Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Fundraiser to get things going


I received a most awesome idea from Barb Scully for a fundraiser that anyone could help with. Here is what Barb Scully said was a fundraiser her son did at school. You just have jars going and ask everyone you know to donate their pennies. "Nobody wants the damn things anyway."LOL I had stents last week talking about how they were considering minting $20 into coins.LOL

If anyone is interested just grab a jar (pickle jar, etc) and let everyone you know put a little blurb about Taylor on there. It can be at your desk at work, at home, etc...just start telling people. You can either roll them up yourself and deposit to Taylor's trust fund or (submit me to penny rolling torture LOL) drop them off to me, Mindy & Landon or whoever can get them to us. I have Barb already having 5 people who are committed to having a pickle jar. So lets commit via the comments or call me. I will post updates letting everyone know how much we are raising. Barb recommends ending this at the end of november.

Yeah! So lets get started!!!!

I am going to try and hope you can as well. 

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