Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Chemo is done

Well today Taylor had her first chemo treatment. She seems "fine" however very hard to tell with a baby. Must say that it is very, very sad seeing her screaming and crying...again, not sure if it is chemo or normal baby? We are told that the "sickness" usually starts 24-48 hours after chemo. My Mom is going to stay with Mindy tomorrow night if she gets to take Taylor home. All I can say is when I walked in to the Oncology ward and heard her crying then saw her crying my heart just about died...I feel like we are torturing her even though I know all the magnificent doctors are trying desperately to save her life. Very difficult to be on the ward as the children look like they are so sad, so sick...I will try and figure out how I can help, do fundraisers, whatever may give the most good back.

I will touch base tomorrow if I learn anything new. As of today Landon was able to be there with Mindy, which was awesome. Both of them were amazing and strong! 

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