Saturday, December 4, 2010

San Diego Day 5

Well today was alright...felt rushed and a bit off for whatever reason...

We started off with a quick breakfast at the hotel and then jumped in a cab to the train station.

Okay, so the train station was icky to say the least...somewhat greyhound downtown station comparable. We had to move stuff around in our suitcases as there was a 50 lb limit per bag and we had so much crap from all the shopping, so that was fun!!! Opening out bags on the floor to pack stuff in lighter bags and the stroller bag...we were those people! LMAO

So we set off on the train...kind of like an airplane style seating with more leg room, but smelled funky and had no air circulation. Taylor was due for a nap, but wouldn't sit still and turned into tantrum Taylor...not listening, running around, crying and having hissy say the least, it was the longest 2 plus hours of our lives! There was also a group of moms with toddlers going to a petting zoo and they were extremely annoying to listen to...omg thought we would strangle them if they didn't get off the train when they did!

So we got to San Diego around 12:30 pm and grabbed a cab to our hotel. The hotel is amazing!!! Very classy! Our hotel room is on the main floor with our patio doors leading out to the pool and the gates to the sea wall paths. We can see the ocean from our room and just a few steps away there is a lookout point and stairs down to the water and beach...Landon is sending pictures!

So we decided it was time for Taylor to have a nap...she was sooooo overtired and cranky...and didn't go down for a nap without a fight! We were all exhausted and grumpy, so the nap was much needed!

Once we woke up and got ourselves together, we got some restaurant advice from the front desk, and headed out for the night! We had a lovely meal at "world famous" a restaurant with an ocean view...although it was pretty chilly out, so we stayed inside.

Hit a Starbucks and a cvs pharmacy/liquor store for some snacks on the way home...had to laugh, as we walked in the door to cvs and among the snacks and cleaning products...think shoppers drug Mart...there are displays of liquor throughout the weird! finally made sense to us why there were so many rowdy people out and about some sketchy was Friday night in a "white ave" type area of San Diego...

So we came back to our room to get settled for the night and to plan the rest of our stay here - looks like some places are too far to cab to, so we may have to skip legoland and the wild animal park...need a car to go to those places!

So, we are enjoying the coziness of our room and watching our big screen tv while eating snacks and relaxing...something we haven't really done in a few days, so it is much needed!

We have the zoo and seaworld and maybe some shopping if I can find a cheap suitcase to take stuff back in...and I am thinking the hotel spa services might be

Have a great weekend everyone, will update you all tomorrow on our next adventure!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor

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