Sunday, October 19, 2008

Exhaustion is occurring

Hello All,

I really need to start getting arrangements down for who can go to Mindy's and do some cleaning, laundry or holding Taylor (even if Mindy must be forced to sleep & Landon). I was there yesterday and I am seeing the breaking down. I don't expect everyone to do it all, but if we all pitch in I believe life can be easier. I wish I could do it all, but I work full-time as a teacher (which means lots of OT) as well as have a 5 & 7 Year old, so I know the pressures we all have as most of you also share these pressures.

If I could get people who can give me concrete dates such as Tuesday night they can go do 3 loads of laundry etc, every week, second week, month, etc. that would be awesome. I will then make a calendar and send it out to those interested. So you would need to e-mail me you info. We can't plan the chemo as there is so many factors that can change dates, etc.

It is BAD. Do not listen to Mindy & Landon as they are trying to do more than is humanly possible. Taylor was very unhappy yesterday. All she did was cry and sleep maybe an hour, but only when held. This means that Mindy & Landon basically function on probably 3-4 hours sleep as Taylor is always in need of someone for comfort, etc. Now if your a parent or not, picture when you had your first baby and it slept sporadically and you were exhausted Now amplify that to never sleeps and screaming in pain 24/ were not getting the breaks you needed to continue. NOT A GOOD PICTURE!! 

Please send me your information how you can help and when. I will get the calendar out to you and keep you updated.

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