Monday, March 30, 2009

Chemo tomorrow...


So Mindy and Taylor had a nice long break. Taylor is doing amazing and looking absolutely amazing. I went for a visit this weekend which was great. She acted a bit strange, but she may just be punishing me for not being around much.LOL she is the most amazing girl.

I am totally loving the fact that she is so bloody head strong. She looks so funny in her jolly jumper. Looks like a little midget Irish dancer doing a jig...arms by her side and just hopping away. Got to love it!

Anyhow she is probably the most beautiful baby (aside from mine of course. LOL). Apparently today she was eating like a horse. MAybe she is growing...or maybe its all the Jolly Jumper exercise!

Mindy is looking fabulous as always, kidding, she does look great though. Hope we can swing a Girls night soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22nd update

Wow, it has been a while since the last update...Leah has really been slacking! Just Kidding, she is finally getting her life in order and getting caught up with work and home priorities since we aren't needing as much support lately. THANK YOU Leah for being the bestest sister EVER!!!

So, here is a little update of what we have been up to. Landon is officially done in Ponoka, for a while anyway, so we have been enjoying our time as a family and working on getting things done around the house. My friend Danielle and baby Benjamin have come out for another sleepover, and Taylor and I have been trying to get some visiting in, since we didn't have to go in for chemo last week. Taylor's counts weren't high enough for chemo so they decided to let us wait until Monday (March 23rd) to come in for her kidney test and chemo, which was a nice little break for us.

We have been trying to feed Taylor solids, but she is resisting the bland food...she thinks that our food would be much better, as if we are trying to feed her poison while we are dining on gourmet, we are going to try bringing the blender out and seeing if she will eat our food - they say the chemo dulls her tastebuds, so she probably prefers stronger tastes...salty and sweet instead of bland. We know she likes the sweet stuff like ice cream, icing, pie filling, whipped cream, pudding, etc. but I don't think we want to give her mouthfuls of that to keep her happy. She also likes gravy and cheese flavoured things like pizza, cheese buns, etc...and LOVED Zenari's pasta and cream sauce (probably because I ate there everyday for lunch while I was pregnant with her). So, we are going to start experimenting...we will let you know how it goes.

Landon has also been working on her video's and has posted some more on the website along with updated pictures.

Thanks again for everyone's support.


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saw my girls Tuesday

Well Mindy and Taylor did come over on Tuesday. Taylor would look at me an cry, looking away! She was totally playing strange...hurting my ego, amazing that they can do that. Well she just has not figured out yet that I am SUPER AUNTIE(Said in a loud announcer voice with tons of excitement)! Who does she think she is? LOL She did get better later, but I think she was cranky as well as couldn't figure out who the heck I was.LOL I was wearing lots of makeup(red lipstick) and had red on with dark red glasses so maybe she hates my fashion sense.LMAO

Anyhow she looks great! Cute as a button. She is starting to look like a more mature baby? Well hard to explain but she looks like she is aging...duh! but anyhow someone will understand me so I guess that is my audience.LOL

So Taylor is doing really well, Mindy has a stunning new haircut..she looks like Mom and I! LOL Funny how that happens. Landon is now back home and working by the location by their house. So all is well.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I think Mindy is trying to steal my blog!LOL


Mindy is right I have been busy. I am missing them very much as I feel like I have not seen them for a million years. Mindy says Taylor is doing good, apparently she is a circus performer in her Jolly Jumper...jumping away, doing the splits, turns and Mindy figures soon it will be flips.LOL

I hope you are all enjoying this miraculous weather. I was hoping we would have an 8 month winter this year and look that is what we all have been blessed with.LMAO Enough bloody winter already!

Mindy has had her hair colored and gets it cut this wednesday. So I am hoping we can all go out soon, or at least us girls, to have some fun! Us girls are really sooo amazing and deserve the night out, so I hope you are all ready as I want to dance! LOL Nothing like shaking my big fat Mommy butt with some teenagers!LOL Honestly I have been wanting to but this weather has not been cooperating so all of you that may be wondering our party is coming, but I want to wait so we don't get caught in a bloody blizzard, although that might be fun as we could seek shelter at a luxury hotel, maybe get some spa treatment, eat room service....wake up Leah, wake up! Anyhow soon we will PARTY!!!

I may get to see Mindy and Taylor today so cross you fingers for me. Also they have Taylor's pictures updated so if you haven't seen the latest check it out!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taylor's chemo & kidney test

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since my last post. My sister has been extremely busy and has left the updates to me lately, but I have been forgetting to actually do it.

Taylor went in on Wednesday last week (March 4th) for a kidney test (GFR) to ensure that the chemo isn't damaging her kidneys. What they had to do was inject dye into her body and at 1 hour and 3 hours post injection, take a blood test to ensure that her kidneys are filtering properly. That was a VERY yucky day for Taylor, they said they couldn't inject the dye into her broviac line and pull the blood from the line as well, so they would have to put an IV in. She is a very tough girl to get an IV in, as her veins are so little, and she has my rolling veins, which makes it almost impossible to get a good line. So, I had explained this to the nurses, but they insisted that they had to put an IV in...well 5 tries later, and a very upset crying baby, they ended up making an exception and using her broviac line anyway. I was very upset that they put her through all that torture over the course of an hour, the oncology nurses told me I should put my foot down next time as that was completely unreasonable.

So, after all that, Taylor was in a super great mood for the rest of the day, it is amazing how forgiving a baby can be - thank goodness. We ended up bouncing back and forth between the Oncology ward and the radiology ward in the hospital for the entire day, as we were also prepping for chemo that day as well, so she had lots of blood tests, and a check up with the doctors. So, everything came back normal, which was great, and we got a bed for chemo that day as well. We were discharged on Thursday morning (March 5th) and Taylor has been feeling great so far.

We had a great week really, Danielle and Benjamin came over on Tuesday before we went to the hospital, so that she could watch the puppies for us. Landon ended up coming home on Thursday as well, since the roads were so bad that they couldn't pack up any more equipment to be sent home. So, we had a nice visit with Danielle and Benjamin and Landon has been home and has had some time to get some things done around the house (replacing the humidifier, setting up a home server, etc.)

Well today is Sunday and the weather is crummy still, so we haven't been doing much...we haven't left the house for 2 days now. We are looking forward to a good week of visiting and being productive before we have to go back to the hospital next week again for chemo. All in all, we have been doing good and enjoying Taylor's new developments...she really likes the jolly jumper, and playing with her toys...and even likes having baths now, which is CRAZY since she hated them for so long.

Well, that's all for now folks, we will post again soon if anything exciting happens this week.


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

Monday, March 2, 2009

What have we been up to?

Well I thought I would let everyone know what we have been up you know Taylor's MRI came back clear - yahoo! Landon was home for the weekend since the plant was shut down from the cold weather. We had a busy weekend of running around and to top things off our dog Abby was sick. The final straw was on Sunday as we were getting really worried about her and took her to the emergency vet in Spruce Grove. Turns out she is just fine, she had an infection in her ear and in her tummy from some bacteria. We have to give her medication for the next few days, but otherwise we are happy campers.

Taylor has been doing great, eating alot, sleeping good, and making us laugh. She is quite the goofball. She has started screaming (happy squeals) and blowing raspberries and talking up a storm lately. She is getting used to the jolly jumper which is pretty cute and other than that we have just been enjoying our time as a family.

Landon has gone back to Ponoka for his last round *crossing my finger that this time really is the last time* and we are getting ready to head to the hospital for Taylor's next chemo and some kidney tests to make sure she the chemo isn't damaging her kidneys.

Danielle and Benjamin are going to come out to Alberta Beach and stay with the puppies and have a visit with us for a few days which will be nice - thank goodness I have such amazing friends.

Well, that is the plan for this week...we will update you on how things go.

Take care everyone, and Thanks again to everyone for all the wonderful things you do for us (prayers and thoughts included).


Mindy, Landon & Taylor