor a bath, and check in with our family. We came back to our room to find that our beds had been turned down, Disney chocolate coins on our bed and three chocolate chip cookies on a plate for us :) how awesome is that?!?

We are having a fabulous time, Taylor has been tired but still her happy and adorable self...i find it amazing that even among thousands of kids she still manages to stand out and capture peoples attention...I dont know how many times I heard "what a cutie" or "she's a sweetie" or "aww, she's adorable"...she was waving and saying bye and see ya to everyone who walked sway from us on the plane, at the airport, and anywhere we seem to chitchat with store personnel, etc. She really does have something magnetic about her...and this place is full of magic!

We are going for breakfast with Mickey and friends - hoping she isn't terrified of the characters! LOL. Then we are off to the park for an action packed day and to get her autograph book signed.

Will keep you posted, Hoping to get to bed early and get a good sleep! Hope Ruby isn't causing Brenda too much grief...let me know what you think we should get them as a thank you.

Love you lots and can't wait for tomorrow!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hi, SO I have had to keep a secret for over a week...let me tell you that it was very,very hard! The story is as follows...

Landon, Mindy and Taylor went a few weeks ago (okay so I can't remember the date and left my day planner at school so I can't check! LOL) to Marlin Travel in Stony Plain to get their trip to Disneyland all planned. The travel agent helping them, Ellen was touched by their story so a few days later she asked Mindy for my number. Well Ellen called me last week excited and wanting to tell me some stuff that was going on from her end. She told me that she was so touched by Mindy and Landon. She said when they came in they seemed so normal, a normal family planning a vacation. She said she had not heard the hubbub about Taylor, but that after talking with them the story slowly came out about what they had been going through, the fundraising for "Wishes for Taylor", etc. She then had perused my blog and learned a little more.

Ellen said she was contacting me because she was so touched "no parent should have to go through that" and she had told Taylor's story to her sister who works for CN. Her sister was also touched by the story and told her co-workers at CN, asking if they wanted to donate their Safety Award money (around $25/ a person) towards Taylor. So her co-workers said, sure that would be something they would like to do...but the message kept spreading...CN has raised more money than is necessary for the trip. The entire trip with all the bells and whistles has been completely paid for they got her a cute little princess suitcase, princess outfits, shoes, tiara, dolls, etc! But the best part is yet to roughly a week they have raised over $8000 with more coming in that they are going to donate in Taylor's name/honour to the Make-A-Wish foundation!!!!

How does one thank everyone who has participated in all of this fundraising? All of you have poured out your hearts and piggy banks. I am trying to come up with an idea of paying forward all of this, I feel like we need to do something more, help more children. Taylor's story has touched people that is clear, but what about the nameless children going through this? I just don't know. I know when Taylor went through chemotherapy that first year there were the "good" parents and the "bad" ones...the ones who left their kids alone, sick and scared...who will tell their story? I think taylor has become personal to many because she has a face, stories, etc. Those other kids don't and it breaks my heart. All my energy has thus far went into Taylor, Mindy and Landon. I remember paediatric oncology how I felt I needed to do something, but just didn't know what, how or if I could gather anymore energy. SO I am going to leave off here, still thinking how I will help someone, not sure how, but I think I must do this.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MRI came back CLEAR!!!

Nurse Clare called Mindy moments ago to report that Taylor's MRI came back clear! OMFG She was not supposed to tell them, but I am sure she did not want them suffering through this waiting until December 16th for the results meeting.

Many questions I know will arise so I will try and answer them here, but if you have any questions please e-mail me at:

Mindy is concerned people will be angry or thinking they have lied...sad that they even have to worry about that, but sometimes there are a few of those jerks out there.

So what does this mean. I don't know. Since the beginning of Taylor's diagnosis I have been a very angry person. People kept telling me to pray, have faith in God.

I will confess here, I tried, but really did not have my heart in it. My Mom recently after the first clear MRI a few weeks ago kept telling me I had to have faith, I had to trust God. My reply was angry "God does not exist! I am sick of all this crap that God is testing us, that we need to trust. If he is supposed to be like a parent than how can he do this. Don't tell me that a parent would teach their child in this type of suffering. NO PARENT would EVER allow a child to suffer like this!"

As you can see I just have been to resistant. One of the reasons that we got HOPE instead of Faith tattoo's was because faith is linked to God...we just did not believe.

Okay so rewind this story. Shortly after Taylor's birth my good friend Shaundell tells me this story remember we have gone through highs and lows, Taylor being clear, Taylor getting tumours. So Shaundell was over for a visit and she says "I need to tell you this story". On the day of Taylor's first surgery September 16th, 2008 these men were wandering around outside her store. She being the nosey girl she is was like "I gotta find out whats going on with these guys ." They were wearing robes and funny hats...obviously NOT blending in! They eventually came in her store. She of course was asking them what they were up to. There were 2 monks from the Ukraine and a priest...they were here as they had been hearing about miracles that were happening here. Okay so I know I sound like I am full of crap, but this is the honest to GOD truth!! Shaundell told them about Taylor. I have known Shaundell forever, when Mindy was in grade 4 it was Shaundell who took her around WEM to sell chocolate covered almonds...bully Harry Rosen when the rich bastard was too cheap to buy a box! LMFAO So these monks and priest told Shaundell they would pray for her, that she would be a miracle baby. Well Taylor made it through the surgery, when we were so scared of what could potentially happen, remember she was 6 days old! It was a miracle they had even found the tumour.

So again last year, tumours back, etc. Priest was back, said they have continued to pray for Taylor. Again Taylor pulls through, surgery goes amazing yet again, radiation goes excellent no changes we can tell in Taylor, which was of course a HUGE fear...all the "what ifs". So when this all happened again this year, this horrible, crushing, rip my heart out diagnosis, Taylor is going to die, its going to be soon, my friend Shaundell says "I want to go hunt down that priest", he needs to pray for her. Low and behold on bloody November 22nd, Monday that Priest, Father Vasil walks in! Again Shaundell tells him about Taylor, again he says he will pray for her. November 23rd she had her it came back clear! If you don't believe my tale you can go hear about it at Father Vasil's church this sunday as he told Shaundell he was going to speak about her. The Church is Alaska Orthodox Church at 9930 167st...may even just be cool to go!

Okay so trust me this is a hard pill to swallow. A few weeks ago I discussed with my husband all of this, the MRI with devastation followed by one that was clear. An MRI that completely baffled the medical field who all said "we have NEVER seen this happen before". Fred said "its the hand of Jude". I will let you look up Saint Jude if you don't know who he is so you can piece all this together. I am not sure, but I am starting to wonder if I am being given signs, signs that I do need to have faith, that I need more than hope....Ironically my Aunt Vi just brought back a book for me from her trip called "Questions from little hearts" which is to teach kids about God and answer some of their questions...hmmm

I cannot fully comprehend all of this. I am still struggling. Anyhow from what I can tell what happens next is the meeting on December 16th where the new game plan will be hashed over. The cancer is NOT considered gone, but at this point it does mean there is more time. I am going to guess that they may still want to continue MRI's every 3 months, followed eventually by MRI's every 6 months, and then progressively lengthened.

So remember we still need prayers, hopes and wishes. This MRI does not mean that this fight is not over, but it does mean we have won a small victory today! Going to share a poem my cousin Kim gave me as a teenager on a bookmark

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there was one only.

This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord,

“You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”

The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.”

Mary Stevenson, 1936

Don't forget we must thanks Saint Jude

THANK YOU SAINT JUDE, you have blessed us with a miracle

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MRI went we wait

Well Taylor's ear infection caused her to have a really rough night, as well as Mindy and Landon. She ran a fever throughout the night and did not sleep. Mindy said she finally went down for a sleep at 5:30am....ugh super long night for all. Poor little Taylor she must have been really hurting. Taylor seemed to be feeling better however when waking this morning after her extremely short sleep. MRI went fine, no hitches and she woke up happy! Yeah

Now the wait begins. Nurse Clare will see if she can get any information on the MRI by the end of the week, however their official meeting to discuss the MRI will not be until Thursday December 16th. If clear, which is my hope than they will discuss possibly the schedule of future MRI's....every 3 months, or 6 months...whatever they feel is necessary. If they find stuff again I can only speculate that it would be surgery, radiation or nothing. Lets hope for the clear MRI!

What can I tell you...I have hope, and I have fear. I know Mindy and Landon are the same. This has been absolutely exhausting. I am so proud of Mindy and Landon over the past two years. They have shown such tremendous bravery and strength. I know a lot of this also comes from the tremendous positive energy all of you have thrown their way. Thank you so much for being there offering up your cheers for Team Taylor!

Monday, November 22, 2010

MRI tomorrow

Well tomorrow, November 23rd, is Taylor's next MRI. She has an ear infection, but Mindy got her in to the Doctor quickly today, so hopefully she will be feeling much better tomorrow. I just got home from my school's School Council meeting so I am too tired to type much now. I will update soon. The MRI results meeting is not until December 16th as the Doctors want time to really go over all the results with a fine tooth comb...going to be a really long wait!

On Monday November 29th I guess is the day they are leaving for Disneyland. So I will chat soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Taylor's New Santa Photo

Nana and Grandpa too Taylor for her Santa photo again this year. She was bribed with a lollipop according to Grandpa.LOL

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taylor's Going to Disneyland!!

So some may already know, but the Disneyland trip is in process of getting all the details set. They will be leaving on the 27 or 28th returning December 6 or 8th! I cannot wait to share all the details, but will wait until all is finalized. I have been a tad busy lately so just not having all my details straight.

MRI is on the 23rd...follow up meeting is not until December 16th. The Doctor's want time to study everything following the last MRI results. This is a long wait for Mindy and Landon not knowing, but cannot be avoided. Please send strength to them in this time as this is beyond even my comprehension the stress they are under.

Taylor has been good. Had a bit of the flu bug last week, followed by tripping over Ruby, falling into the door frame and cracking a huge goosebump on her noggin. It was truly huge. Don't have the picture or I would post...Landon looked like he was crying to from the pain she was in. Mindy said she screamed bloody murder! Ugh I remember those like yesterday with my own kids! Poor sweety is better now though.

Taylor has had some great visits with Grandpa Don and Nana Roberta as they have helped with looking after her when Mindy and Landon were working late. Such amazing grandparents she has!

Will give a better update when I stop spinning as I just had Parent Teacher Interviews at my school...busy, busy, busy.LOL

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silent Auction

Well hello, I now have some time to fill you all in on the Silent Auction.

The Silent Auction was a tad crazy, as we had no idea what to expect. The Auction itself was the idea of our Cousin Lisa, who put a Herculean effort into collecting, labelling, photographing organizing donations. Lisa traveled all over the place collecting donations no matter how big or small they were. She was an impassioned woman bent on making "A Wish for Taylor" a success! So much time and love was put into Lisa's Silent Auction it was bound to be successful! Lisa also nailed down the venue at Flow, who was a complete dream to work with! Yeah Flow you all were so amazing as was Charlene who went out of her way to make the day a success!!!! Behind the scenes Lisa also had helpers doing a variety of things...from Asia making "A Wish for Taylor" shirts, to purchasing Henna for "Henna for Hope", Kristen for making a million tiny little gold ribbons for cancer awareness at the silent auction, Jeanne for the most gorgeous Angel wings and Halo's for all the well as some extremely happy little girls! Auntie Sharon for doing all the paperwork, Amanda for acting as Master of Ceremonies and giving us all an amazing speech at the Auction to thank all volunteers, especially Lisa!

For our Auction "overseer" we had Eva! Anyone who knows Eva can understand what an amazing facilitator she can be to help get things into the proper places! Eva quickly organized an "Enbridge" work crew in addition to our family & friend helpers. The Enbridge Crew was amazing at helping to make sure we got Flow organized....thanks so much to Cheryl and Nga (Cousin Amanda's co-worker who generously also donated both money and her time, even with having a son who had come to visit her that weekend, she still made the time to come and help!) as well as my bestie Wendy and her daughter Angel for fulfilling my "idea" (always have lots of those.LOL) to attach balloons to the various stuffies Aaryanna had brought to sell at the Auction (and she did pretty darn good...thanks to the generous buying of everyone there, including one of the owners of Flow who bought two for a very generous donation!), so we had beautiful balloon/stuffie decorations throughout Flow!

The Xerox print shop that Enbridge uses also generously printed off some pictures of taylor to hang throughout Flow as well as some beautiful heart shaped photo's for all the volunteers to wear.Thank-you, Thank-You! Kelly from Enbridge was Eva's side-kick who the day before spent hours in co-ordinating all the donations Lisa collected with the bid sheets, etc as well as cataloguing them as the sheet Lisa had created went missing.The bids were then colour co-ordinated so that they would be pulled on times to avoid a rush at the end. We had sooo many helpers, I really just cannot thank or detail all they did, so I hope they can forgive me. Rod and Michelle came after spending an exhausting weekend with a dear and close friend who had lost her five year old daughter, Rayanna, the year before. Rayanna was a beautiful little girl, who last year was found to have a brain tumour...during the inserting of a shunt little Rayanna left us...I am sure you can all understand what an emotional weekend this was an how appreciative I am to Rod and Michelle for still coming and helping out even though they were physically and emotionally exhausted!

Cousins Felicia and Melissa came and helped with set up as well. Edwina was a great helper and spent some quality time entertaining Taylor...sharing fries and "dippy" (ketchup) as well as pop.LOL We were so blessed to have so many little helper bee's! My Cousin Jodi and her daughters Mikki and Maddy sold chocolate chip cookies (Taylor's Favourite) and some various candy for Taylor's fund as well. I am told the cookies were AMAZING! Thanks so much Jodi for putting in the time to make it a special occasion. Melanie Shockey also came out again for both Taylor's Dance Party and the Silent Auction to sell her beautiful barrettes to raise funds and awareness for Taylor. The United Way campaign also did an AMAZING job in helping raise even more funds for Taylor.

We were also blessed as my Cousin Amanda has a friend Kathy who contacted an entertainer, Wayne-o, who willingly and generously donated his time to give us entertainment. He brought along some other musicians and singers who did an OUTSTANDING job! I would definitely recommend these people if you wanted to hire some entertainers, absolutely fabulous music!

We raised a little over $6000! A Great success. Thanks to all that donated as well as came out to bid in our Silent Auction. Mindy and Landon have began the planning and booking of their Disneyland trip...3 days in Disney than the express train to San Diego for 3 days there to see Sea World and other sites. I will keep you posted and hopefully will be reporting on their trip very soon! We are hoping to lay low here awhile as these last few weeks have been exhausting with fundraisers, MRI's, and hospital visits. Hard to believe it has only really been a little over a month since this whirlwind began. We are awaiting the next MRI on the 23rd...I think we are in shock, not fully digesting things, but we still really need your HOPE, your wishes and your prayers! This is an ongoing battle, it is relentless, please continue to keep Taylor close to your hearts!

Taylor's Auntie Leah

Monday, November 8, 2010

Silent Auction

Okay this is a teaser to let you know I am too busy to tell you about the Silent Auction, but I will definitely be telling you all about it! Not sure if anyone got any pictures, which is unfortunate, but it was great! People were amazing and generous.....but you will just have to wait for the details! LOL

Leah....on Report Card duty!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taylor's Dance Party!

Yesterday we had Taylor's Dance Party. It was a truly memorable event, filled with love, hope and joy. Natasha Taylor's "day-home provider"(which really does not encompass at all what Natasha is), after seeing the "Wish List" she figured she could hold a dance party for Taylor. Along for this magical journey her friends Tammy MacDonald, Cecilia Lee (from Stollery arranged the slurpee machine and Jumpy Castle), Jaime Isherwood-Caza (with McDonald's arranged all the food stuffs such as drinks, sliced apples, muffins, etc), Christy Rudy-Peters(got Mayfield School for our use as well as made lovely favourite! LOL), DJ (donated his time and played some amazing tunes, even Lady Gaga who is Taylor's fav!), the Holtes(brought the mini winnies a.k.a tiny ponies!). Let me tell you this was an amazing event.

As we entered there were two children who greeted us. You could see signs on the building, streamers and balloons. As you entered, there was a wood cut out with a girl body and a boy body that kids could stand behind and stick their faces in the face cut out. Than as you moved into the gymnasium there were all sorts of lovely centres. You could enter a raffle to win some donated prizes (by "baba" as the kids call her. Natasha's Mom whom they get to call as a reward for being good.LOL). There was a easel with 3 pics of Taylor and lots of white space to write a message on as a keepsake, a jellybean container to guess how many jellybeans were in the jar, 50/50, and some balloons all made into various shapes....many little monkey's, which is what we call taylor!

There was a huge jumpy castle in one corner, face painting in another, cotton candy and popcorn machines, large tables full of goodies, of course a dance floor! There were tables at the back with some kids toys to play at, tables throughout all decorated with huge balloon centrepieces...just a whole ton of fun for everyone! The kids jumped, they danced and then at around 2:30 the mini winnies appeared with a wagon to take Taylor for a ride. Taylor was not happy about the wagon, but she did like the mini winnies! LOL She led them around for a bit. It was such an amazing day! Taylor just didn't stop the entire time she was there, she boogied, she jumped, got her hands painted, then painted Mindy and Landon's faces...that was lovely.LOL

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dance Party Extravaganza!

So today we are having Taylor's private dance party (MIndy wanted to keep it small so that Taylor was not overwhelmed). It should be absolutely amazing. Natasha and her friend Christy I believe have organized it....with I am sure others! Thanks you ladies for your kindness in doing this for Taylor, I am sure she is going to have an absolute blast!

I will try and post some pics, etc later today! Have an amazing day. I hope to see many of you tomorrow at the Silent Auction!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Potty Time!

Well as of yesterday Taylor has been giving the potty a try.LOL She had her first pee on the potty at Natasha (Day home Extrodanaire) and then a poop at home last night! Apparently she had 2 pees at Grandpa's today and many, many false trips to the potty! LMAO Funny I am reporting such silly stuff.

So things are humming along like normal. Mindy returned to work on Monday, but then found out she needed a Doctor's note to return, so she actually didn't start back until Tuesday.LOL I know Mindy is happy to be back at work with some amazing people she works with. I can honestly say that the people of Enbridge have been so kind, so thoughtful, and sensitive. I really, and I mean really have NEVER heard of co-workers who band together to help in so many ways. It is truly an amazing thing to witness such kindness! THANK YOU ENBRIDGE!!!!! I know everyone is going to want to know what they have been doing, so I will share just a few, but trust me....they are so AMAZING! LOL First they have conducted their own fundraisers, opening their pockets to donate money, gift certificates, etc. Then we have co-workers like Melanie Shockey who got a group of her fellow staff to help her make hundreds of ribbon barrettes to sell and donate all proceeds to Taylor's Wish, as well we have had so many numerous donations for the Silent Auction happening this Sunday, a nice vacation Gift Certificate from the lovely Ms. Eva in case Mindy and Landon just need to get away, Volunteers to co-ordinate our Silent Auction (EVA) as well as volunteers to help. Mindy received an e-mail describing one woman's idea that she was concerned Mindy came back because she might have had to due to financial reasons, so this woman went to begin requesting to potentially have other Enbridge employees donate "days" so that Mindy would not suffer financially but be allowed to take time if she me these people have endless things they have and do for Mindy and Landon. If you meet any of them, give them a huge hug or pat on the back! No wonder she wanted to get back to work.LOL

We are all busily planning for the upcoming Silent Auction Sunday November 7th from 2-8 at Flow. We have had help in acquiring some entertainment for the day, so it should be an amazing day! Hope to see you there,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have been having some people question what is going on with all this "testing". Many know that Taylor has a rare for of Brain and Spinal Cancer. What this means is that it does not occur in huge frequency to large numbers of the population. This being said it also means that they don't know all that much about it, other than its "BAD". The life expectancy on this cancer is extremely short and generally speaking 5 years is generous. There is I believe only ONE doctor that "specializes" or knows that much about her form of cancer, Anaplastic Ependymoma. I am not discounting the Doctor's here as they have been fabulous and actively seek as many opinions from as many specialists that have dealt, deal with this cancer.

Taylor was always never thought to make her first year, but she did; however, this is not a perfect ending as the cancer was still there, still growing! The only "real" treatment form for this is surgery to remove tumours and then radiation. It was a miracle it was found when it was as she probably would have been dead within months with the tumour she was BORN with. Nothing Mindy and Landon "did" caused this just is one of those weird things in life. Taylor never received radiation her first year as it would have caused irreparable damage due to her age.

So when her first year went past...MRI's every 3 months, we prayed, and hoped it would go away, that all the cancer was cut away in her first surgery at 6 days old, a year of chemotherapy every 2 weeks...these were terrible and beautiful months, but trust me I could tell you all the horrors, stress, fear that we had. Then we got her MRI that is always anniversary to her birth when she was one...tumours were back! Devastation...Mindy and Landon were left with sooo many horrible choices, another surgery, radiation and work. Surgery could always cause damage, they never wanted to give Taylor a life where she was not going to be able to "live" like a child just because of their own wanting of her to live, a horrible choice for a parent. Luckily Dr.Pugh is an AMAZING and HOT surgeon who did such an amazing job, he even used plastic surgeon stitches that nurses commented on as they are extremely uncommon, especially the intricate way he insured that it would be a "beautiful" scar (yes I say beautiful). Next was Radiation, what would happen, would it cause severe retardation, what? Again on a wing a prayer they went with it as they consulted all the AMAZING doctor's who assured that it would not cause "serious" problems for Taylor's quality of life. Now work...well it is really hard to look after a BABY who has such severe needs in care and work, someone needed to stay home. Landon after having to miss most of that first year as he worked out of town and would have to continue to, decided that Taylor might not have a very long life and he wanted to make sure he spent some time with her....This was hard, it is hard to go from a double income to a single income with all the costs associated with a child who has cancer. Yes some money is reimbursed for some medical costs, but a lot is not, especially any incidentals of the parent caring for the child...radiation for 33 days straight...and then recovery time from radiation another month and a half.

So now we are in year two...we had 6 good months, but guess what...the cancer came back. The MRI from the beginning of October showed Tumours...they were shown to Mindy and Landon! The meeting it was decided that Taylor would undergo radiation again for 33 days straight. Within the week as Mindy scrambled around getting all necessary prep for Taylor to undergo radiation, surgery for the PIC line, PIC line infected, I got a text from Mindy at work(to me) and it was "Claire just called...her voice was shaky, said "life's not fair" we need to have a meeting tomorrow, its not good" Mindy was in the Costco parking lot trying to hold it together, not to break down. I told Mindy to wait I would be there! Of all things I was reading fairytales with my Reading 7/8/9 class. My principal, just by the grace of God came by to ask me something. I showed him the text, he kindly told me to go and he would look after my class, to take whatever time I needed. So this was tragic on a whole different level. We already were dealing with the devastation the cancer was back, now it was "worse" how could that possibly be?

The MRI was looked at by 4 different radiologists as Dr.Patel, the amazing radiation oncologist, just was not having the MRI sit right with him. It was so important that they get a good diagnosis. It didn't look good. Mindy and Landon were told, I was there, that they needed to basically decide whether they wanted to bother with any treatment options as Taylor's prognosis was now fatal...they had hoped that the radiation they were planning might give her another year or two, but they now with new analysis felt that just was not going to happen. Radiation would only lessen her quality of life for the short time they predicted she would have. You see, Taylor's cancer grows faster with every recurrence...6 good months the last time, could mean a much shorter time!

Dr.Patel however said he was still going to have one more radiologist look at the MRI. This radiologist said he felt the MRI was "inconclusive" and that another one was needed. So Taylor underwent another MRI on Oct.20th. This MRI had some bizarre results that some are misinterpreting, as Doctor's were baffled as it did not show the same results, so therefore the next move was the Spinal tap or LP to see if there was cancer cells disseminated throughout her spine. We just got those and they showed it clear. So people want to know what that means. But it does not mean that either necessairily, as it is all dependent on a small sample of the spinal fluid which may or may not have captured a representative sample of the fluid. I hope you are seeing how this is the worst nightmare as there are NO answers. We now have to wait the next MRI on Nov.23rd to see if we can see Tumour growth, etc...the cancer may still be there, maybe its not as bad as the death forecast, maybe it is...we don't know, the doctor's don't know. There just are no answers. The doctors have said, time and again, that this cancer just is not one they can predict.

So saying all this I hope you can see that although we celebrate these "good" results as victories, we still have had and will have MRI's every 3 months, that we will be completely distressed, every 3 months. Sometimes we get a 6 month reprieve when they can't see the cancer, but her having all the recurrences that she has had, her long term outlook is bleak in medical terms. Does that mean I don't HOPE for a miracle? NO Cancer does go into remission, but it takes a solid 5 years cancer free to really make any statements on NOT having cancer.

SO if you have ANY questions regarding this DO NOT ASK MINDY OR LANDON! Ask me! I think they have enough stress than to have to field questions about this stuff! I know how amazing the support we have been blessed to receive is, but honestly those questions take away their energy that they need for Taylor. Please understand how horrible this has been and continues to be...the not knowing, the fear, the anguish. I am saying this because as much as people mean well these questions are being asked of them and I think its only fair that they be redirected so that this is not another stress on their lives. I appreciate your consideration. I know what is happening so I can answer any of your questions regarding this or can get you the answer!

Taylor's Auntie Leah

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you Thank you!!!!!!

The results are in and the Spinal Tap or LP came back CLEAR!!!!! OMFG I don't think I can express the joy I am feeling...yes, I am crying, crying!!! Feel like I have won something today! Your prayers, hopes and wishes have worked! Love you all!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well our little Monkey Taylor did eventually decide to get dressed up for Halloween. She thought it was hysterical that Ruby the Beagle was dressed up and Mindy too! Gave Mindy the costume my Mom made me last year, a bumblebee (yup my Mom still makes my costumes.LOL). I am sure Taylor is on a complete sugar high munching down on all the little chocolate bars she got! LOL Should be a fun jumping on the bed night for Mindy!

Well hopefully we get some results tomorrow! Praying for good ones. I will post as soon as I know what they are. I know we are all on pins and needles waiting these out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spinal Tap results are not in!


We had hoped we could get the results today, but alas they are not in. Apparently its the slowest division (sorry can't think of the word) for stuff getting in, so we will wait until next week. Mindy and Landon are on pins and needles waiting for these so please give them some space. I am sure everyone understands. I promise I will let everyone know via blog when they are in to us.


Taylor's Auntie Leah

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taylor and I had a visit!

LOL Well Taylor came over tonight. She seemed to have the same cold as me, so don't worry I am not contaminating her! She bossed me around! All night..."Auntie down" (a.k.a Auntie sit down) "Auntie come"(a.k.a follow me because I want to boss you around some more) "Auntie up" (Auntie get up cause your going to get some more bossing) much fun. She has to have you always sit right by where she is, follow her around, if you even think of paying attention to anything other than you she gets right up in your face and keeps repeating your name ("Auntie" in this case.LOL). God love her perseverance! That girl never gives up.

My cousin Lisa dropped off some beautiful costumes that U-Haul had given to Taylor so we tried to get her in those, but no luck. But she did play with the silver star wand, we played "abracadabra" make a wish with a light whack on the head....unfortunately Taylor did not whack as light on my head.LOL Taylor demanded "nummies", searched and rifled through my pantry, fridge and freezer. Hoarded the grapes I gave her from Hayden(her cousin), but shared with the rest of us.LOLSo funny watching Taylor and Hayden together. Hayden is that typical boy cousin who is seven and could care less about a "baby", so it seems that inspires Taylor to annoy the living poop out of him. She sat here shouting his name "Hay-ee" like fifty times. He was like "WHAT?" but of course she just answered with "Hay-ee" LMFAO so funny to watch. Just a lovely evening seeing Miss Taylor.

So tomorrow is the day we will hopefully find out about the spinal tap or LP to know if there are, or are not cancer cells floating around. Funny but it seems like we have been dropped "miracle" signs in the last few days. I am sure hoping that is true. SO I will let you know when I do if we can breathe a little easier until the next MRI or we need to start praying more!

HOPE is a means to keep us all going,
HOPE means that there may be a chance!
HOPE, Wishes and prayers is what we all need to send,
Send us your HOPE and give Taylor a chance.

Love Taylor's Auntie Leah

Gobal Interview

Quick update! Global did the interview this morning and it will be on TV tonight at 6pm and possibly the 11 pm news in the "Health Watch" section. Should also be available on the Internet Website. Can't wait!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mindy is getting a night off!

So Grandpa Don...the most dotting Grandpa of all and Nana Roberta are keeping Taylor for a sleepover tonight. Mindy is free as a bird as Landon is working nights! So Mindy can have a nice little break and some "me" time! I am sure Taylor is going to have a blast. Grandpa Don is the one who inspired her chippie addiction. Every wednesday (or one day during the week) Taylor goes to her Grandpa Don and Roberta's house for a visit. Grandpa Don always sits down with Miss Taylor and they eat BBQ chippies together. Too Cute! If Grandpa Don would send me a pic of him and Taylor eating chippies I would love to post it!!!LOL Hint, hint Grandpa Don...

Spinal Tap is Done!

Well the spinal tap is completed. taylor did awesome and was happy when she was all done. Mindy being the amazing Mom that she is had chippies and a juice box ready for her. Then they were off for lunch at McDonald's: Chicken Nuggets, Fries and Coke! Taylor is going to Nana Roberta's and Grandpa Don's so Mindy can get the house tidied up for their interview tomorrow with Global.

Results on the Spinal Tap with hopefully be in for Friday, so I will let everyone know then how it all went.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow is the spinal tap or LP

Hello, so just a reminder that tomorrow Taylor will have an LP or Spinal least that's what I think its called...two years and I am still not a Doctor? LOL

Why the spinal tap you are asking. Well because due to the MRI that was so heatedly debated by the radiologist (maybe not heated, more like examined thoroughly) we were left with mixed reviews. Some said more tumours and the veiling of cancer around the entire brain, 1 said no, one said inconclusive...therefore the spinal tap should let them tell if there are cancer cells that have disseminated throughout her brain and spine. If the cells are there we will be praying harder and harder (not sure that is possible). If no cells we can breathe a little until the next MRI at the beginning of December. I am praying for a miracle! Let them not find cancer cells.

My cousin Lisa's daughter Jala who is 3, found a quarter today...she asked Lisa to give it to Taylor! Can you imagine that, what an amazing thing for a child to even consider and remember! God bless her generous little heart (BIG Heart!!!)
Going to give a prayer out tonight"

I know you are listening. Please I know you hear it a lot, but please leave Taylor here with us. You see I promised her I would help her fight, but cancer does not play fair. I need your help with this one.
Please God, just this one, just this one...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Quading

Well on Sunday Landon and Mindy took Taylor Quadding with their friends at Alberta Beach. Landon was given a side-by-side Quad to borrow from a man whom he had saved his son the other week. Landon recently has become one of Alberta Beach's volunteer fire derpartment. Landon felt he needed to give back to the community as they have been so rewarded by the generosity of others.

The story is that the other week, while out quading with friends they came across a friend of a friend that had gotten into a "sticky" situation. There was a man whose quad flipped. As they were all strapped in the father could not get his son out and they were in a mud pit 5 feet deep! The 2 year old son was in the mud part and the father was helpless to save him as he was trapped also in his seatbelt. Landon and fellow Fire Department friend Tobin, quickly jumped into action to save the little boy. The man after recently hearing what was going on with Landon, Mindy and Taylor generously offered the use of his side-by-side quad to Landon or Tobin who also saved the boy whenever they wanted, for all the times to come...just give him a quad and he would let him use it! Generous people yet again!

Taylor apparently was a bit scared at first, but that quickly changed and she was laughing and smiling for her quad ride....demanding "more bumpies"! LOL Apparently when the riding was over Taylor wanted to continue! So funny. So anaother great family day out with friends. Thanks so much for everyone's continued support. I will add some pictures later when I get home.

Fundraising has been so crazy. We still have a few left to do: Taylor's Dance Party on Saturday November 6th as well as the Silent Auction on the following day Sunday November 7th. The Silent Auction has had generous donations. We even had Sham, a family friend, get Taylor Hall to sign his jersey yesterday for the Silent Auction! Should be amazing so please come on out!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday's Day...have you ever seen a pink quad?

First I am just going to add some clips of Mindy's e-mail to me today so you can have a quick rundown of their day. I had my son's seventh birthday party today so I was a bit "out of commission" in regards to Taylor.

"Okay, so global was at the snowmobile show this morning to do a story, ...everyone at the show seemed to know about Taylor too, she was given some spiffy new shirts. Global did a short interview with Landon and then t&t power sports gave Taylor a helmet, riding gear(shirt, pants, gloves) and a 50cc pink quad to use for a year!

There was also a guy who donated 4 tickets at ice level to the oilers versus all-stars game in January to be auctioned off on the snow and mud site, with all the money going to have been sold out and I guess he paid over $600 for them!

Our friends also gave her a huge stuffed cow as well as a little hamster on wheels that makes noises and rolls around on the floor...

It was a great day, but we are exhausted. We stopped by the Alberta beach fire department on our way home and they have trailers full of bottles and lots of donations coming in! It is absolutely insane how much people are doing to help us. How will we ever repay everyones kindness and generosity? Thank you just doesn't feel like enough anymore!

I love you tonnes, can't wait to see everyone tonight. I ended up making clown cupcakes for Dianne and the bottle crew last night, as a small gesture of my appreciation!"-Mindy

This evening we all met up: Mindy, Landon, Taylor, Clayton (our brother from Kelowna)with his wife Dawn, Tyler and Kiandra, then my family at my Mom's and Danny's house. It was my son's seventh birthday as well as My Mom's...they are born on the same day as well as my Cousin Debbie (some of my most special people.LOL) Taylor was in full spirits with some pink cheeks she got while trying out the new pink quad!LOL

Taylor bossed us around, told us where we could sit, raided grandma's pantry continuously pulling out Fruit Loops,Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Corn Pops.LOL She dragged me up stairs so she could play on Grandma's computer than to grandma's bed where she allowed me the great honour of helping her to get on the bed over the rails so she could jump on the bed.LMAO I think she ate 3 bowls of ice cream for supper...not interested in the "real food"! She did however want the butter, but its because she thought it was cheese.LOL

Eventually Taylor managed as the night progressed to get Grandma Josie to take them all for a walk.LOL Taylor is SUPER DUPER pushy! But thats a good thing as she shows determination in whatever she does and doesn't give up!

We have heard so many things occurred today with Fundraisers. The bottle drives were a huge success! No idea how it completely went, but I am sure I will know soon enough. Everyone must be so exhausted, I know I am as well as Mindy and Landon. I think they are planning on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow but relax! Amen to that.

So I am going to end this with a wish:

I wish I could get a miracle...I wish I could have just one.
Make the cancer go away,
don't take another one!
Let me keep my star,
my nights are much to dark without her.
I think we are due for that miracle, so lets give us just this one!

Miracle created hope. With hope we can create miracles!

Taylor's Auntie Leah

Friday, October 22, 2010

I am back to talk about our girl!


So fundraisers are just going like mad. I will add them off to the left, but would like now to just focus on Taylor as that is what we really want to hear about right now!

So as you know we are working on passports so that they can all head off to Disneyland/world...still not clear which one, but I think Disneyland would be the best (LMAO like they are going to care about my opinion.LOL). So the trials of course begin with the crazy passport regulations on photo's. I find them absolutely ludicrous...(soon we will have to have 10 various poses and faces so that they can see us in every possible form?WTF) So Mindy said her photo took 10 tries as she kept blinking! LOL Next came Miss Taylor. Anyone who knows Taylor knows she is near impossible to keep still. So they had to keep hair out of her eyes, hair not covering her ears, looking forward, no smiles...yadda, yadda, yadda. So they tried to do hers for like an hour (may be exaggerating, probably half an hour, but no doubt felt like 2.LOL), needless to say they gave up and went to visit Nana Roberta and Grandpa Don. As great and amazing grandparents that Roberta and Don are, they told Mindy and Landon "Don't worry, we will get the photo!"LOL so off they went, well after 20 minutes of trying Grandpa and Nana were back without a picture.LOL So they promised to continue to try the following day! I am happy to say they did get the picture. Everything is now ready for submitting, which Mindy will try and do next week. I hope it goes nice and quick so we can send them off on their holiday.

So yesterday I had posted about the PIC line being infected. She was good, no fever. They took her in today and they removed the PIC line and she is on anti-biotics. Today the tried the "playing in the leaves" however, Taylor was not too interested, but enjoyed as they threw Ruby their Beagle into the leaves and she ran around the yard which made Taylor laugh hysterically! Taylor instead chose to jump on her jumperoo, played on the slide and went for a swing. They had a nice day playing outside and had a visit from their good friend Dianne the firefighter! For lunch they went for coffee and lunch at the day home Natasha's house which was lots of fun and they had some delicious carrot cake!

The antibiotics were the wrong form so they were waiting the last time I heard to get the prescription, but it is not a huge deal, it will sort itself out. Taylor got another slurpee and bag of chippies, which she thoroughly enjoys.LOL She also had her hearing test, but she was fidgety and they didn't get a great sense, however the fluid in her ears is gone, which is a great sign! She will go for another on November 18th, but may have to get sedated and have the sensors on so they can get a better read....I am pretty sure her hearing is great though so I am not concerned.LOL (Doctor Leah). Taylor refused to take a nap...having too much fun, our stubborn girl. So all in all it was a terrific day. They got a great family day and visited with friends.

Although we truly appreciate all the support, love and kindness I am going to try and keep the blog focused on Taylor. I will post any of the fundraiser stuff I can off to the side, but will try and just share "Taylor" on my posts as I am sure that is who you want to hear about. Any fundraiser information can also be viewed and discussed on Facebook at " A Wish for Taylor"

Please don't stop your prayers and HOPE! Keep spreading it and sharing our story. I will never, never give up my belief in miracles.

Taylor's Auntie Leah