Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Taylor is getting chemo today

Well things are back on schedule. Taylor is getting chemo today. Mindy apparently had a little adventure herself with Doctor's as she went to get her varicose veins taken out? May have that wrong. Anyhow you will have to ask her, she sounds like she had way too much fun at the doctor's office.LOL

Taylor also had a great milestone today...she took 10 steps all by herself! Yeah! She also was a hellion as she used her walker to race around and kept Mindy running after her.LOL She is officially TROUBLE!!!!

Have a great week and try to avoid the nasty colds going around! One caught me, but I plan on losing it soon!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Chemo today

Taylor did not go in for chemo today as she was neutropenic. So maybe next week.

Mindy says she has told most people so I will let the cat out of the bag. Taylor is scheduled for another brain surgery on October 6 or 7th. They need to get a "horn" that was left last surgery as it could cause problems with seizures later. There were also 2-3 spots they are unsure of and need to check. Everything will be tested for cancer growth. It may be nothing or it may be something, they need to go back in to see. Please keep Taylor in your prayers as I am sure the surgery will be fine, but I would rather error on the side of caution.

Had a little visit with Mindy & Taylor. Taylor looks great! She is into everything and traveling at warp speed.LOL

Remember it is the time that Terry Fox runs and Cancer fundraisers are happening at school. Try to support or raise awareness. I would love to see Cancer cured in my lifetime so that we can worry about more important things. This is a battle we must win! Too many suffer through this. My school has decided to do a Alberta Cancer Institute fundraiser so that we can direct money raised by our school directly towards the Cross Cancer in Edmonton. We have many dealing with Cancer in our school community and felt this was the best way for us to raise money.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Taylor is ONE!!!!


I am going to stop apologizing for not keeping this all know the drill and lists of excuses!

So today is the anniversary of Taylor's MRI. It was such a black day that day last year. I remember feeling like the ski was falling, that how were we all going to deal with these results. Than we found out there was a tumor that HAD to come out...we faced Taylor having to have surgery and not knowing if she would survive, or be damaged from the surgery. It was so scary and I am feeling so blessed that the darkness those first days and months have ended. I think we are all stronger and more blessed because of Taylor. I know that whatever comes next we will be able to get through...that times may get hard again, but we will survive because Taylor is our shining star on a dark night.

Saturday was Taylor's First Birthday Party. Not all of you could come as there was just too much going on. Please don't feel left out as we are actually hoping to have a special party once we know what the next year holds for Taylor. The meeting on Taylor's next year has not happened yet, but should soon as it is the anniversary dates. I hope we can perhaps look at doing a fundraiser or some special thing to give back to the stollery for the amazing care they have given to Taylor as well as the support offered Mindy & Landon.

Taylor has been great. A bit on the whinny side, but hey, she is now a big girl. One whole year old! Taylor has *hopefully* her last chemo this Wednesday, September 16th. It is the anniversary of her neurosurgery at 6 days old. SO please keep your prayers for Taylor going as well as cross everything you can that Taylor gets a cancer free card soon!

Love you all!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer has ended

Well, summer is officially over. My sister Leah and the kids are back to school, and Taylor and I are off for a few more months. I went to work on August 31st to clear my Maternity Leave, and have taken a leave of absence until the end of October. Hopefully we will have more answers in October as to what our future holds.

We went in for chemo again this week on Wednesday and were released today. Taylor has been feeling good so far, so my fingers are crossed that we get to enjoy the long weekend at home.

Taylor's First Birthday is around the Thursday September 10th - Can you believe it has already been a whole year? I am still wondering where the time went. We plan to have a small birthday party for her next weekend, and are thinking that a really big End of Chemo bash will be in order pending everything we are told in October goes well.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, and has a great long weekend.


Mindy, Landon & Taylor