Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well the chemo has been started.

Taylor is receiving chemo today. It is one that takes 24 hours so she has had a catheter inserted to minimize the bum rash she was getting. With all the fluid going in they thought it might be better to avoid to much urine on her bottom. 

Mindy and Taylor had a long night last night. I guess Taylor kept waking up...probably all the noise at the hospital. Today she had a mini "meltdown", but has been given codeine and was sleeping the last time I spoke with Mindy (around 4pm). Mindy says she will probably be on codeine longer as the sores that she may get from this chemo (highly likely) and will take up to 4 weeks to heal. She obviously may not want to eat much during this time. SO we will see. Mindy figures this may be the worse one yet, but maybe we will get lucky.

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