Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4 Disneyland

Alas, our last day has come and gone...

We started today by sleeping in and ordering room service for breakfast! It was Landon's first time! LOL

Once we were ready, we hit the streets and got some of our final shopping completed (or at least we thought we did until this evening as we were running through a list...darn it) might have to hit the hotel gift shop in the morning!

So today was dedicated to rides! We hit the finding nemo submarine ride much fun! Then we wandered over to the tea cups, the carousel...Taylor's official favorite ride...and then the dumbo ride! Unfortunately right before our turn on the dumbo ride, that section of the park lost their sound/ we had to leave...

We wandered around without a map...thinking we could remember where things were...but nope! Decided to get lunch...I tried a corn dog...gross! And we had a fennel was okay, but a total tummy ache waiting to happen with brownies, whipped cream, sprinkles and syrup...on a deep fried fennel cake...

We happened to pass by the dumbo ride just as the power came back...and we got on the ride without having to wait! Yahoo! Taylor actually had tears or crying a we had expected...but she was asking to go on it, so we figured what the heck! We did the carousel a few more times and continued on our way.

We returned to the hotel for a late nap as Taylor was beginning to get crazy...and we had a special dinner reservation at goofy's kitchen at 6:00

Nap was a success...although by the time we had her convinced to have a nap, it was too short and she woke up grumpy anyway! We headed to dinner and enjoyed our dinner with the characters - Alice from wonderland, the rabbit as well, captain hook, goofy, Minnie mouse, princess jasmine, and Pluto! Taylor enjoyed the dance sessions with goofy, and entertained as usual!

We headed downtown for some more dancing as there are numerous merchants that play live music and sell their cd's and such...she loves to dance as we walk by usually, so we thought we would just wander around and dance! We watched the fire works from there too...never seemed to get there on time for fireworks at the castle...but it would have been quite loud for her anyway.

We are now packing up our bags and getting things ready for our next part of our journey...SANDIEGO!!!

Super excited to take the surfliner train to our beachside hotel with an ocean view! A day for seaworld with shamu, a day at the famous SanDiego zoo, and a few days to tour around and maybe go swimming!

Love you all, hope you are enjoying the sampling of photos we can send...there are so many more that we can share when we get back!

Lots of love!

Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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