Saturday, October 25, 2008

So tonight is date night...

I doubt I will get any steamy details to share with y'all about Mindy & Landon's date night.LOL Guess we better leave that one alone....

Anyhow, Mindy has taken Taylor to the stollery to check her blood, etc. Everything looks really good and she has a high  platelet count, above average so I think that means awesome!LOL I am so not good at keeping this stuff straight. Maybe over the next couple months I can become more "doctorly" or just plain better at relaying this information. Unfortunately it is a sieve as I could not talk with Mindy yesterday as I was teaching then had awards night, so I got this information from my Mom.LOL Mindy was tired so when I called she did not answer (it was late so to be expected for any sane person to not be up!). 

Also those who check this, but maybe not Facebook, there is a group created by the amazing Superwoman Barb Scully called Pennies for Taylor. It is an awesome way to keep connected for the penny drive as well as post happy comments to Mindy and Landon. I know many have no friggin' clue how to use this blog, so often most don't comment (pretty much everyone other than Edwina.LOL). I have my jar collection at school started that students all monitor. I bought my rolling papers today and promise to get my tally up ASAP. I also have my "Bras across the bridge" (Breast Cancer Fundraiser) ending at school and will let you know how we did. Remember its not to late to donate bras. There are lots of places you can drop them off. I had a parent approach me at Awards Night and thank me as her sister has been fighting Breast Cancer. We need to kill the Cancer Monster!

Okay enough of crazy me. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and I will try and get Baby Shower Photo's up after.


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