Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taylor and I had a visit!

LOL Well Taylor came over tonight. She seemed to have the same cold as me, so don't worry I am not contaminating her! She bossed me around! All night..."Auntie down" (a.k.a Auntie sit down) "Auntie come"(a.k.a follow me because I want to boss you around some more) "Auntie up" (Auntie get up cause your going to get some more bossing) much fun. She has to have you always sit right by where she is, follow her around, if you even think of paying attention to anything other than you she gets right up in your face and keeps repeating your name ("Auntie" in this case.LOL). God love her perseverance! That girl never gives up.

My cousin Lisa dropped off some beautiful costumes that U-Haul had given to Taylor so we tried to get her in those, but no luck. But she did play with the silver star wand, we played "abracadabra" make a wish with a light whack on the head....unfortunately Taylor did not whack as light on my head.LOL Taylor demanded "nummies", searched and rifled through my pantry, fridge and freezer. Hoarded the grapes I gave her from Hayden(her cousin), but shared with the rest of us.LOLSo funny watching Taylor and Hayden together. Hayden is that typical boy cousin who is seven and could care less about a "baby", so it seems that inspires Taylor to annoy the living poop out of him. She sat here shouting his name "Hay-ee" like fifty times. He was like "WHAT?" but of course she just answered with "Hay-ee" LMFAO so funny to watch. Just a lovely evening seeing Miss Taylor.

So tomorrow is the day we will hopefully find out about the spinal tap or LP to know if there are, or are not cancer cells floating around. Funny but it seems like we have been dropped "miracle" signs in the last few days. I am sure hoping that is true. SO I will let you know when I do if we can breathe a little easier until the next MRI or we need to start praying more!

HOPE is a means to keep us all going,
HOPE means that there may be a chance!
HOPE, Wishes and prayers is what we all need to send,
Send us your HOPE and give Taylor a chance.

Love Taylor's Auntie Leah


Anonymous said...

Love to help out Taylor as I have have a letter you may be interested in reading and may help out Taylor my prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

Just sent a comment you can reach me at 9489119

Alberta Cancer Foundation said...

I wish you guys all the best through this tough time and will be sharing your blog on our Twitter account. It's amazing that you're able to take the time to blog and people should hear your story.

Leah said...

Thanks for all the support. I blog the journey so that people know what is going on and they can not have to bother MIndy and Landon, who obviously can get bombarded. People all want to know, but it saves them from having to tell people repeatedly. I enjoy doing this also as I get to talk about one of my most favourite people, is a great coping mechanism. Appreciate the support! Thanks so much