Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mindy is getting a night off!

So Grandpa Don...the most dotting Grandpa of all and Nana Roberta are keeping Taylor for a sleepover tonight. Mindy is free as a bird as Landon is working nights! So Mindy can have a nice little break and some "me" time! I am sure Taylor is going to have a blast. Grandpa Don is the one who inspired her chippie addiction. Every wednesday (or one day during the week) Taylor goes to her Grandpa Don and Roberta's house for a visit. Grandpa Don always sits down with Miss Taylor and they eat BBQ chippies together. Too Cute! If Grandpa Don would send me a pic of him and Taylor eating chippies I would love to post it!!!LOL Hint, hint Grandpa Don...

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