Friday, May 18, 2018

It has been awhile, but all is well

Things have been pretty tame lately. Taylor has been doing wonderful, she is trying things that she hasn't wanted to do for a long time. Taylor has always LOVED the outdoors and is really athletic and strong. She lost so much strength and energy with the surgery and radiation, so we were unsure she would be able to do a lot of things she used to do: monkey bars, riding her bike, long walks.

So she can do the monkey bars, a little harder for her due to all the weight gain, but she can do them! She was also worried about riding her bike as she hasn't had the same balance, so thought that she might need training wheels, but hopefully you can see from the video she has been able to ride her bike. They have been taking daily long walks, walking the dogs, bike riding and going to the park along the way.

Taylor had some exams on her sight and hearing. Taylor definitely has some blind spots in her vision, but largely has adapted to deal with this. Her hearing has actually not been as impaired as she was telling us. The turkey can hear fine in her left ear (8/10) and a full hearing in her right ear. She told me after the hearing test was done, "but I really wanted hearing aids!" LOL what a goof ball. 

Mindy and Landon tried a "staycation" at WEM with Taylor. They had a blast. Taylor went to the waterpark all day, they watched a movie while in the jacuzzi/hottub. 

Mindy and I then took the kids to Calgary for a couple days. We had fun, although Mindy got her first "speeding" ticket (60km/hr in a 50km/hr signs, and I swear should have been a 60 zone). 

Since Taylor is doing so well, Mindy and Landon thought they would try another vacation, as the wish trip was such a bust. They have gone to Mexico for a week. I just FaceTimed with Taylor and they made it there safe. I am hoping they have some quality family time together.

Again, all has been good. Taylor has been feeling good. We are blessed!