Thursday, October 23, 2008

Acts of Human Kindness

Hello everyone,

I just want to let everyone know how much support, love and caring we are all receiving. I hope everyone who reads this gives themselves a great big hug and everyone around them. We are all amazing!

I received a cheque for the trust fund today from Donna Moser. Donna is the aunt of a friend of Mindy's who heard about this. What amazing generosity. There are sooo many others doing this also, but I don't know everyones names, but you know who you are.

My students are gearing up for this penny drive. Everyday they keep bringing in their pennies. They are truly an amazing bunch of kids. I told them I would buy a pizza lunch or something for them for the class that raised the most (not that I want a contest, but can't pay for all of them.LOL). They were like "Mrs. Sacha, you don't have to reward us. You tell us what you need and will do it because we want to help!" Frigging they make me so happy. I told them that although they should do things because they want to, there was nothing wrong with rewarding them every now and then. They always work so hard.

So a big hug from me to all of you. I am a better person because of all of you.


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