Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tomorrow is the spinal tap or LP

Hello, so just a reminder that tomorrow Taylor will have an LP or Spinal tap...at least that's what I think its called...two years and I am still not a Doctor? LOL

Why the spinal tap you are asking. Well because due to the MRI that was so heatedly debated by the radiologist (maybe not heated, more like examined thoroughly) we were left with mixed reviews. Some said more tumours and the veiling of cancer around the entire brain, 1 said no, one said inconclusive...therefore the spinal tap should let them tell if there are cancer cells that have disseminated throughout her brain and spine. If the cells are there we will be praying harder and harder (not sure that is possible). If no cells we can breathe a little until the next MRI at the beginning of December. I am praying for a miracle! Let them not find cancer cells.

My cousin Lisa's daughter Jala who is 3, found a quarter today...she asked Lisa to give it to Taylor! Can you imagine that, what an amazing thing for a child to even consider and remember! God bless her generous little heart (BIG Heart!!!)
Going to give a prayer out tonight"

I know you are listening. Please I know you hear it a lot, but please leave Taylor here with us. You see I promised her I would help her fight, but cancer does not play fair. I need your help with this one.
Please God, just this one, just this one...

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