Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mindy's Birthday tomorrow and Taylor's Chemo


Well Mindy has her birthday tomorrow (Dec.10) as well Taylor goes in for chemo. Mindy came into town today to have dinner with some friends (Eva, Lindsey, Lorna..sorry if I forgot someone, I forgot duh!LOL). Taylor is amazingly different to me. I think it has been a good week and a half since I saw her last. She seems even cuter as well as gaining way more control over her motor skills...holding her head stronger as well as body and better hand coordination. Mindy fears she may be teething or beginning as she tends to like to chomp down with her little gums. LOL Breast Feeding may end early...LOL

Taylor's counts have been awesome, which is great so that means that the last cycle of chemo shouldn't effect her counts in the future. Yeah! As well she has a diaper rash that does not seem to be going away. So they may postpone the chemo for a week if they think it is bad. She has been using Pampers so Mindy may need to switch to Huggies as maybe it is the chemicals. I laughed and told Mindy she better watch out or maybe Taylor and her sensitive skin may have to have old fashioned cloth diapers...I shouldn't be so cruel.LOL 

SO I will keep you updated on tomorrows events at some point. I will be at the hospital later if they go in as we are gonna have some cake...my favourite! 

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