Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hmmm maybe I should say who the heck I am


I totally forgot that a lot of people may be wondering who I am. I am Mindy's sister Leah. Or some may say "Miranda" (sorry Mindy I know you don't like everyone knowing your covert ID LOL).

I have already received calls to help out. *(**old friends)are willing to help with any shopping, Constance Thiessen (sorry Constance if you are married and go by your married name) is bringing stew, and Landon's grannie Marie and Aunt Linda are signed up for TV dinners, bedding they are lovingly making and donation. Grannie Marie is a bit under the weather, but when she is back up and running would like to spend a week helping Mindy out at home. Also Danielle has volunteered to help with dog sitting and preparing some meals. Awesome! Thanks everyone.

So Linda Thiessen mentioned a great thing I will look in to, but I know some that check this may have the information so I will ask here. How does tax deducting for gas/mileage for having to drive to the hospital, etc due to illness work? Also I would like to set donations up possibly as a "charity" so that we could offer tax deduction if possible. Does anyone know anything about this? Why am I worried about money, etc? Because Landon may have to work in Ponoka for 6 months and that would mean when chemo occurs it is "days off" etc...costs will rise. Mindy will also then be left largely alone to deal with all of this; therefore why I suggest helping clean, laundry, shopping, etc.

Okay I sign off now and will be back later with updates.


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