Friday, December 19, 2008

Sorry I have been busy, busy, but I have Great News!!!


Christmas is upon us all. I have been away every evening at Christmas concerts as well as union meetings...ugh!

Anyhow Landon got home yesterday! The plant had a huge breakdown which was awesome as he got to come home early!!! Yeah. Mindy is super happy, LAndon is super happy and Taylor learned a new sound...the squeal.LOL

Anyhow today was Taylor's 3 month MRI.( It hit me like a ton of bricks as I drove to work. I never felt such fear as I did this morning...I had a little cry and then another during the day, but I am so happy to report the news. ) Taylor's MRI came back CLEAR!!! Both her head and spine...I have received my christmas wish. I am so elated I am beyond words, comprehension. It may not be over but at least we can all enjoy this moment of happiness.

God Bless us ALL!!
Keep up your prayers, wishes, and dreams coming...they are working!!!


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