Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new year!

Hey everyone, it's Taylor's mom here, and I just thought I would post and update on a few things since it has been a while since our last post.

Taylor has been fighting recurring ear infections pretty well since before Christmas, poor girl can't seem to catch a break from these pesky colds that keep bringing on ear infections even with her ear tubes.

Our most recent scare was on Friday when her temperature spiked to 39.5 so I took her to the Stollery Emergency and they checked her over and hydrated her (as she wasn't eating or drinking, and had a bout of vomit and diarrhea two days before). They ran a few tests and came up with nothing conclusive other than low platelet counts and sent us for follow up blood work yesterday. I had to take her to the doctor today as she was still fevering and not her usual self and low and behold she has an ear infection AGAIN. No word back on the blood tests...will have to call the Paediatric Oncology folks tomorrow to make sure that is all good (I am praying that it was all good as they were thinking that the low platelets was due to an infection and nothing cancer related, the paediatrician in emergency called a paediatric oncologist to come down and double check her...anytime they can say its normal kid stuff and not cancer stuff I can breath a little easier, which they likely know by now when dealing with parents of cancer kids! I will feel better once I talk to my nurse Clare (not sure what I would do without her).

So, on the health front that is pretty well it. We are all set up to get Taylor her immunizations in February, as she hasn't had any since birth and everyone has told us that it would be in our best interests to get her immunizations up to date as she will need them when she goes to school. Her next MRI is in May (whohoo...a whole 6 months since her last one) which is nerve wracking and a big step in the right direction. They said if they even had a hint of worry they would have kept us on the 3 month schedule, but alas we are now on the 6 month schedule!

Taylor has been going to daycare/preschool regularly and LOVES it. She loves her "aunties" aka. teachers, and it appears that she has cast her spell on them as well...all the kids and staff love her...it would be hard not to with her silly stories and infectious giggle and she is always happy and excited about everything. People at the doctors office this afternoon were even watching her and engaged in everything she was doing...from reading the fitness magazines and pointing things out and commenting to me, to playing on my phone and singing the alphabet song and counting on her fingers, to commenting on everyone that walked by...they had boots, or lunch, or a purse, or whatever she noticed about them. She asked me to rub her belly and yanked up her shirt and layed back in her chair to which a lady across from us let out a giggle, as it was pretty darn adorable. It just amazes me how she can capture an audience and entertain us all with her personality.

Anyway, I have been following a number of other families with children fighting cancer, and learned before Christmas that a friend of Taylor's great aunt had a little one that earned his wings. It has become all too familiar to hear so many stories of people and children fighting this terrible disease. I have heard some amazing positive stories and some devastating sad ones. There are so many people out there that could use our prayers and support!

My plan for this new year is to touch others lives that are in need, as mine has been touched so many times by so many of you over the years with our journey. Stay tuned, I will keep you all posted on what the plan will be, and I will invite you to join me if you want to be involved.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!

Taylor's mom,

Mindy aka. Miranda