Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Day in SanDiego

Well, we had a pretty uneventful day yesterday, we have been so tired and Taylor has been a bit of a tyrant as well...so we have been kind of looking forward to coming home.

We found a new suitcase to bring home all of our goodies, checked out a marshall's and a Target and ended up finding a little shop that sells bags and purses and luggage for SUPER cheap! Went shopping at fashion valley mall...a bit out of our price range...all designer stores with a few others like gap, banana republic, etc thrown in the mix. Landon wouldn't let me go to Macy's or blooming dales for fear of what I might find! There were lots of shops I could have shopped in if I was rich...but alas...that isn't in my cards!

So we decided to just watch toy story 2 and ordered a pizza...it was a very lazy day!

So today we made sure to get up a bit earlier, had our breakfast and headed down to the beach to put our toes in the ocean and play in the sand, it was a great start to the day! Taylor was scared of the water every time it would come up she would cry or run away if she could...it was too funny! The water was absolutely freezing!!!

So after the beach we took some showers and headed out on an adventure to the safari park! We kept getting lost as the signage was terrible and there were too many paths, but we eventually found our way to the safari tour of Africa! It was totally worth the trip...a 30 minute tour through the open park setting...it was pretty cool!

So we headed home and Taylor had a great nap, we decided to lay low for the night...massages are tonight and then maybe a soak in the pool and packing up for our journey home tomorrow!

Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! Landon will pick up our dog Ruby from our friends Brenda and Faye on Thursday, and my birthday is on Friday!

See you all soon!!! This will be our last post for a while!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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