Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 3 Disneyland

So today was an early start...wake up call for 6:40 and breakfast at 7:40...I think I was still half asleep at breakfast!

We went to our hotel's Mickey and friends breakfast buffet again since Taylor had so much fun the first time...and she danced the morning away with all of the characters and we remembered the autograph book!

We had a quick outfit change in our room so we could head over to the bippity boppity boutique for Taylor's princess makeover...she really didn't want to wear her dress...but with a little distraction and persuasion, we manages to keep it on her!

So the princess makeover was spectacular to say the least...a special stylist that does her hair, nails, makeup, including a sash and a pretty ring and crown...she didn't like the cape or the sitting and waiting in the chair, but we managed to keep her distracted for long enough to get her beautiful hair extensions put in with a crown while I painted her toes and fingernails...she was all for the makeup part!

So we left the princess makeover and realized that we had forgotten her special princess shoes in the hotel room "bad mommy" so we had to head back for a pit stop! Taylor rode on Landon's shoulders there, so we didn't notice!

Once we had the shoes, we headed over to California adventure park to attend Taylor's special princess lunch at ariel's grotto on the was a truly fabulous experience to meet all the beautiful princesses, I felt the little girl inside of me shivering with excitement every time they came to our table! Taylor stuffed so many grapes in her mouth during lunch that she started to choke and almost threw up at our was a super classy

After lunch we decided to head back to the hotel for a much needed nap...we slept for over 3 hours!!! Then we headed back to the park to hit the rides and see the world of color water show!

The rides were a little disappointing on this side, as Taylor is too small, or much too scared to ride them, and the roller coaster zooming around by the water stopped her in her tracks each time it passed! She barely lasted on the ferris wheel...but we managed without any tears! Yahoo!

We couldn't get great spots to watch the water show as we didn't know there was a process to get in...oh well...we watch it every night from our room...just not the same as being right there with the music and the show, but we watched a few minutes of it before Taylor had enough...

Did a little shopping and had some ice cream then headed back to our hotel...Taylor asked to go night night as soon as we got in the door...she was crawling into bed with her shoes and clothes and jacket as you can imagine, she was out cold in less than 5 minutes!

It was a great day...a little slower paced than the last two, but the princess activities more than made up for the lack of rides and adventure of the day.

We are going to sleep in tomorrow, eat breakfast on the run, and spend the day in disneyland enjoying the rides and taking our time to see all the little things we may have missed the first two days!

Thank you all once again for getting us here!!! We are having the trip of a lifetime and making so many memories!


Mindy, Landon & Taylor


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