Friday, October 17, 2008

She has been sick


Well Taylor was sick the last two days. Apparently on Wednesday she was good all day, but by the evening things turned bad. She was throwing up a lot, not sleeping, etc. Yesterday was the same. My mom went to stay with Mindy as Landon is working nights. Mom said Taylor was really sick again, throwing up, and crying. Taylor did not want to be touched. Mindy was exhausted, but was able to get some sleep; however, she feels she may be getting sick! So what I need to know is if anyone could help by going during the days for a couple hours (not necessarily every day, but maybe twice or depending on how many people can go.) as Landon will be working nights again next week. Mindy is wearing down, which was my fear. If she gets sick this could be dangerous for Taylor.

I am also having Mindy's shower next week at my house. Most likely on Sunday. I will send out e-mails, but anyone who does not get one, it is only because I was unsure, but you are welcome to come.

Please let me know if you can help or are coming to the shower by either calling or e-mailing me:

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