Friday, November 27, 2009

CTV may have something on Taylor...

Well it looks like CTV is interested in doing something on Taylor! Yeah!!! I am really excited. I will let you know as soon as I do when it will air! Hurray!!!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Radiation is going okay...

Radiation seems to be going okay for Taylor, she always seems to overcome these obstacles! Taylor is tired and some occasions has had bad nights. Hard to tell with everything going on in her development whether it is teethings as her little...or should I say big "basketball" teeth are coming in or whether it is side effects of the radiation.LOL She looks amazingly cute with her big teeth.

She was taught this week to stomp! Apparently Landon taught her this new skill, which she greatly likes to utilize. She is also calling Landon "Nanny"...Mindy says its soooo cute! Cannot wait to hear her. I have not seen Taylor for going on 2 weeks, so I am sorry I cannot say too much about her...I will try and see her this weekend and possibly add some new pictures as I finally got a camera.LOL My Christmas present, just a bit early.

I am adding a link for those that have not seen the video Landon's Dad made for Taylor. He created the video to thank the Stollery for all the amazing care they gave Taylor for the past year. Apparently CTV also saw it and is considering doing something on Taylor...cross your fingers as I would love to see that done! The link below will take you to a Kids with Cancer blog to view the video as well people can make donations to Kids with Cancer. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. Showed all my students. My Drama 7/8 students sang away to the song it was very touching!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hear Taylor is tired

Well I hear Taylor has been tired. She apparently did not have that great of a night last night. I think my Mom said something about nausea, but that is unconfirmed. I will check into things and update.

Mindy is still loving work and reports that Landon is doing a better job on the home front than she ever could! I think Taylor seems to be LOVING having her Dad all to herself during the day...she certainly seems extra happy whenever he enters a room.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Radiation went well today!

Well all is well. Taylor did great today. Small mishap with a jerk of an anasteseologist ( annot spell today) that I will let Landon share with you if you see him. Apparently there should be no serious side effects other than later with some minor developmental delays. Taylor may possibly be cranky, tired, loss of appetite, but nothing compared to all that chemo, which is awesome!

So Landon will take Taylor daily for her treatments which should get faster as they all get used to the procedure. Taylor will probably be tired as her body will try and heal itself after the radiation. Taylor apparently also has gained 3 pounds in the last 6 weeks, which is awesome. She is now 22lbs and 3 oz. Nice little porky girl! Love it!

Taylor has not slowed down either today, so that is always a great sign. She was in great spirits and totally operating at warped speed!

Need to share a story I was told tonight!

My friend Shaundell told me tonight a very interesting story. Shaundell said that the day of Taylor's surgery 3 men entered her store, but not before "blessing" themselves. Of course this peaked her interest so she asked what they were here for. Apparently one was from here and the 2 others from the Ukraine. They said that there have been many miracles occurring here so they came to investigate (things like a woman with Breast Cancer who suddenly it disappears). Shaundell mentioned Taylor to which the priests told her they would pray for her!

The one priest came back the other day to ask how Taylor was and how her surgery went. Shaundell told him how great she did, he said he would continue to pray for her with the upcoming radiation...just thought it was a cool story. Men investigating miracles and coming across our Taylor's story!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear God

Hi God,

Its me again. I have to beg you for more help.

Taylor gets radiation tomorrow and for 5 more weeks daily. Please God guide the radiation to kill all the cancer. Please make sure you keep her intact, she is an amazing girl and will do so much good you will not regret the effort!

Make sure you send some angels too, we will need them. One should stand with Taylor to keep her feeling safe, 1 needs to help Landon keep his courage strong, and the last must go to my sister to keep her brave.

Thank you God

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Radiation begins Monday!

Well I got to see Taylor, Landon & Mindy today. She was doing great. Taylor was in amazing spirits today, happy as could be smiling and racing around. She does this funny thing no where she lies on her tummy and pushes herself backwards...very silly!

Taylor will begin radiation therapy at the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton on Monday. Mindy & Landon will both be going. I don't believe there should be any side effects, but I will let you know.

Please make sure you keep praying and sending out positive energy to Taylor. I believe that is what has been keeping her going all this time, when they thought she would not make it...seems like the old Care Bear shows where they stand in a circle and shout "Care Bears Care" and then all this energy pours out of them to the person they are trying to help. Such a beautiful thing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A little girl has passed away with a brain tumor

We have some people we know that lost their 5 year-old daughter on Sunday. On Friday she complained of a headached and was feeling sick...after checking her out they found she had a brain tumor (She was perfectly healthy and happy before all of this), complications with surgery occured that left her brain dead, so on Sunday they let Rayanna off her machines and she passed away.

Today is her funeral. Mindy & Landon will be going to show their support to her family. This is such a nightmare for this family. Please pray for her Mom Carla and her Dad Steve. They will need a tremendous amount of strength and courage in the upcoming days, months, years. Rayanna was such a beautiful child. She was originally from Africa and Carla & Steve adopted her. She was a petite and inquisitive child.

I know Rayanna will be dancing among the stars, giggling with angels on the clouds. She will start her day helping God wake up the sun and then later tug down the moon...Bless you Rayanna, say hi to all of our loved ones up there.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not too much is new

Well hello there,

I have not had too much to report as of late. Taylor is doing great. She loves being home with her Daddy....a total Daddy's girl now. Mindy apparently comes home and she is happy to see her, but then quickly returns back to her Dad.LOL How fickle children are.LOL

Mindy is loving her return to work. As of now things are going great! Landon and Mindy got a great deal on a truck...Landon's Ranger was just not a safe car to be commuting in for either Mindy or Landon & Taylor (for her radiation treatments). So they have a great big truck no...their "adult" vehicle.LOL

Taylor starts radiation on the 16th, so we need to get our prayers, positive karma and well wishes going! I will keep you posted when this all begins. She has had a head cast made for keeping her head perfectly straight during radiation, but not much else has occurred. Taylor has received her Flu & H1N1 shots also for those who may have been wondering. Taylor is also headed to the Dentist (I think this week) to check on her teeth. Landon was concerned that they were discoloured and may have rot coming due to drinking Apple Juice or Chemo? I think that is the least of our worries, bit Landon is on top of things!

Taylor had a great Halloween being a Monkey! She even was allowed to eat chocolate bars...apparently she likes Aero's and Reese Pieces! Her love also has followed her Dad as I guess she can pack away the ice cream! LOL So if you ever want to bring her something you know have the list.LOL Kidding. She is walking up a storm and apparently does some funny little quick walk Mindy calls a "run" LOL cannot wait to see. She did not do while she visited me on Saturday.

Okay so I will hopefully have something more exciting to report soon,