Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Quading

Well on Sunday Landon and Mindy took Taylor Quadding with their friends at Alberta Beach. Landon was given a side-by-side Quad to borrow from a man whom he had saved his son the other week. Landon recently has become one of Alberta Beach's volunteer fire derpartment. Landon felt he needed to give back to the community as they have been so rewarded by the generosity of others.

The story is that the other week, while out quading with friends they came across a friend of a friend that had gotten into a "sticky" situation. There was a man whose quad flipped. As they were all strapped in the father could not get his son out and they were in a mud pit 5 feet deep! The 2 year old son was in the mud part and the father was helpless to save him as he was trapped also in his seatbelt. Landon and fellow Fire Department friend Tobin, quickly jumped into action to save the little boy. The man after recently hearing what was going on with Landon, Mindy and Taylor generously offered the use of his side-by-side quad to Landon or Tobin who also saved the boy whenever they wanted, for all the times to come...just give him a quad and he would let him use it! Generous people yet again!

Taylor apparently was a bit scared at first, but that quickly changed and she was laughing and smiling for her quad ride....demanding "more bumpies"! LOL Apparently when the riding was over Taylor wanted to continue! So funny. So anaother great family day out with friends. Thanks so much for everyone's continued support. I will add some pictures later when I get home.

Fundraising has been so crazy. We still have a few left to do: Taylor's Dance Party on Saturday November 6th as well as the Silent Auction on the following day Sunday November 7th. The Silent Auction has had generous donations. We even had Sham, a family friend, get Taylor Hall to sign his jersey yesterday for the Silent Auction! Should be amazing so please come on out!


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