Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Last Couple of Days

Hello All,

Mindy and Landon have had a great couple of days together. Yeah! Everyone had a bath yesterday...dogs, Taylor, Mindy & Landon.LOL I asked if they went in that order and shared the water like the good old days, but apparently not.LOL

I am still waiting for Christmas Wishes for taylor. They don't have to be long. I really am hoping for pictures as well. Please take the time to do this as I know Mindy was wanting to do one, so I am beating her to the punch.

Also I have not completed my count for "Pennies for Taylor" but will post when I get it done.

Landon leaves again today for work and will be back next weekend. Danielle may go stay with Mindy this week for a few days with Benjamin (Danielle's little guy who is a few weeks older than Taylor...maybe a future beau? LOL).

23 more days till Christmas!

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