Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well hello there!


Of course I have been busy and enjoying that Taylor is off all the treatments, etc for now. It has been a blessing! Taylor is growing like a weed (well not super tall, but turning int a "big" girl...and not fat! LMAO)

Taylor is talking up a storm. She is super duper smart. I was asking her where Ruby and Abby were when we were at the Kids with Cancer house and she was lime "puppy"...then she took her little hands and arm in the air and did the "beats me" gesture.LOL too funny.

Taylor has been having a blast with Daddy. Landon has little chores or "jobs" for the morning she collects the dog bowls and puts them away, she throws all garbage out and shuts the doors, she loves flushing the toliet...very important stuff!

Taylor has a kidney test coming up apparently this week. I will keep you posted to what is going on with that. Other than that she had her teeth looked at and it seems there has been corrosion probably due to Chemotherapy and Radiation. She will need some fillings and caps. Not a huge deal considering!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time enjoying the Olympics! Yeah for Canada and all the amazing athletes!