Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taylor's Dance Party!

Yesterday we had Taylor's Dance Party. It was a truly memorable event, filled with love, hope and joy. Natasha Taylor's "day-home provider"(which really does not encompass at all what Natasha is), after seeing the "Wish List" she figured she could hold a dance party for Taylor. Along for this magical journey her friends Tammy MacDonald, Cecilia Lee (from Stollery arranged the slurpee machine and Jumpy Castle), Jaime Isherwood-Caza (with McDonald's arranged all the food stuffs such as drinks, sliced apples, muffins, etc), Christy Rudy-Peters(got Mayfield School for our use as well as made lovely favourite! LOL), DJ (donated his time and played some amazing tunes, even Lady Gaga who is Taylor's fav!), the Holtes(brought the mini winnies a.k.a tiny ponies!). Let me tell you this was an amazing event.

As we entered there were two children who greeted us. You could see signs on the building, streamers and balloons. As you entered, there was a wood cut out with a girl body and a boy body that kids could stand behind and stick their faces in the face cut out. Than as you moved into the gymnasium there were all sorts of lovely centres. You could enter a raffle to win some donated prizes (by "baba" as the kids call her. Natasha's Mom whom they get to call as a reward for being good.LOL). There was a easel with 3 pics of Taylor and lots of white space to write a message on as a keepsake, a jellybean container to guess how many jellybeans were in the jar, 50/50, and some balloons all made into various shapes....many little monkey's, which is what we call taylor!

There was a huge jumpy castle in one corner, face painting in another, cotton candy and popcorn machines, large tables full of goodies, of course a dance floor! There were tables at the back with some kids toys to play at, tables throughout all decorated with huge balloon centrepieces...just a whole ton of fun for everyone! The kids jumped, they danced and then at around 2:30 the mini winnies appeared with a wagon to take Taylor for a ride. Taylor was not happy about the wagon, but she did like the mini winnies! LOL She led them around for a bit. It was such an amazing day! Taylor just didn't stop the entire time she was there, she boogied, she jumped, got her hands painted, then painted Mindy and Landon's faces...that was lovely.LOL

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