Friday, January 30, 2009

Taylor and Mindy were released yesturday at 9:00pm


Just to let everyone know that Taylor was released yesturday from the hospial. They are not there anymore Mindy of course was pretty excited. She is at my Mom's until she picks the dogs up from Lindsey.

I heard her GIGGLE!!! HA! HA! HA!....hmmm, not sure who I am taunting ? LOL It is amazing and I cant wait for you all to hear. Children's laughter is the sound of angels, truly!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taylor had her first Giggle today!!!!

Well she did it, she laughed. Mindy apparently was playing with her on the bed, pushing her little short, chubby legs up, etc and Taylor let out a giggle. Mom said that later in the hospital (she is back in for chemo) she laughed some more. I haven't heard, but am pumped....which probably means she'll laugh for everyone else and never when I am there.LOL

Anyhow, I am a touch sick so that means hugely sentimental. So I will go on my tirade.LOL Look out.

I want to say how proud I am of Mindy. She has the patients, love, kindness, caring devotion I do not think is witnessed often (perhaps I should write the pope and nominate her for sainthood.LOL) Mindy is ALWAYS calm. She never, ever gets upset with Taylor. This is amazing as it really is exhausting and I would think normal to perhaps snap every now and then, but not Mindy. Mindy has always been like this though. Even as a child. God do I love that girl. I think of Mindy as a balance....she always seems to give it!

I also am proud of so many others. Yes you all witnessed my craze when I panicked Mindy was in need from getting stuck at the hospital. I want to say that very quickly people DID respond. Michelle, Mindy's sister-in-law went way out of her way to bring by food and have a quick visit even though she had a sick little girl as well as a little boy. Thanks, Michelle that was awesome! Then Brenda and Faye came by with more food and love. Danielle managed 5 dogs and a baby boy so that she could look after the crazy beagles while Mindy and Taylor were in the hospital, Don and Roberta quickly tried to recover from illness to go visit, Eva, Lorna, Lindsey swung by for visits. I know many of you also wanted to come by, but could not...Thanks for the calls to Mindy and texts, means a lot. And of Course Grandma Josie and her daily visits. Love ya Mom. And thanks to Edwina and Barb for their never failing support. Joyce for always giving me her ear at work...cause I always need to unwind. All of you especially unmentioned that I have forgotten (will always forget some sorry). Landon I miss you lots...who would ever have thought that would happen? LOL I was so happy to get to see you this weekend. Thanks for being so great to the kids. They had a blast...did not want to leave.LOL

Sometimes I am emotional in a bad way, but hopefully I refocus to be good, cause that is really where we all need to be. God bless keep praying for our girl.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pennies for Taylor

Well Mindy told me the tally for Pennies for Taylor is up to $2419. How awesome is that? I was aiming for $2500 as that is how much an immune booster drug would be if it comes to that...knock on wood as we haven't had to have one of those yet. But it is awesome to know that the money is there for it if need be. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Mindy and Landon have new pictures up of Taylor so check them out if you haven't already!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well hello there!

Hi ya',

SO Landon came home for the weekend, but has to go back on Tuesday. It was nice though that he was able to come back so soon. Everyone is feeling much, much better. Taylor is great. SHe had her first baby solids yesterday. Landon fed her rice cereal. Mindy wanted to wait for him to be there for that. SO cute. She really seems to be thinking about food as she watches you eat and then goes for a grab. LOL

Taylor is not playing strange anymore which is super cool. She is so nice to squeeze! Mindy figures she may be close to teething as she is doing power clamp downs on her soother and ripping it out of her mouth and it makes a snapping sound (That is Taylor ripping it out of her own  mouth, not Mindy...LOL that could sound really bad if people thought that)

Mindy looks good. I think she is losing weight as her face seems thinner. But she is great looking anyhow!LOL Taylor has had good counts so she should be back in for chemo on Wednesday. okay have a great week. I have to do a course tomorrow on "Level B testing"...I won't go there as most probably don't care and I will sound more mysterious to those who don't know what that is....LMAO I am just crazy....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mindy is better

Mindy is starting to feel better. Landon is in Ponoka and sick with the flu! Totally sucks. Anyhow, not too much happening, which is good. Taylor is doing okay. I am supposed to go on the weekend for some "crafting" so maybe I will have something good then.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mindy has the flu

well so it has happened. Mindy got the flu. The poor thing. Landon leaves tomorrow for Ponoka. Mom is with Mindy to look after Taylor as she can't get sick. Taylor has a really bad bum rash that is completely raw. Hopefully they all start feeling better.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

They are out!

So Landon was home on Thursday night. Yeah! He picked up the puppies from Danielle. Apparently the dogs just saw his truck and went nuts. They were super excited to see him.LOL 

Mindy and Taylor got out of the hospital today and are their way home. I am sure they are going to really enjoy relaxing at home with Landon. I know Mindy may be cruising soon as she wants to get some things done, so that should be interesting. Anyhow they are out, all is well. 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taylor had chemo yesturday

So Taylor had chemo as scheduled. She is doing well. Very sleepy yesterday and still a bit today. She is getting more and more strong with every month so that she is playing with her toys. She can push herself with her feet and she can maneuver to reach things. She is also sitting up better (not on her own, but holding her head and watching things more closely). She is also talking up a storm and screaming lots (not in pain, just her lack of volume control.LOL). She absolutely loves going for walks so Grandma and Mindy try and do that. Grandma was getting her to mimic her coughing...Mindy was not impressed as if she starts coughing at random then Mindy will not know when she is sick or just faking.LOL So cute. So basically what I am saying is she is a genius...must take after her aunt.LOL Kidding.

You can definitely tell she is well loved and looked after. Thanks to everyone for their love and support. Mindy received lots of food this week as well as some awesome visits, which are greatly appreciated. I can't wait for this bloody cold and flu season to end as it seems everyone is getting sick. Yuck! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taylor got another blood transfusion

Well although Mindy wanted to avoid it, Taylor got a blood transfusion. She was on the border, but they felt if she did not receive one now, than she would be back next week for she got one today. They also said it should make her feel better. So that is good.

Taylor will get chemo tomorrow. She is doing good. Still a happy camper. So keep on praying and sending you positive karma.

Monday, January 12, 2009

All seems well on the hospital front

So an update on Mindy and Taylor is as follows:

Mindy has had some visitors as well as others that due to illness have not been able to come up to the hospital. I thank all of you for the calls, texts and well wishes. I know that this really is a crazy season with lots and lots of sickness.  I think I get a bit "over protective" as I am feeling somewhat guilty I can't always be there for Mindy and please bear with me. Mindy has also had some food coming up, which is awesome. I think she is good till tomorrow and her sister-in-law Michelle is bringing something on Wednesday. Thank-you all, it does mean a lot and feel free to think I am nuts...there is "nuts"  in large quantities when dealing with me lately.LOL

Taylor has been doing very good. She is smiley (Mindy calls her a "smile slut") and LOUD.LOL she does not have "volume control" and when talking she tends to shout.LOL I can hear her down the hall when I come. I told Mindy she is going to have "the obnoxious" kid.  Anyhow they should get her blood counts tomorrow and if they are good she will get chemo tomorrow. This one is the one she has done really well with in the past and does not have any major side-effects. So if all goes well Mindy should be out on Friday. Landon gets home this week so that is super awesome.

So honestly, if you feel I am being an ass, which sometimes happens and I am not talking donkeys feel free to tell me..don't stew on it and be angry....LOL I thrive on confrontation.LOL no, but I hate people being upset and not voicing me I have a thick skin.

Okay so have a great week

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So they are still in the hospital...duh, they will be there all week. Taylor is doing well. I did not go yesterday as I was feeling sick. I hope to be there later on today with some food and movies for Mindy. 

It means a lot to Mindy that people care, that they care to bring her a snack, lunch or dinner plate. She feels guilty that she needs to ask and guilty when she receives. I try to assure her that I personally do not mind giving up stuff to give her a piece of joy, because it is the truth. I have had the epiphany that if I don't do it, nobody else will or can be expected to (end of the sentence preposition I know bad, bad writer, but I think you can all tell  this by now). Because I am a teacher (Social Studies...making good citizens.LOL)  I struggle to teach my students this lesson. I try to make the world seem like a place that needs change and people to do this.  We live in a society it seems that has not always been quick to act...instead we assume someone else will do it for the person in need. We justify to ourselves the we are just too busy, have more work to do than others, more family commitments than others, are just not feeling up to it, etc.

I hope that does not sound like you. In all that has happened I have considered this my wake up call. We need to be more involved in others lives. Why? Because we all need support, love and guidance. We all think we have it until something like what has happened to Mindy and Landon occurs. When this happens it points out the who will act and the who will talk. I am being abrupt, but it is not to instill guilt. I am not into guilt. Make today the day you chose to act. Shovel your neighbors lawn, say hi to someone you don't know, let someone into traffic. It doesn't have to be huge, but it makes someone's day. Trust me.

On a different angle. We have received so much love and kind words from those of yo that know what is going on with our family. This is a true blessing. These are the things that help us all carry on and see this positively. I have this amazing student April W. who quickly upon hearing all this brought me a huge bag of clothes and recently had a blanket made by the Hutterites. She asks every day about Taylor. She makes me so proud! She embodies what I believe we all can do for anyone we may know. Out at my school the students and community are so amazing. They do not treat this as a thing that "I helped, I am done". They ask me regularly progress, how they can help, etc. They do not know Mindy nor anyone else in my family, but they know that we all can use support. SO to all of them I am thankful. I am thankful for Danielle, Lindsey and Brenda that have helped with doggie duty. They open their homes so that Mom and I don't have to stay out at Mindy's (which would mean a 2 1/2 hour drive for me to work in the morning and then another 2 1/2 drive back). My students have volunteered, but they live on farms and I would be worried that those crazy dogs would get themselves hurt or lost somehow.LOL To everyone who squeezes time out of their lives to go visit Mindy and Taylor, those who bring her food like Mom, Grannie Thiessen and Linda, etc. Okay so I got to go, but will see if I can update soon.

I am sending my hopes to all of you today....

So don't waste them LOL


Friday, January 9, 2009

Things look a bit better


Taylor is doing good. They are now thinking the infection is not as bad as the first suspected so they are hoping that they will not need to re-do the Broviac. Yeah! She is still in the hospital and will be till infection is cleared up. She may just stay until infection is clear and her counts are up then get chemo. SO if all goes well she will be out next weekend.

So NO one has contacted me regarding any food? I am hoping if you cannot bring any food that you can at least schedule some time to drop by and visit Mindy. She gets very bored there. It is very lonely in a hospital. I was able to go tonight and my mom  goes every night, but there is only so much time that we can be there. Please try to squeeze a little visit in there as it gives Mindy a "change of scenery". I know it is hard as it is a busy time of year as well as all the bloody illnesses but if you can a quick little visit would be awesome.

Okay so I will sign off. I am a bit tired....long week back as two weeks off tends to make one less than energetic when returning to work.LOL

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things are not so good.

Mindy went today for Taylor's doctor's appointment. Apparently by Taylor's Broviac line it was red and hard. So anyways she has an infection. So Mindy is in the hospital now with Taylor (well actually I believe she is running around as she needed to go back home to get their stuff as well as take the dogs to Danielle's.). Apparently they will be taking out the broviac line, try to get infection gone, then put in a new Broviac line and then give chemo when her counts are back up...this means Mindy will more than likely be in the hospital for the next 2 weeks. This sucks. Apparently there are no cribs so Taylor is in one of the Newborn thingies...LOL she must look huge in the thing. Hopefully a crib opens up soon.

What can you do? Well I am actually not feeling great. So I can't go in to the hospital for now. Mindy will need food. Not too much as she can't possibly store food, but if you can bring something up for snacks, lunches, breakfast or dinner on some days that would be awesome. If you can let me know and I will pass that on to Mindy. Also I am not to sure, but will check, but maybe a visit. I think it must get pretty boring up there all day by yourself so maybe a quick coffee or something may help keep Mindy from going too crazy. I will keep you posted.

please e-mail me at home: or at school
you can call and leave a message at my house (780)467-9988, but tonight I need sleep so I can kick this. I will be at work tomorrow so again I will call you back when I get the time, but e-mail would probably be faster if you can.

please don't forget we need all your prayers and positive karma headed Taylor's way as well as Mindy. She really has nothing to fight this and will more than likely be getting an "immune booster"



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

No Chemo this week


So Landon is back in Ponoka...working not at the mental hospital.LOL Sorry I just had to slip that in. Taylor was supposed to get Chemo this week, but her "counts" are low, so no chemo for her. I have not seen her, but here she has been a bit fussy. Not sure if it is some teething starting, chemo side effects or just normal baby complicated to know.LOL

Anyhow nothing too bad, but I must say I like that she gets a longer break sometimes from the chemo. I am going to get together with Mindy this weekend to do some crafts...let me know if you might like to join.